1,000 Strong – Fergus Protest Pictures

The gathering fury in rural Ontario over industrial wind turbines must be heard to be believed. It’s a quieter form of protest than you’d get in, say, France. But it’s no less potent. ~ Michael Den Tandt

4 thoughts on “1,000 Strong – Fergus Protest Pictures

  1. Priceless……………….where did they get the manure from ……………Queen’s Park?

  2. How much longer can the government ignore these peaceful actions of protest? Not in anyone’s backyard is the message. Thanks to those who organized. The beautiful horses provide the peaceful power that is needed at these events. Just amazing to see the photos.

  3. Back in 2005 when the Erie Shore Migratory Bird Advocates were begging Norfolk Council to NOT rezone agricultural land into industrial zoning for the first phase of the 66 IWT’s of the “Erie Shores Wind ‘Farm'”, and then raising 1000’s $$$$$$$$$$$ to appeal to the OMB, no one had any word of support.

    Now in 2010 after living 24/7/52 surrounded by the addition of 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s all jammed into another even smaller area just 3 km in radius for 2 years, do the Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines [NVoIWT’s] have some acknowledgement of the brutality visited on the humans trying to exist under these unbearable conditions.

    Forced out of a home I built in order to “age in place” according to Mr. Slitherman, I sleep in my son’s trailer ~ 16 km away from my home just so that sleep deprivation doesn’t result in weakened immune system and the downhill spiral to which that leads.

    I look for any excuse to leave my home after making a breakfast or supper meal and going to Fergus was one such useful excuse. It was, for me a healing experience as well a show of support for people who don’t want to suffer the same ill effects that they see in us, NVoIWT’s.

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