Liberals must listen, says Arnott after wind farm protest

News Release                                         
Ted Arnott, MPP
Wellington – Halton Hills
(Queen’s Park) – Mr. Arnott today delivered a statement on the October 26th wind farms protest in the Township of Centre Wellington, which he attended.  The following is the text of his statement:
“Mr. Speaker:
“I’m glad the Minister of the Environment is in the Legislative Precinct and I hope he’s listening.
“Today the Guelph Mercury reports that upwards of 1,000 people turned out last night—in the rain—to protest a proposed wind farm in Centre Wellington Township.
“I was there too, Mr. Speaker, arriving as soon as I could to hear what my constituents were saying about the wind farm proposal and about the McGuinty Government’s energy policies.
“I listened to many constituents, and their message was a devastating indictment of this government’s refusal to listen to them before permitting the installation of massive wind farms in their communities.
“People told me the McGuinty Government has stripped away their say as average citizens.  They believe this government’s Green Energy Act has stripped away local decision-making authority.  I believe they are right.
“Again I call on this government to complete a comprehensive and independent study of the wind turbines’ effect on human health before any new wind farm proposals go forward.
“Again I call on the Minister of the Environment to account for his contradictory statements on the role municipalities play in the approvals process.
“Do municipalities have the power to stop them, or not?  He should address this basic question right here in the Legislature.
“Despite this government’s apparent determination to push ahead with wind farms, no matter what the cost, no matter what the opposition, there is hope.
“For when a community is united, and speaks with one voice, that voice is heard—and it cannot be ignored.
“Thank you, Mr. Speaker.”
For further information, contact Ted Arnott, MPP
Phone  416-325-3880

10 thoughts on “Liberals must listen, says Arnott after wind farm protest

  1. Doh!……….”“People told me the McGuinty Government has stripped away their say as average citizens. They believe this government’s Green Energy Act has stripped away local decision-making authority. I believe they are right.”………………is this a joke?………………..this guy is an MPP and where was he last May when the GEA was rushed through?………………whyt did he think there was line up inside Queen’s Park of Citizens waiting to be heard in the Standing Committee hearings for Bill 150?

    Unbelievable to say something like this instead of condemning the Government flat out for creating a Dictatorship……..but then he IS a Politician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..not the brightest people in general!

  2. The meeting and protest at Fergus on Oct. 26 has demonstrated once again that the community is opposed to any wind projects before sufficient health studies are undertaken.
    I did not believe that the issue of birds being killed by turbine blades was an issue, though after the news of the death of a few ducks in the Alberta Tar Sands ponds which has caused a major uproar by various groups including Federal and Provincial governments, I now see that Turbine owners should be held accountable for the birds that will certainly be killed in Ontario.
    Is the Ontario Environment minister willing to risk the wrath of the public for ignoring this issue.
    There are thousands of birds that fly south through the path of the proposed turbines, I see them daily and they are at an altitude of two to three hundred feet above the ground level. These birds daily go north to feed and return south to Belwood lake. Action by provincial and federal official should be taken.

  3. Worst yet it would seem the death of a few ducks may become ok as we seem to migrate towards lowering our standards to an even playing field. Industrial wind turbines are more of an insult as they are useless at providing much if any useable power. IWTs have killed far more birds and bats than the tar sands and there is no mitigation other than dismantling to the ground, to stop the continued killing.

  4. Well done Mr. Arnott. Keep at the good work.
    Frustrating I know to not have your questions answered.
    It is after all “Question Period” not “Answer Period”.
    Just keep plugging away at them and keep this issue on the front burner.

  5. This is my email to Mr. Arnott:

    Mr Arnott:

    The audacity!

    Where the hell were YOU when the Fiberals rubber stamped the GEA as handed to them by The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association? Where the hell were YOU when this same organization applied for and got public money from the OPA AND Trillium Foundation to further their self interests? What the hell have YOU done to protect your employer (the people) from the ravages of corporate greed not only green energy proponents but the billions of OUR MONEY wasted bailing out failed car companies!

    Where the hell were YOU and the rest of your worthless opposition bench warmers when Dalton McGuinty allowed George Smitherman to destroy this once great province?

    Where the hell were YOU when CMOH Dr. Arlene King released her litany of lies on the health effects of wind turbines?

    What the hell have YOU done to earn your bloated and increasing tax-funded salary?

    The rookie power hungry waste of PC skin in my area (Randy Hillier) was seeking the leadership of the party instead of doing his damn job!

    Does your leader Mr Hudak have the intellectual and political balls to repeal the fraudulent GEA and Feed in Tariff Program before these completely bankrupt the province or has he to guzzled
    “green” beer and is now to drunk with “green” greed to see reality? Will he go after these green energy fraudsters that illegally lobbied the Fiberals so they could steal our money?

    You and your ilk have a lot to answer for next election as we the people are uniformed no longer!

    Bring it on!

    If you are a sitting politician in Ontario be afraid, be very afraid! Judgment day approaches!

    Sean Holt

    914 Larocque Road
    Brightside, Ontario
    RR#4 Lanark, K0G 1K0
    (613) 259-5323

  6. Sean………………… way to go……. finally! someone calls it as it is………….there is literally NOBODY in politics toady from ANY party who gives a damn about the people who elected them…it is all about getting their sticky fingers into the taxpayers trough!……until one single person has the guts to say it like it is they will all be painted with the same brush!………..CORRUPT and BOUGHT OUT!

  7. Mr. Arnott voted against the Liberals’ Green Energy Act, and he strongly opposed it, and has continued to do so every day since then. Mr. Arnott has been tirelessly pushing in the Legislature for a moratorium on all wind energy approvals until a comprehensive independent 3rd party health study has been done. Mr. Arnott supported other MPPs who introduced a private members’ bill to get municipal control over wind farm approvals reinstated within the Green Energy Act. Mr. Arnott helped to organize the focus of Opposition Day last spring to be primarily on wind farm issues, as a complement to the Queen’s Park Rally that we all attended. Mr. Arnott rallied beside Wellington County and Dufferin County residents this week against the Green Energy Act and against the wind farms planned for our community. There is quite a long list of the other efforts he is making on behalf of the constituents of Wellington County to fight the Green Energy Act. Make no mistake, we will elect Mr. Arnott again, because he is a rare politician who is actually trying to protect and represent his constituents.

  8. So who’s for DIRECT DEMOCRACY?!

    OK, there is the failure of the Education System t produce a truly enlightened public to contend with but that would seem to be a small challenge to overcome compared with the deeply entrenched greed and immorality fostered in our current party

    We have the Internet as a tool now both for education and voting. Not everyone has personal access but computers are available through libraries, schools, etc.

    Think of the money saved on pilfering politicians and their sycophants, put to work in research and dissemination of same via the web! Stuff which is now being denied or hidden away because it doesn’t support some get-rich-quick scheme!

    The present government supported economic system relies on keeping the population gullible and greedy. Altruism is punished, selflessness is suspect and a land ethic quashed at every opportunity.

    It diminishes us all.

  9. Yes, I was about to add the same point but it makes it hard to understand why they seem squirrelY about exactly what their intentions are should they get in.

    It would be nice to have their plan now as a deterrent to wind proponents.

    Would the repeal of the Act mean no projects could go forward as they are clearly in contravention of many real environmental protection laws? AND would the IWT have to pay fines and reparation for damages?

    Where are the lawyers on this?

  10. People:

    So the Conservatives vote against the GEA. Big deal! Were any of them getting in front of microphones everyday in the mass media pointing out this and the other frauds I eluded to in my email above? Where was the anger, passion, filibusters, the usual things that opposition parties normally do when something is rotten?

    It is one thing to vote against something, quite another to be genuinely opposed to something. I have little use for opposition for opposition’s sake as is normally the case in our Provincial and Federal legislative houses, but the GEA if far more damaging then the HST can ever be, but unlike the HST, there was hardly a whimper from the opposition on the GEA. Why? Simple! The word “green” doesn’t appear in the HST!

    To all of you who think Mr Arnott is worth any more than any other politician regardless of stripe, I will let him answer that in his own words.

    Below is his response (verbatim) to my email posted above and my response to him:

    Subject: RE: The GEA and Fergus Demonstration
    Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 12:54:34 -0400

    Mr. Holt:

    I’ve seen your message and read it. I agree that we need a change of government in Ontario and look forward to the coming year, as our party continues to advocate for Ontario families.

    I feel very privileged to have had the chance to serve my home area in the Legislature for 20 years. I respect the people in my riding and their judgment.

    For more information on the work I’m doing, see

    Ted Arnott, MPP
    Wellington-Halton Hills
    Phone: 416-325-3880
    Fax: 416-325-6649


    I asked a total of eight questions in my email to you.

    My apologies for neglecting to put a question mark at the end of the third one. That omission has been corrected.

    Thank you for holding me in such low regard that you couldn’t be bothered to answer even ONE of them.

    Clearly you have either forgotten or never knew to whom you ultimately answer!

    As a result, you did at least do one thing: You proved beyond any shadow of doubt every point I made as to your usefulness.

    Were I you, I wouldn’t be counting on another term in office. Your own words clearly indicate you certainly don’t deserve one!

    Again truthfully…

    Sean Holt.

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