McGuinty Liberals vote to keep Samsung deal hidden

(Queen’s Park) Ontario PC Energy Critic John Yakabuski put forward a motion that would require the government to open up the secret $7 billion Samsung deal and disclose the details of the agreement. Despite the McGuinty Liberals talk of accountability and transparency they voted to keep the details of the deal hidden rather than allowing it to be examined for its long-term impact on business and Ontario families who will end up paying for it.
“The Samsung deal was perfectly in keeping with this government’s and this Ministry’s completely irresponsible handling of Ontario’s energy system.” Yakabuski said.
When the McGuinty Liberals announced the Samsung deal last January, even Members of the McGuinty cabinet were infuriated. “The government surprised the public, the entire energy sector and even their own cabinet by signing this secret deal with Samsung.” Yakabuski said. 
Despite the government’s lack of disclosure, the Premier was forced to admit that the deal contained no job guarantees despite a $437 million subsidy. According to a column by Randall Denley in the Ottawa Citizen of Jan. 24, 2010, the jobs claimed by the McGuinty government in the Samsung deal will cost $300,000 each in public subsidies.

14 thoughts on “McGuinty Liberals vote to keep Samsung deal hidden

  1. Incredible! Even after Smitherman’s humiliating repudiation in Toronto, the McGuinty Liberals still don’t understand that voters will no longer tolerate lies, waste and deception.

    Tim Hudak doesn’t have to do any campaigning…McGuinty is giving next year’s election to him!

  2. I hope Mr. Hudak does give us more say,and,not continue down the same path as Mr. McGive-The-Province-Away.

  3. Wind turbines are NOT A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE. So there is no excuse for hiding the details of the Samsung agreement. The people’s money is a stake here.

  4. Vestas, the dominant wind turbine mfg’r in Denmark is laying off 3,000 people and closing 3 production facilities in Denmark and 1 in Sweden, due to a major decline in European demand. They can get wind turbines made in China, shipped to Denmark for less than the cost of making them there.
    So much for Denmark’s bold experiment to produce “Green” jobs there.

    When will McGuinty get the message? His Green Energy act has no chance of creating manufacturing jobs in Ontario.

    The Green Energy industry is collapsing in Spain, the UK and elsewhere in Europe. And of course the developing economies can’t afford the high cost of green energy so there is no market for Vestas and the like there.

  5. I guess it’s because it was an untendered deal…Once the details come out every nation from Japan to China to Denmark will claim they could have done the deal for 50% less….That would create a lot of second guessing….same as the Bombardier subway train deal….

    Untendered = Corruption

  6. Ontario’s Green Energy plan is as clear as mud.
    I read that Vesta stocks were cheap.
    Johana, I like where you’re heading.
    The media was wrong about Smitherman, and the major media still has no clue about how deep the Wind Turbine debate has affected rural land owners.
    Having an inadequate Energy policy will destroy the Liberal party. People don’t want to vote in “So sorry, too late” policy makers.

  7. McGuinty is now in China on a “trade mission”.

    Translation: “McGuinty is in China trading our economy for a mission (job) when he gets thrown out of Ontario”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Scott:

    I went to the link you provided. I wish I hadn’t

    It is very discouraging to see elected officials simply blow the “public consultation” horn while demonstrating that they are, for all intents and purposes, clueless!

    There is so much empirical evidence from all over the world proving the absolute failure of “alternative, green energy” (Wind, solar, biomass, biogas) that I am incredulous these bozos can remain completely ignorant in this, the “information” age!

    I cannot believe that it is possible to be both human and that stupid at the same time!

    Troubled times ahead…

    Sean Holt.

  9. OMG that was disgusting (link). There is so much crap it stunk even through the internet. Not much truth in anything printed. More like a cheerleader giving it with no clue what game they are in and who is winning.

  10. I wasnt’ referencing the content, I mistakenly thought Mr. Martin was a Liberal, turning on the provincial party in the hopes of retaining a seat the
    Conservatives have targeted for the next election.

    He’s an NDP member – which makes it the standard drivel.

    My mistake – and apologies.

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  12. How is this a secret? In the article itself it states that the ontario government is subsidising this project 437 milion. This 437 mil divided by the 16000 new jobs is roughly $300000 per job. Why does the article insinuate that secret samsung project will cost 7billion dollars? The actual cost to canadian tax payers is less then 1/14th of that. 16000 new jobs, plus a subsidy costing less then a G8 meeting as well as energy being produced in an environmentally responsable manor… where is the issue? This is another example of how people can manipulate canadian voters with skewed numbers and misleading headlines.

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