Industrial wind turbines linked to health issues; clinical study underway


TORONTO, Ont. – Just ahead of the Annual Meeting of The Canadian Wind Energy Association, experts from North American and Britain have visited an international symposium on the adverse health affects of industrial wind turbines.

The Society for Wind Vigilance will host the meeting this weekend in Picton, Ont.

Based on reports of health issues among people living close to industrial wind turbines, the society is calling for a clinical study and wants the Ontario government to ban further projects until a study is done.

The province maintains there are no adverse health affects from the giant turbines, however, it said it will review the latest evidence from around the world.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association begins its annual meeting in Montreal on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Industrial wind turbines linked to health issues; clinical study underway

  1. The Society for Wind Vigilance holds a meeting that will do some real good for people in general across this land when it confirms how bad Wind Energy has been for the Health of it’s citizens!

    CANWEA hosts a similar meeting where greed and corrupt officials from Government and Industry assemble to try and squeeze even more hard earned dollars out of citizens pockets all in the fake “Green Energy Agenda”!

    What’s to debate here?

  2. Thank you for the information. I live on Cape Cod in the U.S. and our government is trying to put up wind turbines wherever there is open space even if it’s going to harm people as well as wildlife and endangered birds. Some people have already gotten sick from these things , as they live within feet of them. However, our elected officials deny anything.

  3. So glad you have connected, josie. Look forward to further posts.

    All the best.

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