The media in Ontario exhibit an astounding lack of understanding

by Dave Trumble Grey Bruce Labour Council

The recent high winds in Ontario has given rise to some power outages in a variety of locations in Ontario. Now this is hardly news (unless we do a seperate blog on the failure of the Ontario government to support the ongoing needs for renewal of our electrical transmission system), but it did focus for a day or so the attention of the media on Ontario’s electricity supply. The Media true to form missed the big issue, but pronounced with much fanfare that Ontario’s wind farms produced 6% of Ontario’s electricity needs for a short period of time this past week.

This is a fine piece of information and given the need for a diversified supply mix it is likely not bad news, but the issues that are missed by the media are the real story. The first of these would be the fact that when Ontario had an industrial jobs strategy and a significant industrial load (which wind cannot support)over 60% of Ontario’s electrical needs were met by nuclear power and that billions (with a “B”) tonnes of greenhouse gases were mitgated by the use of electricity from nuclear plants. Still in the vein of nuclear power; all the electricity from nuclear energy was created in three defined geographical areas (Bruce, Pickering and Darlington) as compared to the various wind farms that dot and destroy landscapes and are built without any consideration for negative health effects.

The media in Ontario and in most jurisdictions exhibit an astounding lack of understanding of the electricty sector and energy policy and this has recently been demonstrated in the focus of this blog, but I would also suggest it is further demonstrated in the media’s failure to research the issues around what will without a doubt be the safe transfer and shipment of used steam generators from the Bruce Nuclear Site and the inability of the media to fully grasp the complete disaster that awaits the electricty consumers of Ontario as the Ontario goverment implements more and more of it’s green energy act. Perhaps the most ludicrous piece of this act is the ability for the government to count the energy not used by a now shutdown manufacturing plant (shutdown due to the lack of an industrial jobs strategy)as conservation.

A safe, dependable and diversified electricity supply and a responsible energy policy with knowledgable media reporting on the sector is absolutely necessary for general understanding of the energy sector and to ensure that decisions are made that align policy with need and not with ideology.

7 thoughts on “The media in Ontario exhibit an astounding lack of understanding

  1. Corporate Media wouldn’t be able to support it’s circulation without huge amounts of $$$$ funneled into it’s coffers from the Politicians and Industries without printing lies and fake “good news” stories.

    To expect one ounce of “researched and informed” reporting from these “fish wrapper” papers would be naive at best!

  2. Anyone with only an elementary knowledge of physics knows why wind turbines are no good for producing electricity.

    However, this is just ignored in the name of saving planet earth.

    So billions of additional dollars are going to have to be spent trying to mitigate the bad effects wind turbines have on health,the economy,the environment and on and on.

    Wind turbines are about the almighty dollar and nothing else. Make the people pay for all of this damage is what is in our future.

  3. Keep up the good work Dave.The better educated people are,the more they can make informed decisions.

  4. I have continually made the same complaint about the mass media not reporting the truth since I became involved with this “green energy” debate years ago!

    Sure, for a day or so last week wind COULD have supplied 6% of Ontario’ electricity needs, except that it was neither needed nor wanted at the time it was produced and was exported for a loss of approximately 9 cents/KWH!

    I don’t remember seeing any reporting on that outside of this website!

    Right now (12:16PM, Nov 1, 2010) wind is producing at 4% capacity and supplying a paltry 0.24% of Ontario’s total consumption! Not even half a percentage point!

    What mass media outlet is reporting this?

    The green energy scam is the single most egregious crime ever committed against humanity!

    Not likely to see THAT in the paper either!

    Sean Holt.

  5. Now the following report is garbage… But if the Red Star will print this Hog Swallop — how about we just mock up a paper showing that most of Canada’s extinctions will be due to Industrial Wind Turbines???!!!! I am sure they will print it if we mention Global Warming and progressive attitudes… and include a picture of a kitten on an ice-flow — don’t worry — we can photo-shop the ice-flow picture — we don’t need to freeze a kitten! 😉–world-s-vertebrate-species-cracking

    “The report, released Tuesday by the journal Science, included Canadian researchers. It also shows that one in seven fish species, a quarter of all reptiles and one third of all sharks and amphibians could face imminent extinction.

    “More worrying is that when we look at the trends in the status of species over time, we find that there are more species moving towards extinction or becoming extinct than there are species recovering,” Hilton-Taylor said.

    The report estimates about 50 vertebrate species will join the ranks of the endangered each year.”

    And just remember that a lot of statistics are invented… (23.49% I Believe!!

    “But the picture is not entirely bleak. The report found that the vertebrate problem would be about 18 per cent worse without conservation efforts that have already been launched.”

    Why not 17.879%? Or 14.976%? Well — I am guessing that it is all averaged guesses or models.

    This is the next big scam that will be following “alternative/green energy”. Don’t tire yourself out. More work is on the way!

    And before you ask — not they don’t mention the bird and bat chopping capability of IWT’s that contributes to the problem.

  6. Reporting on “Green Energy” and the various issues has been much like the “Global Warming” debate.

    Much of the MSM has fallen to the “Group Think meme”… (ABC == Australian Broadcasting Corp.)


    Selling out their craft to the global warming cause

    Written by Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun blogs | 04 November 2010

    “Should journalists report the views of global warming sceptics – even just for balance?

    A panel of “top” journalists and journalism academics, as chosen by the University of Technology Sydney’s far Left Centre of “Independent Journalism” and broadcast by the ABC, agree that on the whole the answer is … no, or rarely.

    Naturally, in accord with their commitment to debate, not one person on the panel is a sceptic, or challenges this group think.

    The ABC’s Sarah Clarke says she prefers to rely on material given the “all clear” by the IPCC, and praises the ABC and Fairfax papers for having been two “responsible” outlets that have been “objective” on global warming.

    Monash University’s Philip Chubb says the debate “doesn’t need to go outside the halls of climate change”.

    Warmist academic Anne Henderson-Sellers, who says she sets her students the homework of watching the propagandist An Inconvenient Truth and The Age of Stupid to inform themselves, demands to know why journalists didn’t describe Lord Monckton as a “fruitcake” so her hairdresser wouldn’t be so impressed. Chubb calls him a “clown”.”


    There is no reason to believe, for example, that CBC or “The Red Star” will change their tactics anytime soon.

    It takes a lot of work to understand complex scientific topics — and “Sound Bites that Sell” just don’t do the job.

    Objective? uh-huh…

  7. People wonder why “The Media” is not picking up on the wind turbine story, after all you would think that it has everything you need to attract an audience… Big money, tax payer fraud, political intrigue, famous names, protests, lives ruined, ill health caused etc. Not to mention soaring energy prices, seniors losing homes, weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth… (But I digress…)

    The reason is obvious (to me). There are far more important stories to be reported. Bigger fish to be fried, larger than life stories that compete. Stories that are understandable… Stories that warm a serious journalists heart. Stories they can sink their teeth into and research properly!

    For example…

    “Feds handed out $100-a-piece G20 Summit pens courtesy of taxpayers”

    “OTTAWA – The G8 and G20 summits in June saw world leaders zip up deals, pin down promises, and sign off on new agreements.

    And it turns out taxpayers paid dearly for the accessories — $100-a-piece pens for the leaders, and over $86,000 worth of lapel pins and zipper pulls.

    The Harper government released new departmental spending reports Friday for the summits, and they’ve provided plenty more ammo for the opposition. ”


    So there you have it. All you guys losing your house and your health — you can’t compete with a good story about a pen — or a zipper pull. Admit it — it’s true!

    So if you want publicity you are going to have to become more important than a $100 pen. There you have it.

    May I loan you my Gold Cross Pen ($120) — purchased in earlier times when gold cost less — to write your story? But please — add a little excitement — will you?

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