International symposium on The Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects

Pierpont given award for Excellence for Research & Leadership

by Lorrie Gillis

The first international symposium on The Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects put on by The Society For Wind Vigilance was solid and powerful.
Dr. Robert McMurtry, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C), F.A.C.S., was moderator for the event and did a wonderful job of keeping everything moving along.  There was time for questions and comments set aside after speakers.
On Friday evening, we heard Orville Walsh speak to different setback distances.  
John Harrison, Ph.D., reviewed deficiencies in regulations and limitations in noise modeling.
Rick James pointed out that what we knew in the 1980’s was forgotten in the 1990’s and it set the stage for a wind turbine boom in the 2000’s. 
On Saturday morning, Nina Pierpont, M.D., Ph.D., keynote speaker, spoke to navigating the surreal landscape of massive and systematic denial, cover-up and apathy to the suffering of many near wind turbines and to her work on Wind Turbine Syndrome.  The Society for Wind Vigilance recognized Dr. Pierpont as the pioneer in raising the issue of adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines.  She received a standing ovation!
Alec Salt, Ph.D. Cochlear Physiology, M.Sc.,B.Sc, Biology, demonstrated that the ear is far more complex than a microphone and that it actively amplifies high frequency sounds as it cancels out infrasonic sounds.
Arline Bronzaft, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., shared her knowledge on the effects of intrusive noise on child development and learning. 
Dr. Christopher Hanning, B.Sc., MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, FRCA, MD, <(also known as the alphabet doctor) told us that the most common complaint of those exposed to industrial wind turbine noise is sleep disturbance.  Many of the other symptoms, fatigue, headache, nausea, memory problems and tiredness are probably secondary to sleep disturbance.  He says there is now a large body of evidence proving beyond any reasonable doubt that sleep is disturbed and health impaired by wind turbines at distances up to 2km, at noise levels claimed to be safe by the industry.
During a working luncheon, Robert Bryce explained that the growth of the wind industry came about because of the industry’s ability to portray itself as “green”.  He told us that the growth will be difficult to sustain because the industry has overstated its ability to deliver meaningful savings on carbon dioxide emissions, it faces a growing backlash from affected landowners and from ratepayers who are learning about the high cost of “green” energy.
After lunch, Michael A. Nissenbaum, MD, discussed his findings on the world’s first controlled study of adverse health effects related to industrial wind turbines.  He reports that adverse effects are real and significant.  Since the pilot study was completed, a larger, more detailed and standardized controlled study has been undertaken at Mars Hill and Vinalhavne, Maine, utilizing validated questionnaires.
Carl V. Phillips, Ph.D., sent his presentation for us to hear in his absence.  He is awaiting the arrival of a new son/daughter at any minute and was unable to travel to the symposium in person.  He says the claim that there is no evidence of negative health effects from wind turbines near residences is clearly false since there are ample credible reports of people experiencing problems.  He is working on developing a research tool for collecting case-crossover data for use by any community.
Carmen Krogh, B.SC. Pharmacy, spoke to the consequences of the violation of social justice for families worldwide who are affected by turbines.  She states that those experiencing symptoms also feel victimized by the very systems that would normally protect them.  In some cases, Ontario families have abandoned their homes to protect their health. 
Eric K. Gillespie, LLB, spoke to legal challenges and opportunities that are being pursued, strategies that include private litigation brought by individuals, public interest litigation raising broader issues, by-laws, resolutions and other steps taken by local government and administrative hearings outside of the court system.
On Sunday morning, the room was full again to listen to Ross McKitrick, Ph.D., ask if coal kills, where are the bodies?  He explained the nature of the coal plants currently operating in Ontario and air pollution trends.  He was able to show that the claims that current air pollution levels result in thousands of cases of illness and death are not supported in up-to-date, peer-reviewed literature.
Dale Goldhawk, broadcaster, told us that everyone thought dump site 41 was a done deal, that nothing could be done to stop it.  He says there are no done deals with projects that are counter to the best interests of people – and that includes wind turbines!  He wants us to remember the words of Gandhi:  First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.  Mr. Goldhawk will be speaking to industrial wind turbines all this week on his show, Nov. 1st to Nov. 8th and he would love to hear from you!  Shows start at 11:00a.m. each day on 740am radio or 
Call in at 1-866-740-4740 or 1-416-360-0740 or email to
Dr. McMurtry eloquently summarized the weekend for us and thanked our speakers, all traveled to the symposium at their own expense, for sharing their knowledge with us.  It was uplifting to see the caring and concern in the room. There was an award and a standing ovation for all of the speakers! 
There were hundreds of messages of support from around the world for the first international symposium on the global wind industry and adverse health effects!  There will be a comprehensive list posted on when the team catches their breath again.  Messages came from New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Germany, EPAW, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Untited Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Crete, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Poland. 
From all around the globe, people spoke of correcting an unethical wrong and of their gratitude to the Society for arranging this powerful weekend of speakers.
We all left feeling encouraged, empowered and validated in our continued effort to raise awareness of this issue.  Thankyou!

6 thoughts on “International symposium on The Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects

  1. Honourable People doing an Honourable job on behalf of honest and hard working Citizens of the World!

    Shame on the Politicians and Industrialists who are responsible for this necessity!

    Greed and Inhumane actions by these two groups will not be tolerated anymore!

  2. There is no reasonable economic or environmental reason for building wind turbines. There is obvious personal and financial harm to neighbours of these visually obtrusive behemoths. One can only conclude that the Liberals are pandering to popularity or are profiting in some other way. Do we have to wait for a fall election to stop this? Will the PCs stop this?

  3. Thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers involved with this important international event!

    Let’s build on what was accomplished in Picton and keep going everywhere in Ontario and well beyond our borders.

    Working together, we can move mountains!

  4. There were no MPPs in attendance at the Symposium and word has it that they were told that it was not consistent with provincial government policies…

    The mood was quite intense as there were IWT victims in the throng who attended. Only our government could have remained unmoved by the palpable anguish.

    The crowd lingered long after the official closing of the Symposium, still busy swapping contacts, info. and weapons with which to fight the dementia of industrial wind destruction.

    Send notice of and 1-866-740-4740 to everyone you know because the radio show is not available everywhere except by internet. People with dial-up may have difficulty getting it but they could still send their stories. More democracy there than in politics!

    My thanks to the organizers for a moving and motivating experience

  5. If the speakers travelled at their own expense then why was $40,000 collected from the audience?

    Plus $140 for sleeping quarters makes a cool $54,000. Did the speakers know about the $40,000 admission price? At least one speaker didn’t.

    Our 3 journalists from Toronto Street News were barred from hearing the speakers; we had accommodations nearby and had to contact individual speakers separately.

    So, again, if the speakers arrived at their own expense — why was $40,000 charged? That’s $395.00 a head.

    Are protest groups being compromised by agents working for the wind farms??

    Just asking!

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