Australian Wind Turbine TV Advertisements

2 thoughts on “Australian Wind Turbine TV Advertisements

  1. This is excellent. How much would it cost to make an Ontario version….and get it onto TV?

  2. …But unless the story is put on TV most people will remain ignorant of the issues.

    In recent months I have spoken to scientists, engineers, technologists, politicians, homemakers, financial people economists, executives, office workers and so on… about 200 people.

    Most of these people (90%) plus were unaware that there was any issue with Wind Turbines or Green Energy. Most were unclear as to the exact reason for their power bill increases. Most were unaware that most of time wind turbines do not produce a useful level of power. Most were unaware that in Ontario that 3.6 hours per day equivalent was all that a solar panel produced. Most were unaware of the subsidies…

    When pushed — most could name the “Battle against Global Warming” as a root cause of power price increases and the need for “Green Energy”. Most could tell me that CO2 was the cause (90% plus). When i queried them as to the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere the lowest guess was 10% — most guessed between 30% and 50%.

    CO2 is of course less than 0.04% of the atmosphere — actually about 380ppm.

    When I pointed that out the proportions of the gases in the atmosphere, most were astonished. Some people knew that CO2 was essential for plants.

    As I recall one person had a very good grasp of the facts, one person a somewhat good grasp of the facts. Of the remainder, almost all would have failed a general knowledge high school grade 10- level science test based on carbon cycle, and atmospheric issues. This is material that used to be routinely taught at grade eight and below.

    Of course our recent technology ministers — environment, energy and so forth would likely do worse than the worst I interviewed — based on their policies.

    Good luck! The media will likely denounce any such movie as right wing, anti-science pro[propaganda.

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