HEAT fighting proposed changes to Green Energy Act

By Susan Hundertmark , Huron Expositor

While Huron East Against Turbines is preparing a response to changes that are currently being proposed to the Green Energy Act, HEAT members are hoping that other affected community members also take the time to make their opinions known to the province before the Nov. 21 deadline.

“One of Central Huron Against Turbines’ members was looking through the Ontario Environmental Registry’s website and just happened to find these proposed changes,” says HEAT member Rob Tetu, adding that he hasn’t seen any public advertising of the proposed changes.

“They’re not exactly being transparent about this,” he says.

The proposed changes that will be addressed in HEAT’s comments involve the right of landowners near industrial wind turbines to determine where future buildings might be located on now-vacant land. While the Green Energy Act currently determines a receptor (or residence that might be affected by a wind turbine) to be at the centre of any vacant land, proposed changes would allow the wind turbine company to tell the landowner where to build once a wind turbine is erected, says Tetu.

“We think the entire vacant lot should be designated as a receptor and if that’s not possible, we think it should be considered along the whole road allowance so that the landowner can decide where his building should be,” he says.

Another proposed change to the Green Energy Act would redefine what can be allowed as a receptor. While the current Act allows hunting camps and campsites that are used occasionally as receptors, the proposed change would only allow permanent dwellings, except for commercial campsites.

Tetu says HEAT has been trying to meet with both Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell and Environment Minister John Wilkinson, who is MPP of Perth-Middlesex, to complain about the way the proposed changes and period for public comment have not been advertised. So far, the group has not had a response from either MPP.

3 thoughts on “HEAT fighting proposed changes to Green Energy Act

  1. ” So far, the group has not had a response from either MPP.”

    Shame on Carol Mitchell and John Wilkinson. May they go the way of many former incumbent Toronto City councillors –

  2. People:

    This post makes it prudent to point out the fact that under our constitution; people – individuals – have rights. Corporations do not!

    Corporations do not have a “charter of rights and freedoms”

    Until such time as a constitutional challenge is mounted against not only the GEA, but every other piece of legislation that usurps the rights of the people with non-existent rights of corporations, nothing will change and we the people will continue to be subverted and victimized.

    Of all the pieces of advice my father gave me, this one turned out to be the most accurate: “If you don’t stand up for your rights, they will be legislated away from you!”

    Truer words were never spoken!

    Sean Holt.

  3. The Green Energy Act is the “catch all” Bill that eventually will have our Water Rights also ripped away from us………..

    This Act is so anti-Democratic that McGuinty should be tried in court on a charge of Treason, along with every other MPP that had anything to do with it!

    That includes the NDP and any other Municipal Politician that compromised his fellow Citizens Rights and Freedoms…….oh Hell, just put them all in jail and get it over with!

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