Taxpayers don’t benefit

Windsor Star   Re: Get excited about wind farm benefits, by Ian Kerr, Oct. 25.

Ian Kerr, vice-president, Canadian Development, Brookfield Renewable Power, admonishes a previous writer and tells us that the “residents and ratepayers in Essex County should be excited about the many economic and environmental benefits of new wind farms.”

But in his letter, Mr. Kerr fails to mention even a single one, perhaps because there is none.

Does he really expect that readers will believe that while “the development risks are being borne by the developers, not taxpayers,” it is the latter who will reap the benefits?  Why would a developer bear the risk on a project from which I will benefit? That makes no sense.

If that were the case, the Dalton McGuinty government would not have enacted the anti-democratic provisions of the Green Energy Act, effectively removing all rights from local residents and elected municipal representatives with respect to the location of industrial wind turbines in our backyards.

There may be a few truths in some of what Mr. Kerr writes. Industrial wind turbines may be cost-efficient, but only for the developer.

Our recent hydro bills indicate that we are really paying for them.

Secondly, like mushrooms after a rain, turbines are springing up in a very timely manner. There is less than a year before the next provincial election when we, the taxpayers, can put an end to this nonsense.

Thirdly, although we were promised well-paying green energy jobs, I believe that Mr. Kerr is correct when he writes, “The vast majority of construction workers building wind farms earn but a small fraction of that ($200) hourly wage.”

Mr. Kerr invites us to “be excited” about all this, while worldwide protest movements are mounting against his industry.

But I think that anti-wind groups are doing a much better job than the industrial wind turbine industry at helping Essex County residents sort out what is really going on in this county and the rest of Ontario.

Anton Klarich, Stoney Point

8 thoughts on “Taxpayers don’t benefit

  1. Hear! Hear!

    Just out of curiosity; how may wind turbines are still standing around the world in places like Hawaii and California, abandoned and rusting?


    Most of these are located in some of the world best wind energy locations! That is more then DOUBLE the number of turbines in Denmark and 14 TIMES the number of units currently operating (and I use that term VERY loosely as they haven’t been operating much this week!!) in Ontario! Who is paying to clean up this “green” mess and who will be paying to clean up the one Dalton and his gang of criminals is forcing upon Ontario?

    WE ARE! The same ones who are being robbed to build this useless, harmful, wasteful, mendacious
    scrap in the first place!

    Sean Holt.

  2. Look the above article over and maybe print it out for future reference because one day your Grand Children will ask you why you didn’t stop this?

    You can always tell them that you were trying to fight but when a Dictatorship has taken control of a State then there “ain’t much one can do”!

    This is what the future of our world will look like and if Mel Gibson’s movie “Mad Max” seemed to be far fetched at one time, then welcome to the future folks………..

    Alarm bells should be going off inside every single Canadian’s head right now, but unfortunately most are just too damned tired from working 23 hours a day in order to pay their Hydro Bills!

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a report from the local Utility providers such as ELK (LDC),on how much the actually use the power that is produced versus leaving the brakes on the giant’s when conditions are there for the potential to produce power.They may be only 30% efficient ,but of that the local utility is not forced to take the power on the grid if its not needed.People forget the power demand has gone down and its something they want you to take out of the equation .

    Also it isn’t till 2012 that the content on the windmills goes from 25% to 50 % under FIT ,so how many more will make there way into the country from foreign suppliers? How many jobs
    are covered for that ?

  4. Off topic, but I’ve been wondering about this:

    How is a wind operator’s contribution to the grid measured? Is it metered? Faith based?

    My gut tells me that this whole FIT nonsense is going to be exploited to the extreme. Will the “honey pot” of subsidies be licked clean before the last of the hogs trips over their own feet running to the trough? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    One thing’s for sure. This industry has demonstrated their true colours over and over again. Lack of honesty being one on the spectrum.

  5. When I asked Hydro One how much power Harrow wind farms were producing or not ,I was told they could not tell me because of Privacy laws. We are paying for this but can’t know? Not hard to figure out who helped write the rules.

  6. Brookfield is in the business of profiting from government ineptitude. Brookfield bought the Mississagi River plants for pennies on the dollar during the government’s disasterous de-regulation sell-off phase. They promptly drained a lake that Ontario Hydro had taken care of properly for decades in the name of obscene profit. They destroyed a lot of flora and fauna. Now they are onto wind farms with the poor ratepayers taking another kick in the ass?

  7. Wegrait my dear the F in fit stands for “faith based”!

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