Poultry Industry Council wants to hear from you

To share your opinion regarding the renewable energy technologies installed on your operation, please click here.

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  1. There should be no good,unless the commentators that express good are deceived,clueless,or stock holders in Wind Energy

  2. Chickens can hear!!! Just wondering what the effects will be on them with an IWT next door?

    The infrasound effects on them should be even better.

    Are there any European studies on these issues?

  3. Living with 6 turbines within 1 km, I can see the water in my water bottle quiver as it sits on my coffee table; the natural resonation of the water in that closed bottle is amplified as the low-frequency sound passes through it. This is happening to all the fluids in my body as the low-frequency sound passes through me. It will happen to all the fluids within an egg, and consequently the eggs won’t hatch. Killdeer and frog eggs didn’t hatch last year, and there are none this year. This leads me to believe that the chickens/turkeys may be producing eggs, but they are not devloping or hatching.

  4. Take another look at the picture.

    See if you can spot the obvious hits against the renewable energy technologies shown.

    I don’t think the artist(s) hold them in very high regard.

    I messed them the first time. The second time, I had a good laugh!

    Sean Holt.

  5. I went here and answered their questionnaire.
    The last asked for “comments”.

    Here is mine:

    So you want to know about “renewable energy” eh?

    I happen to agree that if individuals want to supplement their power use by installing small wind turbines and solar panels on their own property at their own expense, local municipal bylaws should be changed/enacted to allow this. I even feel strongly that the grid should have a mechanism, called “net
    metering” such that any excesses privately installed and funded units produce can be purchased by the grid at market rates thereby permitting these privately installed and funded units to reduce or even eliminate their power bills. This is how it is SUPPOSED to be

    On the other hand…

    Current “green energy” policy in Ontario is almost verbatim to the disastrous policies enacted in both Germany and Spain. In Germany, even with 18% of her entire grid supplied by “alternative energy” in the form of wind, solar and biofuels, she has reduced her CO2 emissions NOT ONE IOTA, her electricity
    rates have skyrocketed and as a result, she has dramatically reduced green subsidies and cancelled her own Feed In Tariff Program. In Germany, plans are in the works for 26 new COAL FIRED plants. In Spain, for every “green” job created, 2.5 jobs were lost from the rest of the economy mostly as a result of businesses leaving due to drastically increased electricity rates. Spain now has 16 Billion Euro in unfunded “green energy” debt, a devastated economy and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Then there is windy Denmark… Denmark has the largest per capita wind energy in the world. Over the last twenty years, she has managed to reduce her coal consumption LESS then 2%, shut down NO coal fired plants, INCREASED natural gas generation from 0% to 23% of her grid and managed to increase her electricity rates to the highest in the European Union (45 cents/KWH!). Even with almost 6000 industrial wind turbines producing as much as 20% of her grid capacity, she has managed to reduce her CO2 output by a paltry 0.1%. She has not increased her wind capacity measurably since 2003. Her government power agency in a press release just this year has abandoned all onshore wind energy plans in favor of even more expensive offshore wind energy. Also just this fall, Danish wind giant Vestas announced 3000 job cuts due to falling demand both domestically and globally.

    Then there is even windier California… Here in some of the best wind places on earth can be found over
    14,000 rusting wind turbines abandoned after their subsidies ended. An environmental mess the tax payers of California will have to pay to clean up!

    Way off California, far out in the Pacific sits the USA’s “garden of Eden”; Hawaii… Here we find 5 abandoned modern wind farms the newest made derelict a short 5 years ago…

    Down in the far southern Atlantic sits the very windy Falkland Islands. They recently installed wind energy equivalent to 18% of their total capacity, WITH BATTERY BACKUP! How much diesel fuel for
    their diesel generators did this replace? A whopping 3%! Not even worth the effort!

    Then there is Ontario with even more fallacious promise of green energy and sustainable economic growth. Yet not a single one of the over 1,000 industrial wind turbines currently operating was manufactured here. Costs for the GEA and Feed In Tariff Program range anywhere from 10 to 50 BILLION to construct wind turbines and solar panels that, as proven this summer, cannot be relied upon to produce energy when we need it. All of the coal that has been replaced in Ontario was replaced with new natural gas generation and refurbished nuclear generation and even more nuclear is coming online in the very near future. As a result of this and other failed Liberal policies, electricity rates in Ontario are now amongst the highest in Canada, businesses are leaving and/or shutting down and the engine of any economy –the people have far less disposable income to support any business that choose to remain. We already have one of the greenest electricity systems in the world. Green energy will do nothing except make this electricity far more expensive as has proven to be the case everywhere in the world this has been attempted to date without exception!

    Even the IPCC rates alternative energy’s effectiveness at reducing CO2 at only a dismal 2%. That is ALL
    renewable energies COMBINED including wind!

    Finally, as if we needed any more proof, a document is leaked just this week from The Sussex Strategy Group detailing in no uncertain terms the absolute fraud that green energy in Ontario actually is.

    No, green energy on an industrial scale has NO redeeming qualities at all. ESPECIALLY Industrial Wind Turbines!

    Sean Holt

    914 Larocque Road
    Brightside, Ontario
    RR#4 Lanark, K0G 1K0
    (613) 259-5323

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