What a mess!

Owen Sound Sun Times

We have a farm in Arran- Elderslie where there is a proposed project on wind turbines in the works. I don’t speak for anyone other than my family and myself, but from talking to folks in the area I sure don’t feel alone. I’m very much against these monstrosities cluttering up the countryside and I really can’t imagine anyone wanting to put one on their property. When I drive from Port Elgin to Kincardine and see what they’ve done to the countryside there I just can’t help but feel “what a mess”.

When we moved here one of the things we appreciated was what a pretty area it was and is — so far. The thought that they would even consider bring the windmills into this area makes me sick.

Before we bought this farm we had looked at farms down in Huron Township. Two of the farms that we looked at and were seriously considering buying have windmills on them today. We wouldn’t consider buying these farms now no matter what the price was. When someone signs up with these windmill guys we have to wonder if they’ve thought through the economics of their deal. I understand that the real estate people consider a property with a windmill on it or near it to be worth about 40% less. I would say that that was a conservative figure. To look at the economics of one of these deals to a landowner almost looks like a scam. Around here they were offering $7,500 to lease your property out for a turbine — wow! If you allowed a turbine onto say a $500,000 farm, all of a sudden you find your farm is maybe worth $300,000. At that rate of payment it would take roughly 26 1/2 years to get back what you have lost on property values.

Not only is this person devaluing their own property big time but he or she is also dropping the value of all the neighbouring properties as well. Close neighbours lose big time, those farther away to a lesser extent. I don’t feel there are going to be many prospective buyers looking to buy these properties in the future other than maybe cash croppers if they can buy these farms cheap enough. This sure seems like selling your soul to the devil to me.

These fellas pushing the windmills are certainly promoters and they seem to have done a real snow job on the government, as well as a whole lot of individuals.

If you decide to go ahead and put one of these wind turbines on your property and you shake hands with these guys to seal your deal be sure to count your fingers afterwards.

Bill Irwin, Southampton

8 thoughts on “What a mess!

  1. This “evil legacy” will go down in the history books as one of the worst Scams ever to be carried out in modern time against the Citizens of Onatrio.

    Not too proud anymore to be called a “Citizen of Ontario!”

    Thanks McGuinty!

  2. The whole process of developing an Industrial Wind Farms is an incredibly sneaky and dishonest process…

    It’s like it is done in the darkness of nite…Wind Energy Companies sneak around and trick landowners into signing these agreements…

    They single out landowners and farmers individually and discourage them from talking to each other…

    Then you wake up one day and read Notices in the local paper and you find out that you are going to be living in the middle or beside an Industrial Winbd Farm….

    Your neighbours and your Government have sold you out…

    Their plan is to destroy your lifestyle, your health, your investment in your property, your relationships…

    The Wind Energy Companies are interested in Farming….”FARMING FOR SUBSIDIES”….

    It’s like you’ve been assaulted in plain view and nobody can help you…because your local authorities have been neutered….and they are too chicken to fight back and support you…

    It’s easy to understand now how people band together and fight the Tyranny that is being imposed by the Ontario Liberal Government…

  3. Just a further quote worth considering…

    For those eager for “battles”!

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    * The best victory is when the opponent surrenders of its own accord before there are any actual hostilities… It is best to win without fighting.

  4. and it seems the link to Wiki Quotes for Sun Tzu disappeared into the ether — too bad — google it.

  5. Until Mainstream Media shows one single ounce of “honesty” and begins to report the truth, nobody can even hope of winning the minds and hearts of the populace……..at least not quickly.

  6. You are right on. The wind companies prey on people’s trusting. The guy moves in to the small town, joins the largest church. becomes buddies with people. For 3 years the guy has been in the county getting leases most people never knew what was going on.
    One man was partners with 2 others with machinery – they own property next to his and he just found out they both signed leases
    A husband & wife were approach the husband wasn’t excited about it and really wasn’t interested in signing. But, the sales guy visited and had dinners with them off and on. The husband died the salesman paid is “respects”. Couple weeks later he came to talk with her — she signed the lease.
    A friend of ours signed early on — we found out a few months ago. Everything is hush hush.
    Of course they (wind company) get rural county board members and rural township people excited and offer a lease.
    One board member with 8 acres was offered a lease by the wind company after he questioned some items while the ordinance was being worked on.
    I’d like to wake up and discover this was all a bad dream!

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