Health effects of wind farms are real — ask the victims

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Gideon Forman has stated again that coal is killing about 250 people a year, but how does he substantiate that claim? Is there some sort of profound evidence that no one else is aware of that points the finger at a coal based death and not a death caused by other factors? How does one separate that?

There is overwhelming evidence that wind installations are causing adverse health effects with symptoms serious enough that many families have had to abandon their homes. Some are living elsewhere, paying rent and utility costs while their home sits empty.

The symptoms come on after the startup of the wind facility and when the people are removed from the environment they get better. This appears to be a pretty definite link.

The Chief Medical Officer of Health made a claim based on a brief literature review that there is no link and yet she has not taken the time to contact any of the victims firsthand. That was hardly a thorough and heartfelt attempt at investigating the issue.

Even if the doctors that Mr. Forman represents agreed with his statement, would it not be more helpful and appropriate that a physician do no harm to anyone that is suffering? I doubt any reasonable doctor would let residents in wind farms suffer in favour of computer modelled statistics.

We need proper health studies on this issue and we need to remove the shameful political roadblocks. Families are hurting, pets are being affected and who knows the damage already caused to local wildlife. The McGuinty government needs to acknowledge there is a problem. The current setbacks and regulations are not working to protect the health of Ontario families.
We need third party independent health studies and we need them now. If they had been completed when these problems first surfaced, the situation could have been well on its way to being resolved.

Barbara Ashbee Orangeville, Ont.

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  1. Who is Gideon Forman?

    Acknowledging helath effects from IWTs could open the door to litigation.

    Also means the end of the IWT scam. It’s not politically expedient to do this. Makes the government look foolish.

  2. I have asked this a million times…………”if coal generation has supposedly killed anyone then where are the lawsuits against the coal Industry?………..”

    I’m sure if a Health Authority “confirmed” that my Father died from inhaling fumes from a Coal Plant then I would be suing the Government for millions!

  3. how do we get our elected officials in the U.S to see the error of their ways in pushing wind turbines and wanting to put them up everywhere? I know it’s a scam on the part of big business, but who else is getting paid off?

  4. Barbara,
    Gideon Forman is a man who speaks on behalf of members of CAPE. Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, who advocate shutting down of coal plants at any cost. He is not a doctor but he travels the province speaking on behalf of the group. He relies heavily on Dr. Kings review to back him up, as do all the proponents. (Not sure how many members are actually doctors or who they are. Can’t seem to find a membership list.)

  5. Only 250 people?

    Didn’t Dalton say thousands were dying every year from coal?

    Jezuz! Cars kill more then that yearly, a fact that is easily backed up by real data.

    Ban the car! Ban the car! Ban the car! Ban the car!

    Any takers?

    I thought not!

    Sean Holt.

  6. Sean:

    Maybe you can pass on this challenge to Dalton McGuinty and Dusley Do-Good.


    $10K Climate Challenge

    Peter Laux, Locomotive Engineman from Australia, “will pay $10,000 (AUS) for a conclusive argument based on empirical facts that increasing atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuel burning drives global climate warming.”

    See Peter Laux’s signed and authorized Statutory Declaration (affidavit) to this effect HERE.

    The Statutory Declaration is a legal and binding document: “a false declaration is liable to the penalties of perjury.” The authorising witness is Constable Jack Armstrong 37499 of the Victoria Police, Australia.

    As stated in the Statutory Declaration, all submissions for the “$10K Climate Challenge” must be made using the submitter’s true identity and must be submitted as a comment to the present Climate Guy blog post.

    It is understood that $10K (AUS) will be paid to the first person to send a complete submission. This challenge is open for 20 years from the date of this post.

    Warmists of the world: The ball is in your court. The $10K Climate Challenge is declared open.

    -Climate Guy


    I am sure they have the argument on the tip of their tongue.

    The we will know their actions are justified….


  7. Sure…

    It was only a short 5 years ago I to was convinced the sky was falling. All of the mass media were reporting on the “consensus” in the scientific community, the matter was settled and we were all doomed!

    However, my insatiable curiosity got the better of me as it often does and I expanded my own studies
    to include the science of paleontology, specifically paleo-climatology. Was In for a shocker! Suffice it
    to say, It gave me ample cause to shed my sheep’s clothing.

    My curiosity is still insatiable and now I have at my fingertips the sum of human knowledge; the good, the bad and the ugly, colloquially known as the internet!

    At some point, hopefully soon, those that would govern us will realize many have easy access to this both useful and harmful tool such that we are largely better informed then they are. The greenies had
    better realize this as well!

    Keep up the curiosity!

    Sean Holt.

  8. Thanks Hereugo,

    Sooner or later people will see through all the propagand that’s been fed to them all these years.

  9. josie,

    The situation is a little different in the States than it is in Ontario.

    In the States the privately owned electric companies were ordered to obtain a certain percentage of power from green energy/wind.

    Since the individual States ordered this,then each State’s elected officials will have to be held responsible. So organize on the State level first to get theses laws repealed.

    Next keep up the pressure on the Federal level as federal funds and laws are also involved. Talk to you Congress persons and make sure they have the TRUE information on these subjects. Senators as well.

    Point out the damage the greenies and eco-nuts have already done to the U.S.economy. The U.S. auto sector is a good place to begin. After all the eco-nuts are now demanding 62 mpg on U.S. auto sector and this should just about finish off North American domestic vehicle production.

    Last but not least keep up with the work being done in Ontario and encouage others to do the same. See if you can adapt the work being done here to your situations.

    Remind people that all CO2 jobs have to be eliminated to save planet earth.This the goal of the green movement.

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