Meaford Council passes moratorium on wind development

Harley Greenfield

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He voted for the moratorium because Opposition Leader Tim Hudak indicated if he was elected, Municipalities without a moratorium or resolution opposing wind turbines, will be left powerless over future development.

Meaford Council has put a moratorium on wind turbine development in their municipality. They voted 5 to 1 Monday night to accept the moratorium motion put forward by Deputy Elect Harley Greenfield.  It’s close to a similar motion that failed by a vote of 4 to 3 just a few months ago.

Councillor Greenfield says there’s just too many unanswered questions. Among those issue mentions health issues and compensation.

Greenfield says it should be an interesting meeting November 17th when International Power Canada holds a public meeting. The company is hoping to put 29 wind turbines up in the area between Annan and Balaclava. Known as the “Silcote Corners Wind project”, it is worth 130 to 140 million dollars.

Outgoing Councillor Jim McPherson says wind turbine development in Meaford is dead. He voted for the moratorium because Opposition Leader Tim Hudak indicated if he was elected, Municipalities without a moratorium or resolution opposing wind turbines, will be left powerless over future development.

So McPherson says he wanted to make sure one of the last things he does on council is to ensure Meaford isn’t one of them.

He predicts Hudak will be elected over Dalton McGuinty and he wants to hold him to that statement.

Outgoing Councillor Lynda Stephens wants to make it clear she’s not against wind turbines, but just against wind farms.

She doesn’t like the fact energy produced from turbines is shipped off to other areas and not the regions they occupy.

26 thoughts on “Meaford Council passes moratorium on wind development

  1. “Not against wind turbines, just against wind farms” Can someone please explain to me the difference? That’s like saying smoking is not addictive, only habit forming.
    Politicians will do anything to save the world except take a course in science and math.

  2. Well, whatever outgoing (yay!) councillor, Linda Stephens meant. YAY MEAFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well, truth be told (I am now ducking behind my desk) I am not against wind turbines per se either!

    I just have a real problem with 100 tonne rotating masses with 747 sized sub-woofers at one end sitting
    atop 110 meter megaphones embedded in 1000 tonnes of concrete that merrily spin (only when the wind is at a specific speed) evaporating money from my pocket against my will!

    The substantially smaller retail variety that owners fully fund themselves for their own advantage
    are perfectly fine! If I could afford one of these, I would have one of these! That is the way it SHOULD be!

    So, ya know, there are intelligent ways to employ wind turbines that don’t harm the environment, devastate economies and rob people’s hard earned money. The same way these have been employed
    before we ever heard of a “wind farm” OR of a Dalton McGuinty!

    Can I get up from behind my desk now?

    Sean Holt.

  4. Great….If all the counties and municipalites did the same thing McGuinty would be forced to deal with his FASCIST Green Energy Act….as it relates to rural Ontario….

  5. Wind Power is not Free, It is not Green, Nor is it Clean! Wind Power is the most costly Subsidized form of Electrical Energy in the USA. Over 25 years and billions of Federal and State funds wind energy produces less than 2% of US Electrical Energy.
    Wind Turbine blades, made of resins, epoxy, plastics are not bio-degradable according to a study done by Denmark Tech. Countries using wind turbines in 15 to 20 years will be left with the 125 foot blades that can’t be disposed of.
    Each wind turbine concrete base creates 250,000 pounds of CO2 according to Physicist John Droz,Jr. In Palm Springs, CA. where we have had wind turbines for over 25 years, 4000 of them, only supplies 2% of our electrical energy. Yet, the wind turbines have managed to change the landscape forever with disappearing species such as the bats. Please go to my website and view Episodes from my documentary, ‘They’re Not Green’.

  6. ~ 20 years or less we will be left with IWT brownfields with a huge & costly cleanup bill for the public to pay for.

    Take a look at the decaying industrial sites in some large U.S. cities. They are not cleaned up because of the huge costs involved.

    Owners just walked away and let their properties revert to the city. Can’t make them cleanup either. Public just stuck with them.

  7. Get your councils to request a moratorium!!!!!!!!!!
    Bush went down with his “You’re either for us or against us” philosophy, and so will McGuinty with his claim that anyone not hugging an Industrial Wind Turbine is a NIMBY.

  8. Perhaps local councils should also enact bylaws to prevent developers from creating industrial brownfields.

    Think most people know how much it costs to clean up a contaminated gas station site/brownfield.

    So just multiply this cost by the number of IWTs in your local area. Contaminated/toxic soil is very,very expensive to remove.

    Then what if the contamination gets into the surrounding ground water and then into neighbors wells.

  9. Hurrah for Meaford!! Every other municipality should follow. As Mark Davis says, they are FLOPPING MONUMENTS TO GOVERNMENT STUPIDITY. There needs to be an investigation into how the big corporations seem to be influencing our government. It seems that every politician wants to be remembered for something famous they did while in power, well McGuinty’s is not going to be for something he did good, it will be for everything he did BAD!!

  10. I agree totally with those who call this McGuinty government as ” fascist & non-representative of we average citizens” ! This whole ” Green Energy ” debacle adds to the ever-growing evidence that Dalton the Emperor ( in his own mind , that is ) has no clothes on ! His is a dangerous style of politics …slick & smarmy , full of soft promises & pie-in-the-sky solutions …using snake-oil salesmanship tinged with the religious fervor that some like …and targeted for the most part to the GTA audience of voters , who are too busy staying afloat to worry about we folks out in the hinterlands .
    McGuinty ,Fantino & Boniface ,etc have soured my belief in social justice & political accountability immensely ;I hope the backlash that seems to be building is real . The only real solution is to turf out “da bums” , as they say l

    Keep up the good fight ,people.

  11. IWT manufactured by Samsung in Korea. Service industry jobs created for the local boys and girls as the banksters come knocking when there’s pitifully little else made here (except for the House Builidng Army).

    Look the GREEN answer isnt INDUSTRIAL…its LOCAL and INDIVIDUAL scale. Its individual homes with solar (see company Ascent Solar Technology that fabricates pv thin films into building architecture…like handrails even).

    You want a wind turbine? See the rusting ones in some farm fields? Thats the scale, thats the blades.

    Industrial only means one thing….Industrialists. They sniff money. McGuinty’s laid out the buffet. His sardonic smile means he’s sleeping well at night in Rosedale. Too far from the whoosh whoosh of the spinning blades that might keep his family awake but close to his local bank branch.

  12. Here’s a thought!

    How about laying out a PEOPLE’S MANIFESTO that declares to any Political Party that wants our vote come October 6th/2011 that they sign this “DECLARATION” before one single vote is thrown their way!

    Item 1. STOP all WIND DEVELOPMENT IMMEDIATELY until there is a Peer Reviewed Health Study carried out by a Third Party to investigate the harmful effects of Wind Turbine Development on PEOPLE who live within the proximity of these Industrial Developments.

    Item 2. STOP all FUNDING of all NGO’s presently registered by the Ontario Government and force all NGO’s to re-apply for “active status” with tighter regulations for the work they do. Make one regulation a priority. “Show that each organization makes a positive difference in specific people’s lives and force these NGO’s to specify real numbers and real names when reporting!”

    Item 3. De-Register ALL LOBBY GROUPS presently operating within Ontario. Make every Lobby group re-apply for Registration under tighter rules, one of which should read: “Do you represent a group of human beings who will be better served by your “lobby efforts” and not an Industrial Group who will affect the Citizens of Ontario’s lives in a NEGATIVE WAY?”

    Item 4. AMEND the Green Energy Act to return all Planning Authority back to Municipal Council’s across Ontario so they can have the final say on where an Industrial complex can and will be built within their jurisdiction.

    Items 5, 6, 7 and beyond can be left up to the rest of the group to add to!

  13. Amend the Green Energy Act????

    Quixote; have the greenies broken you to?

    Is there something positive about industrial wind turbines that we have all missed?

    What aspect of the GEA is in any way good and worth keeping?

    It should be REPEALED!


    Sean Holt.

  14. Sean and others: The Green Energy Act will never get repealed!….it has been the end game for every Political Party since the 70’s……..

    I said AMEND!…………..give me complete authority to AMEND this Act for just one single hour and I’ll write so many amendments to it that it will basically mean NOTHING!

    That is the only way that this Act will be changed so that the Party in power at the time will be able to Amend the hell out of it yet keep their Industrial “masters” happy so they don’t lose all the bribe money and cash donations they need to stay in power!………… a PERFECT WORLD it would be abolished, but we are far from Perfect my friends!

  15. Quixote, I had a thought this morning (No, it didn’t hurt –much)

    Perfection is not a destination, it is a journey.

    Thusly, let’s start on the journey to make the GEA perfect!

    What say you?

    I know, I know, I should take up drinking. I would but the HST has pretty much made that option


    Sean Holt.

  16. NGOs should not have any public funding at all. Let them sustain themselves on private donations. If the public won’t support NGOs then let them fall by the wayside.

  17. Hear, hear Barbra!

    Hey! Does this mean we can get our stolen BILLIONS back from the car companies?

    Perish the thought!


  18. Yeah your right Sean……ABOLISH THE GREEN ENERGY ACT outright!…..there…….problem solved.

    Ha.I’ll drink to that!

  19. I have just been elected in Wainfleet township where we are going to have 6 of these blasted things foisted on us.
    At the public meeting IPC held last summer they stated that these turbines would provide enough energy to take 2600 homes off the grid. give me some ammunition folks to come back at them with when they have the next public meeting once they decide what locations they are going to put them at.

    In the meantime as a new councillor I will be making a valid attempt at getting some development charges put in place as well as having council call for a moritorium.

    Is there anything else I can do to save our community from this nightmare? I for one do not believe the claims IPC is making and when asked who was footing the bill for the erection of these darned things their response was that the investors ( read local well to do farmers) are coating the bill entirely, that the government was not kicking in anything but the contract for .13 cents/kWh for 20 years??????

    This isn’t right I must assume.
    Betty Konc

  20. Plus you can have your own public education meeting on the prominent themes, especially the health effects from noise and infrasound, effects on wildlife, legal implications for those who lease land to the developers.


    Betty the above sites are good at explaining how useless industrial wind turbines are when attached to the grid. The grid must match power produced with power used at all times to remain operational. A miss match can cause brown outs or black outs (complete failure). The intermittent power production of IWTs is not consistent with stabilizing the grid so backup power from another source is needed to keep the grid stable. IWTs cannot take any homes off the grid. That statement is a lie. Reliable power from traditional sources will always be up and running so little if any reduction in traditional power sources and fossil fuel consumption will be realized. More fossil fuel consumption is needed to produce stabilizing power to counteract the erratic producing wind power during high wind events. Traditional power generation, not wind power are needed to meet local needs. Exporting any wind power requires extra traditional (usually fuel) power to stabilize and this means producing extra power knowing it will be sold at a loss. A few weeks ago Ontario paid to have excess power, more power than that produced by wind alone, taken off the grid. A power grid operates more efficiently without the inclusion of IWTs. The bottom line: Industrial wind turbines are expensive pieces of junk and not a useful source of power for local grid systems. If someone says IWTs would take X homes off the grid ask which homes are not going to have power when the wind is not blowing?

  22. Re: Tim Hudak saying that municipalities without a moratorium/resolution against turbines would be helpless…

    What is this about? I do not understand on what he is basing this assertion.

  23. No blocking of the industry would be needed if there were no subsidies. IWTs need the subsidies to risk going forward.

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