Wind industry symposium presents research against turbines

Manitoulin Expositor

The first international symposium on the global wind industry and adverse health effects took place last week. Noise and health experts from around the world participated. Many municipalities sent representatives. Unfortunately, no-one from the Ontario government or the wind industry chose to attend.

The highlight of the conference was the presentation of Dr. Michael Nissenbaum’s controlled studies, which clearly indicate that the noise from wind turbines does indeed cause sleep disturbance and other health problems, even when located as far as two kilometres away. Acclaimed researcher Dr. Eric Salt presented groundbreaking work on how the ear responds to the low-frequency sound emitted by industrial wind turbines.

There are many arguments for and against how much impact industrial wind turbines have on communities in terms of the economy, environment and tourism. However, the myth that industrial wind turbines do not cause harmful health effects has now been laid to rest, according to these researchers. Governing bodies and industrial wind-turbine companies now have the information needed to create ethical policies around the placement of wind turbines.

A glossy brochure produced by Northland Power this summer, quotes the mayor of Iroquois saying, “Northland gets A+ as a neighbour.” I am urging Northland to be a good neighbour on McLean’s Mountain. Northland needs to work co-operatively with the families and communities who would be directly affected by the proposed turbines. Northland needs to show us that the locations of the proposed turbines are a minimum of 1,500 metres from our property lines. Northland needs to ensure that our well-being will not be jeopardized when we are in our homes, hunt camps, or dwellings.

Cathy Jeffery, Little Current

4 thoughts on “Wind industry symposium presents research against turbines

  1. Just curious…

    How far does the good mayor of Iroquios live from the nearest IWT?

    I’m guessing it’s many miles!

    Sean Holt.

  2. Had anyone from Ontario government attended the Symposium on health related issues due to wind turbines it would have been an open acknowledgement of concern on the part of the government. This could not be done as this is not politically expedient on the part of the government.

    For the government to acknowledge health related issues due to wind turbines would be the end of the wind turbines in Ontario.

  3. Did any Conservative attend? I would guess not,you cannot trust any of the parties,because it is all a party to them,money,money,money,spend spend spend. They all represent their own self serving agenda not for any of the hard working men and women in this province. The only reason they bitch at each others downfall and jump on that to be in the top party room.If Hudak really cares about the victims he would want to shut down all of them and do a true health study.I have not heard any of that yet,Correct me if i am wrong

  4. I asked the same thing of Hudaks’ campaigner when they called. Nothing very clear, and so neither was my pledge to vote for them.

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