Globalization said failing western economies

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Excerpt:  Clearly this policy fails to consider the demands flowing from such population expansion: Each new mouth has to be fed and with so few jobs around these new arrivals will rapidly become dependant on social services. They will consume electricity at a time when this Liberal government has embarked on a sure-to- fail program of wind generation. Huge multi-million dollar machine, as much as 350 feet in height, all made in foreign countries and erected on prime agricultural lands destroying its food production capacity and its beauty.

These machines are dependent on the wind, and so far guaranteeing wind, direction and velocity has not been achieved by man. When the wind strength is insufficient to generate adequate electricity, turbines, operated by carbon based fuels, are supplementing the wind operated electricity short fall. A costly and environmentally damaging solution to a flawed system.

The health effect on those living close to one of these wind turbines is not receiving the recognition it merits, People have been forced from their land by the electronic and sound vibration these devices create. Animals too are sensitive to these disturbances and have abandoned their habitats. Farm animals have been sold by their owners because of the deleterious health effects emanating from these machines. In one location in California 75 birds were killed by the whirling blades, five bald eagles and numerous hawks. In Ontario the bird death count includes all bird species and bats.

If this costly program could resolve our electricity demands it might be arguable that we should grin and bear it, despite the costs to health and environment, but that is unacceptable Wind generation is being abandoned all over Europe, because, at last, and millions of taxpayer’s dollars later, the people who gave the green light to this venture, have been forced to recognize that it is not working.

Before we blindly follow the mistakes of others, let us force our political masters to see their error and stop this madness immediately.

Ken Hayward, Mono

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  1. how come Queens Park doesn’t have any wind turbines? The Liberals aren’t leading by example,are they,or maybe Not In Their Back Yard

  2. IWTs ,like the ones in rural areas, are too dangerous to be near where lots of people come and go. Like in cities.

    With the blades spinning at ~ 300 kms/hr they can throw blade parts and ice for almost ~ 1.25 kms.

    Kinda fast isn’t it. Not much chance of being able to duck anything coming at you from one of these machines.

  3. “as much as 350 feet in height…” Try 626 feet which is what they’re trying to do to us because there is NO WIND HERE.
    Excellent letter: we need more outraged citizens speaking up.

  4. do these guys think were all a bunch of dumb hicks, anyone with a brain can see that wind turbines are using up land that will be needed in the years to come. They call it progress but I call it a threat to our homes and the future development of our farms and communities.

  5. The same problems exist with solar. Inefficient, poor density ratios of energy and land use and still needs fossil fuel back up. Now it’s farmers who are putting up the capital for these, with companies leaving them high and dry with tracking units not functioning, units falling over because of poor installations, exposed steel parts rusting, outdated PVC technology which will need to be updated in a couple of years. The Gold rush mentality still exists out there all because we are so easily led into thinking that this will have a positive impact on our economy and environment.

  6. The costly Industrial Wind Turbine industry is a billion dollar drain on every economy it has regulated itself into. The slick wind propaganda and media campaign cannot hide those facts forever.

  7. Ken,

    Inthe 5 years that I have been struggling to stop the erection of any more Industrial Wind Turbines [IWT’s], I haven’t made enough headway.

    What are your plans to succeed?

  8. If the masses could only grasp the magnitude of the deception…

    The energy density of all “green energy” sources even combined, is so miniscule when compared to
    that which is currently employed, one is forced to wonder why these are even being considered, let alone embraced. Humanity largely abandoned wind over a hundred years ago for good reason.

    There can only be one answer: Fraud!

    Now to be rational, we cannot continue our wasteful ways. Not surprisingly, the answer lies in the problem –waste. Were we to simply take that which we now consider waste and reconsider it as fuel
    we would solve the very problems practitioners of the “green fear” use to ply their worthless trade.

    I’m talking about waste-to-energy, dried sewage sludge fuel pellets, and that greatest oxymoron of them all –“spent” nuclear fuel. All of these are far more effective then any green scrap! Even conservation is 25 times more effective, this according to the biggest consumers of “green” booze there is –The IPCC! Even better, conservation IS FREE!

    I can go on ad-infinitum on this topic however, the information is available in the public domain. Sad the public chooses to remain ignorant.

    But then, public ignorance is how Dalton McGuinty got elected in the first place and how he was so easily green washed.


    Breaking Wind.

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