Can’t fool all the people all of the time

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In looking over the Renewable Energy Matters — Campaign Outline by the Sussex Strategy group mentioned in Christina Blizzard’s column, I noticed the campaign platform to “confuse” the public and the media is now in play.

The Sussex “platform” admits that the “50,000 green jobs” promised to us in the Green Energy Act (GEA) have not materialized -and with the World Trade Organization raising red flags about the 30% Ontario content rule many of those may never be realized.

The Sussex “platform” also states that our 2012 hydro bills will increase 36% over our 2009 hydro bills. It goes on to say, “In order to talk past the ‘noisy activists’ and editorial positions, there needs to be a coordinated paid, earned and social media campaign. This should be both reactive and proactive.”

It is interesting to note that other countries have scrapped or are in the process of scrapping subsidized alternative electricity rates similar to Ontario’s program because of drastic economic losses. For instance, in Spain, one study found 2.2 jobs were lost for every one green job that was created. VESTAS, a Dutch manufacturer, announced recently that it will lay off 3,000 workers due to lower than expected sales of industrial wind turbines.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

DEBBIE LYNCH    RR 2, Norwood

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    I am not looking forward to dealing with this for fifty years. at which time my taxes will most likely be used to take these dumb things down again.

  2. has an article titled “Wind Energy Jobs: A Slow Go” 11 Nov.,10 from a Minnesota newspaper.

    Scroll down to last paragraph where it is estimated that wind turbines produce 1 job for every 14 megawatts of power.

  3. I think all parties that are elected must be liable for all damages done to the population that it harms. Have their own insurance and be accountable for any damage they in-cure with any acts or laws that they introduced that are damaging peoples lives. including jail time or better yet community service like helping to take down all the Wind Turbines piece by piece. And not allowed to ever run for politics again. That includes tax payers money that they misspent or improperly invested. And no more outside corporate influences which always leads to corruption

  4. PrairieWinds Development,Minot,N.D.

    77 wind turbines & 8 employees.

    Original project was 80 GE 1.5 MW SLE ESS Model S to produce 120 megawatts.

    So 1 job for every 14 megawatts. Source: Mankato Free Press,Mankato,MN 11 Nov.,10

    See PrairieWinds Development website.

    U.S. wind turbine technician salary $36,000 – $46,000 per year. Just Google for this information.

    It’s critical for the general public to know how many jobs wind turbines will produce and what wages to expect.

    The government goal is to confuse the public with mis-information.

  5. “Can’t fool all the people all of the time”

    …but you can fool most of the politicians most of the time — and that’s good enough.

    Or is it just the money?

  6. P.T.Barnum was right….about suckers who vote for Liberals….and the NDP…Samsung likely has lots of new jobs after the Ontario Liberals …gave them a $7 Billion Turbine Contract (UNTENDERED)…with no job guarantees for Ontario…

    We need to see the details of this travesty of a contract…..

  7. Premier Dalton McGuinty, Minister Brad Duguid and Minister John Wilkinson should talk about the companies that will leave the Province of Ontario due to ridiculously high energy costs due to the Green Energy Act and a Cap n Trade System in Ontario….as these policies will lead to more job losses…..instead of new Green FAKE Jobs….

    The only jobs that the Ontario Liberals create are non-productive, non-value-added jobs in the public service….

  8. If the data from the PraireWinds,Minot,N.D. of 77 wind turbines with 8 employees needed to run them,then can we say about 1 employee for every 10 turbines?

    So if Ontario installs 7000 wind turbines would that be 700 employees needed to run them after installation? But we could be generous and double that number to 1400 jobs/employees.

    Then the number of employees needed to maintain the transmission lines needs to be determined. Can anyone provide an estimate of the number of jobs needed for this?

  9. In the documents for Harrow wind I think it’s only 1 full time employee for 40MW, and that person is probably in Toronto on a computer

  10. Bd,

    Thanks for the information. The issue/issues of wind turbines providing lots of full time good paying jobs needs to be expanded on.

    So 1 employee for 40 MW is far less than 1 employee for every 14 MW at the PrairieWind at Minot,N.D.

  11. Bd,

    Forgot to ask how many KMS of transmission lines were installed for the Harrow wind turbine project and who paid for these lines?

    Also who is paying for the maintenence on these transmisson lines and how much does this cost per year?

    Can other areas add their information on jobs and costs?

  12. Harrow is connected directly to Hydro One. We are paying through our distibution rates as far as I know. Because Harrow was broken down into 4 small RESOP’s I was told by Hydro One that we can’t be given any info because of privacy issues.

  13. Bd,

    Has freedom of information been tried?

    From the infromation you have been ALLOWED to have Hydro One paid for the transmission lines.

    How nice of the people to pay for this in their Hydro bills!

    Is this the same all over Ontario in regards to who pays for the transmission lines?

    Great way to hide the true costs from those who pay the bills. Just tell the people they have no right to such information.

  14. One of the reasons that wind turbine development is being pursued east of the city of Toronto (north-south line) is that there is spare transmission capacity. The wind conditions are marginal at best in eastern Ontario — south-western Ontario is better for wind development (although still marginal in most areas) — especially near the lake shores. Hence the people of Lindsay, Orono, Clarington and Ottawa will be blessed with turbines simply to hook up to spare capacity. Any turbines that are erected in eastern Onatrio should be the larger variety with larger sails since the wind is typically 6 m/s or less.

    So for SW Ontario — we need more transmission lines anyway — but we really would be better off putting in new lines for nuclear, coal and hydro power stations — but we blew our money giving away development tax subsidies to wind developers — and then we paid the production subsidies. Well maybe the bright side is that they will provide enough donations to pay for the next election campaign… and enough advertising to confuse us — so it won’t hurt so much.

  15. Bd,

    Even if you didn’t get a response to a freedom of information request for Harrow power production you would have something in writing from Hydo One. Every little bit counts.


    This is the link to the ESR for Harrow. It also stats that there will need 6 full time employees for 40mw, but a later link I read I’m sure said 1. That I’m still looking for.Below is about the connection.

    Power generated at the Harrow Wind Farm will be first directed to a switching station on-site and then to the
    local grid. The Hydro One 27.6-kV line runs along Essex County Road 8, north of the Town of McGregor,
    following an east-west axis and reaches the Town of Essex. The Harrow Wind Farm will interconnect at the
    Disputed Road Transformer Station and the Anderdon Transformer Station.

  17. BD,

    So 6/40 MW at Harrow is another useful figure. But maybe you will find the document with only 1/40 MW.

    So Samsung project of 120 MW would be 20 jobs or 6/120 employees.

    Not the thousands of full time jobs as promised.

  18. BD,
    Just read the above council minutes. So $150,000/year plus 2% of gross revenues goes to Town of Essex for the 20 turbine Harrow project.

    All paid for by Hydro customers via their bills.

    Of course the transmission lines cost for this project is not mentioned.

  19. No Barbara, that’s what our smart councillor wanted,and it didn’t pass. go further and see we got $1,500×24 for 10 years

  20. BD,

    Only read the first 6 pages. What about the 2% of gross from the project?

    So the developers got money for the project plus the transmission lines.

    Big,big dollars for only 6 full time jobs?

  21. Nope, didn’t get that either. All we got was $1,500 x24 for 10 years of a 40 year agreement. They get to use our roads and right-of-ways for free, some of the poles were put in a ditch so they didn’t have to pay a farmer for the use ot the land.

  22. Most of the Essex Councilors did everything short of getting down on their knees for the wind company.

    They were told they’d be “the leader” in renewable energy in Ontario so they ran like silly dogs chasing a carrot.

  23. Am assuming that some of the road right-of-ways are county roads?

    So some farmers were paid for easments to cross their property. Who paid for the easments?

    It’s good to bring as much financial infromation to light as possible.

    Noisy Activist, did they ever even consider the cost per job for the Essex wind turbine projects?

  24. Yes Barbara, some of the right-of-ways are county and they are getting paid. I don’t know how much as the county isn’t saying, but the agreement is for 20 years

  25. How do these people get away with this secret stuff all the time?

    Maybe some FOI requests would wake them up.

  26. ‘“In order to talk past the ‘noisy activists’ and editorial positions, there needs to be a coordinated paid, earned and social media campaign. This should be both reactive and proactive.”’

    CanWEA sponsored a quarter-page ad in the Nov. 20, 2010 edition of The Peterborough Examiner which would be part of the “coordinated paid” campaign all the members of the “Sussex Strategy Group” are waging now.

    We all need to write “Letters to the Editor” of all of our newspapers. If one published “Letter to the Editor” receives ‘push back’ to the tune of a quarter-page ad in that paper, we will definitely be hitting the “Sussex Strategy” folks in their pocketbooks.

    A couple of quarter-page sized ads in some of our larger papers would cost them a pretty penny!

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