Green energy will be expensive

by Harvey Wrightman
Greenhouse Canada

Don McCabe’s attempt (Sept. 24, 2010) to explain rising power costs in Ontario fails to account for the doubling of power costs that will occur by late 2011/early 2012, according to energy consultant Tom Adams. So, in about eight years, the average increase is nine per cent per year. Bad as that may seem, if more “green” contracts are signed, it will be worse.

In the case of wind generation, the common assumption of energy providers is that thermal (coal or gas) backup of 92 per cent capacity is needed. In effect, two systems are built where only one is required.

Adams correctly noted that money will also be wasted building the transmission lines to bring the widely scattered “green” projects to the grid, money that would be better spent on upgrading the distribution lines in the rural areas and the cities; stray voltage is very much a problem.

Locally, the 115KV line that runs from Lambton to London, and which was built some 50-plus years ago, is in very bad shape. There are poles with ground wires deliberately cut, bent back and stapled to the poles due to non-operative ground rods. This puts extra load on the remaining grounds and leads to significant current leakage. In one pasture, the cattle would not graze within 80 feet of the line.

The Green Energy plan is a case of “cart before the horse,” which only beggars the service to customers it should provide.

McCabe may bet his dollars on wind turbines – but not mine. I prefer customer benefits.

7 thoughts on “Green energy will be expensive

  1. 16 billion $$ for the new transmission lines to carry all the Fake Green Power should put our electricity rates up a we bit more than just 9% a year!…hows double in two to three years?…………

  2. And let’s not forget that the OFA is a member of the Green Energy Alliance–that is–one of the “members” of the Sussex Strategy Group “campaign” to fight against all of the ‘noisy activists’.

    Don McCabe of the OFA has written a number of articles speaking highly of the Green Energy Act in various publications.

    “Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

  3. Thermal backup was busy yesterday. According to the ” ieso” website , wind production was way down, producing a mere 8MW of the total nameplate capacity of 1085MV during one measured hour. Is this not a record? Will the media report this? ( ya right…as if)
    I hope those living near the turbines get a well deserved rest!

  4. Ed:

    8MW is not a record.

    Zero (0) is the “record — except it gets hit numerous times of the year. As a matter of fact most of the IWT’s spend their time generating close to zero output.

    Check out Ontario Wind Performance — click on my name.

    I have an article in section 3.1 of the table of contents. It will not amuse you.

  5. Thanks David. 8MV was the total for all of Ontario with Prince Farm( S.S.Marie) producing 6MV of the total. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at these numbers. I’ve been lost for words that don’t contain profanity for months now at this sinking (I mean stinking) fiberal gov’t . They discuss me to no end!!!
    I’ll check out your website…thanks.

  6. David:

    I read the article 3.1…very informative…thank-you. However, you are wrong about one thing. I AM amused. VERY amused indeed!!
    Now I have Sean Holt’s favorite Bruce Cockburn song stuck in my head!!! You know the one…

  7. Green energy is far from green
    To be truly “green” generating facilities require a small foot-print with maximum high density power output.
    Industrial wind turbine factories provide neither.

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