Solar farm no fit project

The story in The Tribune regarding Welland’s outgoing mayor celebrating the prospect of a Chinese manufacturing plant being brought into Welland is yet another example of why of all people, politicians should have absolutely no part in making business decisions.

The FIT programme was introduced by the provincial government to support their Green Energy Act, as the only way to encourage ‘investment’ in their badly planned alternative energy industries before the government itself had ever bothered to investigate whether solar, and its ‘partner’ wind, actually met any energy supply requirements or made any long term economic sense. Sadly for the citizen and taxpayer it relies totally on subsidizing the alternative energy companies with, as yet, uncollected taxes.

Under the FIT programme, solar energy companies will receive up to at least an eight times per unit more return on their ‘investments’ than the existing and current hydro suppliers in Ontario receive.

This makes little or no sense, even with regard to reimbursing Canadian companies and citizens. Why should the Canadian taxpayer support private companies’ profit lines without any return?

To even think of guaranteeing foreign companies their profits, European, Korean and now China, defies any concept of any intelligent, economical plan where Canada’s interests are concerned.

Both solar and wind power do produce energy. Unfortunately all the worldwide experience so far proves beyond doubt that both are amongst the most ineffective, inefficient, and by far the most expensive methods of producing energy.

To promote foreign companies and their profits in an attempt to encourage these failing alternative energy concepts can serve only to ensure an ever increasing tax burden on the Canadian taxpayer.

And the environmentally friendly bit? Any idea how much of a solar panel is produced by carbon emissions?

What do you do with the acres of good agricultural land covered by solar ‘farms’?

The possible environmental harm caused by the electrical and magnetic fields produced by these solar ‘farms’ is not seen as important by your provincial government. And quite frankly, they’re an eyesore!

Andrew Watts, Wainfleet

9 thoughts on “Solar farm no fit project

  1. Finally eyes are opening across the land to the huge Scam that McGuinty has tried to pull on Ontario Citizens…………….

    The good people of Ontario are governed by thousands of Laws from spitting on the sidewalk to using a cell phone while operating vehicles………YET, McGuinty can displace people from homes, cause others to basically go broke from inflated Electricity pricing and destroy people’s Health with unwanted Wind Turbine placements and all he has to do is hide inside a Pink Fortress to protect him from any criminal charges!

  2. Isn’t it amazing that we’re all in this boat together, even though I live in the country next door( U.S.) It’s about time that people are waking up to the corrupt politicians and big business. I just hope we can all get these eyesores stopped before they’ve gone too far.

  3. A sad commentary to realize that even if our eyes were “wide open” universally, we would still be stuck with not ONE SINGLE HONEST POLITICIAN in the mix today!

    If there is, can someone point him/her out to me?

    I challenge every person reading this to provide what they would call an “Honest Politician” to be posted here and their reason why they would claim that they were HONEST!

    Kinda makes your “head hurt” when going through your database to dig one up eh?

  4. The reason why our governments continue to provide oodles of public loot to foreign corporations
    has nothing to do with governance or democracy, but rather greed and selfishness.

    In the industrialized, democratic world, democratic government of the people was usurped for
    dictatorial government of industry long ago. The overwhelming majority of leaders of governments
    were in industry’s pocket long before they became leaders of governments.

    Years ago, governments at least made an attempt to disguise this fact. That is no longer. It has now become in-your-face blatant!

    The people are largely seen as nothing more then a source of wealth for the disingenuous, megalomaniacal, pure, evil greed that has become the global corporate world, most especially the touters of anything green.

    The strategy document out of The Sussex Strategy Group that came to public light just this week proves my assertions beyond any reasonable doubt.

    Obviously, at least to those of us paying the bill, if something cannot exist without massive and unending subsidy then it should not exist at all. This is an apt description of industrial green energy.

    Breaking Wind.

  5. The expression ‘honest politician’
    has become an oxymoron. Better
    measurement of politico’s these
    days is not who is the most honest,
    it is who is the most opportunistic.

  6. Just because something produces power does not make it good to attach to the grid. Lightning produces power and is not being harnessed to the grid for a reason. Industrial wind is no different other than it is hardly worth the effort. In the end there is no power gain and never will be. Solar is just too expensive (environment and economic) and too weak to make much of a contribution to grid power. In the end what is needed is 100% capacity of on-demand reliable power generating sources of which wind and solar are neither. There is no other choice if power is to be available. Putting wind and solar on the grid serves only one purpose. To increase costs to consumers.

  7. josie

    Cap & Trade would be law now in the U.S if it weren’t for a few senators who could not be persuaded by the greenies. Said to have poured ~20 million into lobbying efforts but couldn’t even change one senate vote of those opposed.

    So there is hope. There are many U.S. elected officials who don’t want the U.S. economy to be damaged.

  8. In England the media have caught on to the scam. Here only the regional papers write any copy…

    The climate change scare is dying, but do our MPs notice?

    “The collapse of the warmist position on climate change has not impinged on politicians in Britain or Brussels, says Christopher Booker.”

    “Any hope that we could begin to meet such a target without closing down most of our economy is as fanciful as the idea that we can meet our EU commitment to generate 30 per cent of our electricity by 2020 from “renewable” sources, such as wind and solar.

    It was recently reported that farmers are rushing to cash in on the ludicrous subsidies which could earn them £50,000 a year for covering 35 acres of their fields with solar panels bought from China. These yield, on average, only 8 per cent of their capacity. Last year, all the solar panels in Britain generated an average 2.3 megawatts, barely 1/500th of the output of a single medium-sized coal-fired power station. Yet our Government wants us to pour billions of pounds into this scheme, just when Spain, Germany and Australia have drastically reduced their own solar subsidies, because the billions they lavished on them turned out to be a total waste of money for virtually no return.

    Our Government also wants us to pay £100 billion through our electricity bills for thousands more wind turbines over the next 10 years, with another £40 billion to hook them up to the grid. Yet it’s predicted that by 2013, thanks to soaring costs and technical problems, orders for turbines will have fallen by 93 per cent. “

  9. Damn the torpedoes [of truth] full wind ahead!


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