Renewable Resource Transmission Developments in Ontario

5 thoughts on “Renewable Resource Transmission Developments in Ontario

  1. Why aren’t these people in JAIL?

    Who wrote this?…notice the last word?………….
    “Stay Tune”

    Hey Bob….should read “Tuned!”………………We aren’t totally “Korean” yet!

  2. I got to 260MW of samsung wind in Essex county and can’t go any further. We’ll look like a rotating scrap yard as it is with all the other turbines we are getting. I feel like Quixote writes. We need to turf the unethical bums off their seats. Duncan, Crozier and Pupatella need a wake up call. We don’t want your friends in our neighbourhoods. Take a hike

  3. This government will spend us into bankruptcy before long. Will there be legally binding legislation that contains them to the $500/kw limit? If not, this is a guidline that surely will be broken, not that this limit would be much consolation. The PCs should hire some forensic accountants to see where the money is flowing. There must be more money flowing than the few thousands mentioned in one of the previous wc bulletins.

  4. Duncan is quoted in saying “What’s ignored is the $8 billion in repairs necessary to a poorly maintained power grid and the need for more generation capacity to avoid brownouts and blackouts, ” Look on page 10 of this report by B.Chow of the OPA.

    “Therefore, the primary driver for transmission development in the next 5-7 years is to facilitate the connection and delivery of renewable resources.”
    So which is it McGuinty???

  5. Yeah Rural Grubby, that was the same 2 and 2 that I put together today. Maybe they are confused…oh, yeah, they are supposed to be confusing us…

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