OBWF sends thousands of letters of opposition to Wilkinson

Overwhelming community response including thousands of documents expressing strong opposition to wind industrialization of the Belwood area. (Springwood Wind farm proposed by wpd Canada Corporation) 
Janet Vallery President of OBWF signing letter to John Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment, stating “residents and representatives are solidly unified in opposition to the attempt to industrialize our community with wind turbine projects.  We respectfully request that you listen to these concerns and deny approval to wpd’s Springwood project and other projects in the area.”

8 thoughts on “OBWF sends thousands of letters of opposition to Wilkinson

  1. How was the letter campaign organized? This is what we need in Palm Springs, CA. We are over run with thousands of Wind Turbines that produce little electrical energy and have permanently damaged the desert landscape. I have made a documentary, ‘They’re Not Green’ that shows this disaster. The politicians here and our media are bought off by the wind power developers. Contact me at thrnotgreen@me.com Visit my website to see Episodes http://web.me.com/thrnotgreen/thrnotgreen

  2. I fear this letter writing campaign will end up where most do -in the nearest shredder!

    If only our representatives in government actually represented us!

    Instead they resent us for clouding their grandiose schemes!


  3. Hand written letters are generally better received than e-mails. I would not under estimate the effect this will have. Well done residents of Belwood! We need concrete unified expressions as residents of our opposition. This fits the bill.

  4. Nettie Pena,

    Do you have soil contamination problem caused by the wind turbines in and around Palm Springs,CA.

    If so, can you please supply details of your situation with soil contamination.

    You need to start a local organization made up of fellow residents and then undertake various projects such as letter writing. This takes time but it does work.

  5. It is an accepted credo of the government to assess each letter as being representative of 100 individuals. So letters are a very powerful way for governments to assess the mood of the populace. They do take your letters very seriously and they are documented. Writing letters of concern and cc a copy to the leader of the oppositions as a method of assurance that your opinion will be of record.

    If you don’t communicate to these government people, they will assume you are in agreement, because so far they have only heard the voices in their heads telling them what to do.

  6. James…. you are assuming “they” can read?? Maybe we should be sending letters with picture cartoons.

  7. Nettie, I winter in Yuma and travelled through Palm Springs last spring on the way back to Ontario with the impression that the area you live was going to be an oasis of beauty. The mix of wind farms, some outdated and looking more like very visible junkyards is quite the eyesore. Good luck to you and your cause!

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