Green Poverty: Gordon Miller’s Energy Vision

Citizens in Ontario should be concerned that our Environmental Commissioner has sacrificed his independence and would lead us into green poverty.

Tom Adams Energy

Gordon Miller, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, is blackening his office, shilling for the McGuinty government’s now dying Green Energy Act.

On July 21st, Miller issued a press release decrying the government’s decision to reduce rates paid to ground-mounted solar developers. Having not participated in the review process underpinning the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) decisions that pegged the value of power from small solar developments at the outrageous price of 80.2 cents/kWh, Miller used the powers of investigation given to him by the Environmental Bill of Rights, to demand that the OPA disclose the financial details it used to calculate then proposed lower price. The continued ground-mounted solar gold rush after the price decrease proves that the new price is still profitable.  Read the entire article here

14 thoughts on “Green Poverty: Gordon Miller’s Energy Vision

  1. There is no doubt that Gord Miller is an intelligent person…


    Commissioner Miller received his BSc. (Hon.) in Biology from the University of Guelph in 1976 and his M.Sc. in Plant Ecology in 1978. He was born March 27, 1953.

    Before his appointment, he worked for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for 14 years as a scientist, manager of training and development, and as a district manager. He has direct experience with numerous environmental issues, including approval and inspection activities, municipal sewage, drinking water, solid waste management, hazardous waste, noise, air pollution and land use planning.


    The question I have is this…

    How does the education provided in the gaining of an MSc in Plant Ecology provide you with the tools to understand power generation and transmissions grids.? I dunno. Help me out here.

    It looks to me like Gord Miller is providing advocacy — not leadership.

    I have no doubt thet people can educate themselves on new issues and gain new expertise. Many people with the native intelligence and a willingness to learn can develop a cross discipline and expertise in areas that are unrelated too their original education. It can be tougher in the hard physical sciences I agree — like electrical engineering in particular because oft the math requirements.

    It would be nice to see Gord Miller develop some expertise in Power Generation. I have yet to see any evidence that he has made the effort to develop the math, engineering and material sciences knowledge to comment intelligently in this field. His inability to cope with the financial mathematics is another detractor. Hopefully he will learn to be silent rather than open his mouth again — and remove all doubt as to his starus…

  2. David.

    He quite obviously has chosen to ignore anything and everything he ever learned about environment as well.

    I am often incredulous at the ability of formally trained scientists to ignore the scientific method when critiquing topics outside their own areas of expertise. Had Mr. Miller applied this to industrial green energy generally and industrial wind energy specifically, he unlikely would be so comfortable behind the microphone on camera.

    Maybe he did. It is quite possible that after such a long time in his company, he has become infected with “Dalton disease”.

    For this, I don’t believe a cure exists!


  3. Having heard Gord Miller speak in person I have always been of the opinion that he is more a performer than a scientist and that his background has merely made him glib.

    Intelligence, as I define it, is the ability to use education and experience wisely.

    Opting for faith over fact is not a wise move for a scientist.

  4. Does anybody think that perhaps Gord Miller’s personal investment portfolio or maybe other consulting contracts are heavily invested in green technologies including wind and solar?

  5. A ray of sunshine in a stormy world…


    The Senate’s decision to vote down a climate change bill before a UN meeting in Mexico has angered the NDP, with one MP calling it “another ambush move” by the Harper government.

    “I’m still reeling from the shock, but after no debate, no consideration at all, all of a sudden in another ambush move by Stephen Harper, the Senate voted yesterday to kill the climate change [bill] without debate,” said Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay-Superior North.

    Bill C-311, which was voted down late Tuesday 43-42, would have called on the government to establish five-year plans to meet greenhouse gas emission targets by 2050, according to Senator Grant Mitchell, the author of the bill in the Senate.

    The speaker of the Senate, Noel Kinsella, voted against the bill, which had been passed in May by the House and went to the Senate for final approval.

    “Killing Bill C-311 shows a fundamental lack of respect for the many Canadians who care deeply about climate change. They had a right to have this bill debated properly,” Mitchell said in a release.


    Passing it would have shown that they take us for fools. Which is worse?

  6. A change in climate change legislation?

    Say it ain’t so David, say it ain’t so!

    And here I thought the light at the end of the tunnel was out because it was night and the wind died!

    Thanks for turning it back on!

    Fools indeed!



  7. Anyone who “supports” McGuinty and his failed Energy policy does it for one reason!

  8. Congratulations to the Senate!!!

    They have heard the people who do not want the economy of Canada destroyed.

    Don’t think that the foes of wind turbines haven’t been heard as far as Ottawa because they have been heard loud and clear.

  9. Bill C-311, symbolic with no substance.
    Never have been a big fan of the Senate,
    but kudos for those Senators that:
    a) showed up to vote
    b) stayed awake long enough to vote.

  10. Green Policy! Redistribute the wealth…


    “Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.

    Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 14 November 2010

    Interview: Bernard Potter

    NZZ am Sonntag: Mr. Edenhofer, everybody concerned with climate protection demands emissions reductions. You now speak of “dangerous emissions reduction.” What do you mean?

    Ottmar Edenhofer: So far economic growth has gone hand in hand with the growth of greenhouse gas emissions. One percent growth means one percent more emissions. The historic memory of mankind remembers: In order to get rich one has to burn coal, oil or gas. And therefore, the emerging economies fear CO2 emission limits.

    But everybody should take part in climate protection, otherwise it does not work.

    That is so easy to say. But particularly the industrialized countries have a system that relies almost exclusively on fossil fuels. There is no historical precedent and no region in the world that has decoupled its economic growth from emissions. Thus, you cannot expect that India or China will regard CO2 emissions reduction as a great idea. And it gets worse: We are in the midst of a renaissance of coal, because oil and gas (sic) have become more expensive, but coal has not. The emerging markets are building their cities and power plants for the next 70 years, as if there would be permanently no high CO 2 price.

    The new thing about your proposal for a Global Deal is the stress on the importance of development policy for climate policy. Until now, many think of aid when they hear development policies.

    That will change immediately if global emission rights are distributed. If this happens, on a per capita basis, then Africa will be the big winner, and huge amounts of money will flow there. This will have enormous implications for development policy. And it will raise the question if these countries can deal responsibly with so much money at all.

    That does not sound anymore like the climate policy that we know.

    Basically it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization. The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War. Why? Because we have 11,000 gigatons of carbon in the coal reserves in the soil under our feet – and we must emit only 400 gigatons in the atmosphere if we want to keep the 2-degree target. 11 000 to 400 – there is no getting around the fact that most of the fossil reserves must remain in the soil.”


    All hail the new emperor!

  11. Wealth redistribution and globalization!

    The people of Africa will benefit DAMN LITTLE! Their corrupt dictatorial leaders will though!

    Much like they are today!

    And China gets richer and more powerful by the minute!


  12. From the link in David’s post above:

    “What we need to look for is an oasis that is the non-carbon global economy.”

    We already have that!

    They are called: Integral Fast Breeder Reactors!

    All of the pollution free energy, all of humanity will ever need for all of eternity. OK maybe not eternity just somewhere between 5 and 20 BILLION years!

    If it wasn’t for these eco-nut-green-bastards, we would have this non-carbon oasis already!

    I can with a straight face, assert that; after twenty years of effort I have found solutions to ALL of humanities problems save two:


    To paraphrase the great Duck Dodgers: “WE’RE DOOMED!”


  13. Quotes from George Orwell…

    “Political chaos is connected with the decay of language… one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end. ”

    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. ”

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ”

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. ”

    “Big Brother is watching you. ”


    Support our Liberal Government in their efforts to re-write the History books.

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