International Power holds fake public consultation, crowd angered

by Don Crosby   Owen Sound Sun Times    VIEW VIDEO

Attempts by sign waving opponents to a wind energy project in Meaford to take over a public information meeting lasted only a few minutes before quietly dispersing.

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4 thoughts on “International Power holds fake public consultation, crowd angered

  1. its the same old thing at every meeting with any company, they will not answer any questions and basically ignore any opossing veiw about these projects. The people running these meetings are nobodys who don’t take any responsability for anything. so in the end it seems that nothing is getting done.
    Friends we will not give up, althogh it seems as though nothing is getting done belive me it is.
    Everyday more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers assoiated with wind farms and everyday our voice gets louder.
    McGuinty is hearing us and i don’t know how he sleeps at night but soon we will be loud enough that he can’t and won’t till our demands are considered.

  2. As clearly stated by Ansar Gafur, “People may not agree with the wind farm, people may not agree with the project. That’s what we’re here to hear, that’s what we’re here to discuss”. Hah!

    During the summer of 2010, Ansar Gafur sent a letter to some of the residents in Pointe-aux-Roches (Stoney Point). Since I did not receive a copy of the letter, I sent the following email to him on Sept. 30. I have never received a response:

    To Ansar Gafur – I recently became aware from a neighbour that this past summer, your company sent to her, what is in my opinion a most unwelcomed letter regarding the imminent invasion of industrial wind turbines by the company you represent. Despite the fact that I own two homes in this village, I received no such letter sent to either address. Nevertheless, I am responding to your offer to contact you with any questions or concerns.

    IPC’s website invites visitors : To view the details of our Environmental Studies and due diligence for each of our projects, click here.

    I would like to know why there is no environmental study listed for your Pointe-aux-Roches “project” on this website, despite reading in your letter that you received notice of completion of the required assessments in June 2009.

    How can we, whose life and property values are to be affected by this industrialization of our rural village, have any faith that your company did its “due diligence”, when there is still no information on the IPC website about this particular project?

    Lastly, I would like to know, unless it was an oversight on your part, did your company have a specific rationale for not sending the afore-mentioned letter to all residents? I am asking this because I’ve read that industrial wind developers encounter no real resistance in Essex County. Are all Essex County residents made aware of these incursions before it is too late?

  3. Thanks for reiterating that his company wasn’t here to answer issues about health and Industrial Wind Turbines!!!!
    What does he think is residents main concern?

  4. I have been to several of this placard placed info meetings and have read the article and watched the video on the Meaford meeting with IPC.

    It comes to mind the rationale for this style of meeting is to get everyone separated to one or two people at a time, leaving not enough time to ask questions of persons at each display.

    It seems to me the only way to break this formula these companies have for what they term is a pubhlic meeting, would be to coordinate the whole group of concerned citizens at one placard with one representative at a time. Elect a spokesperson or have one concerned citizen at a time aks a question for the representative to answer at that placard forcing him to address the whole group.

    That is called turning the table on them. When notices of a meeting go out in advance, the instructions to do so could be included.

    The is the reversal of the divide and conquer approach.

    I gladly post placards at my home/farm and purchase and give them away to willing neighbours for display, but I am not for placard waving, but respect those brave enough to so.
    I do always worry about the danger of inflitration by those seeking to subvert and criminalize the grassroot efforts.

    I think subterfuge at the meeting might work better. Pretend, as a group, as suggested above and try to draw these people out, perhaps let their guard down. Tape recorders up front would be good (not too upfront) but perhaps even in the middle of a speech someone could say, “Do you mind if we record this to be sure we have it straight.” See what reaction you might get!

    Of course they would not want this on record — but then again a reporter was there from the Sun – perhaps some local reports might help, especially of at least the majority of people are listening to one presenter at a time.

    If anyone out there thinks this appoach is worth trying, please get it to the right people.

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