New group formed in Glanbrook

Glanbrook, home of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Get informed- these are not windmills

If you don’t think industrial wind turbine farms affect you, you should have gone to the public information meeting hosted in Caistor Centre by the West Lincoln Wind Action Group on Wednesday, November 10!

The meeting was a huge success… almost 500 people attended to listen to “the other side of the story”.

They heard about stray electricity, physical illness, gag orders and iron clad contracts that lock farmers in to contracts, the only benefactors of which are the industrial wind turbine companies.  

Many people left the building shaking their heads saying, “I didn’t know that!”

Industrial wind turbine farms affect all of us.  Those in close proximity to these developments get to deal with the negative physical effects of living near these things.  They and others get to deal with the financial repercussions of devalued property.  

The Glanbrook Wind Action Group is in the process of planning another public information meeting in early December.  

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, industrial wind turbine farms in your area affect you.
We need everyone’s support– residents of Glanbrook, Flamborough, Ancaster and Dundas- to move forward with our goal of convincing Hamilton city council to support a demand for a moratorium on the erection of industrial wind turbine farms until independent health studies are conducted which will determine appropriate setbacks.   

Keep a lookout for the flyers with details of the meeting!

Please take the time to check out our website,, and its link to Ontario Wind Resistance website.  Knowledge is power!   This does concern you!  

Deb Murphy,Binbrook,

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