We hear you, Australia!

Home in the Waubra wind project

Waubra wind farm buys more properties
by Brendan Gullifer The Courier

Waubra wind farm operator Acciona has confirmed it has now bought out seven property owners.

Director of generation Brett Wickham said yesterday two more properties had been recently purchased by the company.  Mr Wickham said post-construction noise monitoring was completed in September.This monitoring showed turbines near two houses could not be run normally, with noise levels exceeding those stipulated by the project’s planning permit.  Read entire article here

Policy on wind farms is destroying rural communities  Weekly Times Now

It is hard to ignore the number of industrial wind-farm facilities approved by the Victorian Government over the past months.  Hundreds of giant (130-150m) turbines have been ticked off, from Ballan to Ararat to Mortlake. The controversy surrounding these approvals is fraught with the raw emotion of communities being routinely ignored by the Government.

Ignored in favour of city dwellers for city votes.

What do these approvals really mean for our rural communities?

They mean community disintegration. Read the entire article here

2 thoughts on “We hear you, Australia!

  1. Hundreds of thousands of wind turbines in Europe, the UK, Australia, the Falklands and North America;
    soon to become millions! All interconnected via a massive global “smart” grid!

    Then and only then will humanity have its “green” energy utopia! All hail the great wind turbine!

    More proof for an earlier assertion: “The democratic industrialized world is being usurped by a dictatorial corporate one”

    The magnitude of the scam makes Bernie Madoff look like a Boy Scout!


  2. For those interested, Acconia is the company wanting to turn the American side of the St.Lawrence River into an industrial wind turbine zone around Cape Vincent. Google “Jefferson’s leaning left” for more info regarding their struggles.

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