Wilkinson silent on wind issues in his own riding

Wilkinson giving his own constituents the silent treatment

Stratford Beacon Herald

Out of sheer frustration of our democratic process I contact you. A wind turbine project is proposed to be built within a kilometre of my home.

As a spokesperson for a group of over 300 signed residents who petitioned for a moratorium on all wind turbines, we feel misrepresented by our local MPP, John Wilkinson, the minister of the environment.

It is ironic that this being an environmental issue, he has refused to address or respect our rights as citizens of Ontario and Canada.

After being invited to a public meeting in Seaforth in June 2009 with 400 people present and again on Sept. 16, 2010, with 700 people in attendance that disclosed the many follies of wind turbines, I sent him a letter asking why he or one of his representatives was not there to hear that information. I received no reply.

Again on Oct. 20 a request was sent to his office asking for a meeting to discuss the fears and con-cerns that his constituents have over the health risks that the wind turbines produce. Again no response.

Several other members of this group of worried citizens has contacted his office by letter and e-mail. No response.

I find it disrespectful that Mr. Wilkinson does not have the decency to reply to constituents’ concerns or the political respect of democracy to hear what the citizens of this country have to say.

If you cannot access your MPP, how can your voice be heard? I supported Mr. Wilkinson in the last election with pride and respect. I wish the same from him for his constituents.

I will not be fooled the second time.

Wind turbines cause major health problems.Wind turbines destroy rural community life –and I say that out of concern and respect for my fellow cit-izens. Democracy is not about ignoring and sup-pressing. Democracy is about listening and repre-senting. That is what I expect of my MPP.

Tom Melady, member of HEAT(Huron East Against Turbines) and member of West and East Perth Against Turbines, RR 2 Dublin

9 thoughts on “Wilkinson silent on wind issues in his own riding

  1. These ministers are all towing the party line. The McGuinty Government is now worried about no. 1 The unsustainability of green energy economically and 2. grassroots resistance over health issues and other negativity 3. Growing voter anger over increased hydro and the HST4. Lawsuits from all sides

    With amendments ongoing to streamline aproval processes there is a push on to get as many of these windfarms approved prior to the election. The Liberals are now in a position if the taxpayers/concerned citizens don’t sue them, Manufactuers will, and if they reneg on subsidies, the World Trade will launch their actions under GATT/NAFTA. They are in a pickle and the taxpayer is the loser. Even if the Minister Wilkinson answers your letter it will be a platitude of remarks. Believe me, I received one of these canned responses to a comment on line.

    Check out Climate of Confusion and the leaked Sussex Report.

    Keep fighting.

  2. Wlkinson supports Cap n Trade….He is a tax and spend socialist…He doesn’t care about you or the environment….He is an elitist…and a idealogue…He will continue to ignore your requests for examination of the health risks associated with Industrial Wind Turbines…His is an eco-terrorist…He must be defeated in the election next year…

  3. Before saying too much maybe everyone should read his bio…

    It reads like a “fan-boi” for Dalton McGuinty. I think any effort at contacting him, or expecting anything but the party line is a waste of time.

    As “A graduate of the Faculty of Music from the University of Western Ontario,…” I doubt that he has the background to understand the energy file and make an independent judgment. He seems like a nice guy, but maybe that’s all that he is…

    And of COurse I just noticed this…

    “Wilkinson previously served as Minister of Research and Innovation. He also served as the Parliamentary Assistant to Premier Dalton McGuinty and as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment. He is also a past-vice chair of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.”

    Music grad? Minister of Research and Innovation? Uh huh…

    This is a government of lightweights.

  4. When he was named Energy Minster the community fawned over him. No less than the Mount Forest Confederate ran this glowing press release.



    “The Ministry of the Environment was established in 1972, and is responsible for addressing the environmental issues affecting the environmental protection of Ontario, from the province’s Drive Clean program to larger initiatives such as Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

    The landmark Green Energy Act is expected to boost investment in renewable energy projects and increase conservation, creating green jobs and economic growth in Ontario.

    Earlier this month, the provincial McGuinty government announced the province’s first-ever wind turbine blade manufacturing plant and a new solar module manufacturing facility will serve Ontario’s growing clean energy industry.
    Guelph will be the site of the first module facility in North America, creating up to 500 jobs. It follows on the heels of an announcement to build a wind turbine blade manufacturing plant in Ontario that will create up to 900 jobs.”


    I’ll betcha those propeller blades would look good on my tech-weeny beanie!

    He’s my kinda musician — making sweet music in the Pork Barrel Barbershop Quartet.

  5. And I will leave you with this flowing report …

    Just a few notable quotes from the guy who had the HST added to your Hydro bill — remember when you opened your bill — remember how you cried in frustration that day? It was all for a good cause — there. there….


    “Ontario’s Revenue Minister, John Wilkinson, told a small group of Flamborough business people last week that the Liberal government’s decision to merge the 8 per cent provincial sales tax with the federal government’s 5 per cent GST (Goods and Services Tax) to form the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on July 1 has already had positive impact on the economy. ”

    (See? Positive…)

    “the introduction of the HST along with corporate and personal income tax rebates, is “all about getting the rate of unemployment down” and giving Ontario “a competitive advantage,” he explained.”

    (I told you so)

    “Ontario’s Liberals contend that their tax plan, along with other recent tax changes, will give Ontario a competitive edge, attract new investment and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs over the next decade.”

    (Is any one you know unemployed? There are jobs building propellers you know…)

    “Wilkinson said economists say the changes will lead to $47 billion in investments in Ontario as well as the new jobs. ”

    (Bet that you’re seeing the results already.)

    “At present, the cost of recycling hazardous materials is borne by all municipal taxpayers, but an eco fee program will charge the consumer of the product rather than the taxpaying public, Wilkinson said, describing the program as “the right way to go.” ”

    (Hey! — from Success to Success — that’s our new Premier material…)

    Everyone join me in wishing our dear MPP every continued success!

  6. May I suggest that any person who has contacted their MPP, the Ministry of Energy or Environment or any gov office concerning this issue and has not received an answer please forward the communications to the Ontario Ombusdmans office.

    Do not send your political views, just the lack of process, any brush off or unanswered questions and any lack of response backed up by evidence please.
    While they may be “dragging their heels” waiting for who knows what, it is all evidence and it is building.

    You can reference file # 222520

    Adam Orfanakos

    Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario | Bureau de l’Ombudsman de l’Ontario
    1-800-263-1830 – Complaints Line | Ligne des plaintes
    1-866-411-4211 – TTY | ATS
    http://www.ombudsman.on.ca | Facebook | twitter
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  7. Welllllll
    I just watched my old DVD–The Insider about the US tobacco industry.
    Seven executives stood up and stated under oath they believed nicotine wasn’t addictive to be referred to by J. Wygand the whistleblower collectively as the Seven Dwarfs.
    Mr. Wilkinson please state which on you are.

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