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Copy and Paste Letter to Duncan and Duguid

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  1. Thank you K&B for this excellent report!

    For all of the rest of us: please take a couple of minutes and “cut & paste” the sample letter from page 23 (included below) and as suggested, email your revised copy to the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Finance.

    Be sure to cc your local MPP to keep them in the loop and absolutely request a reply to your message.

    I just emailed my message–and it only took a couple of minutes.

    ~ ~ ~


    The Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy, and
    The Hon. Dwight Duncan, Minister of Finance


    Legislative Building, Queen’s Park
    Toronto, ON M7A 1A4




    I/we believe the government’s energy policy is flawed, unfeasible, and detrimental to our well being and the Ontario economy. I/we cannot accept the change from power at cost which was the HEPC and Ontario Hydro mandate, to power for profit.

    I/we resent being required to subsidize so-called “green energy” through our hydro rates–-especially when there is no evidence that industrial wind turbine developments are either environmentally friendly or save CO2 emissions.

    I/we are unwilling to pay for additional gas electricity production to back up wind and solar. I/we object to paying twice for the electricity I/we consume.

    I/we demand that the extravagant feed-in-tariffs, and tax exemptions for renewables producers which we view as corporate welfare, be curtailed at once.

    I/we request that all further commercial renewable energy project approvals be suspended immediately until realistic regulations are in place to protect our natural heritage and credible, unbiased health studies have been completed to safeguard rural Ontario.

    Please reply to this letter at once, advising of your proposed remedy.

    Yours truly,

  2. It’s a good report. The facts are there.

    But! So what? The Liberals had all of this information available before they enacted the Greeen Energy Act. They still went ahead.

    Don’t look for any changes in energy policy under the Liberals.

    Would the Conservatives be any better? Who knows? They repeat what the informed public is telling them — but are they generating answers on how to get out of this mess?

    One very interesting point was covered… Five (5) energy ministers? All ignorant? It would be funny if it wasn’t costing so much.

    This reminds me of Russian Black Humour — though I know that was not the intent.

    It’s too bad that Ontario does not have a senate.

  3. This is incredibly useful for people who aren’t ‘math minded’, like me… Please send it around to anybody you know—spread the word. Nobody likes these huge increases, even those who are oblivious to the wind turbine issue. Thanks a million!

  4. The huge electricity rate increases would not be enough to cover the costs of implementing the Greeny Act. The money has to come from somewhere, which means other social programs will be gone. We know which ones get hit first. The Greeny Act impacts everyone in Ontario.

  5. And that is not all…

    Considering the Enbridge investment in Wind Turbines (Which helps to drive up the price of electricity and other energy products…) This is quite predictable.

    “NEW.BRUNSWICK (CBC) – Two New Brunswick businesses are disputing claims that natural gas is less expensive than other energy sources,

    Enbridge Gas made that statement in light of a possible rate hike.

    Enbridge Gas announced on Tuesday plans, that If approved, would cause residential customers to see their delivery fees rise by as much as 27 per cent.

    The largest commercial, institutional and industrial customers would see delivery costs jump by 180 per cent.

    Enbridge Gas maintains the cost of its fuel to residential and small business customers is 20 per cent lower than alternates like home heating oil.

    Enbridge Gas signed a 20-year deal with the New Brunswick government in 1999 making it a regulated natural gas utility. The company operates in nine communities in the province and services more than 10,300 customers.”

  6. So conservation lowers the revenues received by the local distribution companies and then they in return have to ask for rate increases to make up for revenues lost by conservation.

    Don’t think very many private business would last long using this business method unless they are subsidised or have a monopoly.

  7. OK, so its obvious that all the renewable energy FIT contracts that have been recklessly signed may well turn this province into a ghetto of unemployment and despair.
    Furthermore it is become more clear as time passes how wind turbines are causing the health issues that we hear from residents living in existing projects.
    The question I have is how do we quickly shut down the wind turbines once a new government is in power without breaking existing contracts and costing the government treasury millions?
    One solution is to introduce a new tax that would apply to all taxable income generated from FIT energy contracts. It would have to be set at a high enough rate that any wind energy project would become instantly uneconomical.
    Lets call this tax the Hydro Recovery Tax or the HRT for short.
    While a tax like this will likely still lead to court action from the wind industry they will have diffuculty getting a court to rule in their favour since the courts have been historically reluctant to curtail the tax powers of government.

  8. Moe,
    This is totally off topic…but, thank you for the falling snowflakes.

    Is this to represent the fall of the Liberals,GEA, Ontario’s economy,turbines,Samsung….all of the above?

    As a good friend of someone who’s family has had to move out of their home due to the serious harm to their health….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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