Hydro scam

It has been increasingly clear to me that the Ontario Liberal Government does not care about how they blind side the people of Ontario. Especially with the Hydro rates. The HST has added an extra 20 to 40 dollars on to my Hydro bill. And with these tough economic times it’s even harder to pay that nasty hydro bill.
However, what the people of Ontario may not be aware of, is that with the Liberals “Green air” policy, whereas funding clean energy companies to set up shop in Ontario. Such as the case of the proposed wind farm on McClean’s Mountain on Manitoulin Island.

We currently pay 5.1 cents/kWh @ off peak times, 8.1 cents/kWh mid peak times and 9.9 cents/kWh during peak times. First, as to the cost of wind-generated electricity, the feed-in tariff for on-shore wind turbines in Ontario provided for under the Green Energy Act is 13.5¢ per kWh (and higher for smaller projects). This is more than twice the prevailing rates for electricity on the spot market in Ontario (currently at 5.1 cents/kWh for off peak times).

So, my question to the Liberals is where is the money going to come from??

This cost increase will be fed through to industrial, commercial and residential consumers through various additional charges on their electricity bills. In addition, further expenditures are required to enhance and extend the transmission grid to accommodate these projects. A 2009 study by London Economics Consultancy, Examining the Potential Costs of the Ontario Green Energy Act 2009, estimates that the higher costs of green power will add hundreds of dollars to the average electricity bills of households throughout Ontario.

Furthermore, the health effects of these wind turbines are a major detriment to healthy living and a healthy eco-system, There are health hazards from these turbines such as low vibration noise (LVN), disruption to the local wildlife and migration patterns of waterfowl. A town in upper Maryland that had over a hundred wind turbines installed realized the detrimental effects of these turbines first hand. The use of sleeping pills throughout the population rose 98% because of the constant whooshing sound and the LVN. The contributions of industrial wind power to reducing CO2 emissions are at best marginal. Massive numbers of turbines are needed, and because of their intermittency and unpredictability, they require the availability of back-up generation, especially for peak-load capacity, such as coal powered generating stations, hydro electric dams and Natural Gas. Where is the green energy out of that?

I say it’s time to stand up and tell the McGuinty Government we will no longer take this issue of outrageous hydro prices laying down. Call your MPP, tell your neighbour, tell everyone… Enough is enough!!!

Patrick C. Beaudry, Hanmer, ON

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  1. “The use of sleeping pills…rose 98%.”

    Big Wind joins forces with Big Pharma.

    Get rid of the drugs and REVOLT!

  2. But hey!

    The Fiberals are building a “greener” more “reliable” electricity system for the province of Ontario…


    When did industrial wind turbines and solar panels become “reliable”?

    As for “green”… that is what is leaving our pockets to line the pockets of this snake oil industry now controlling most of the world’s governments!

    One something, anything, becomes industrialized; it ceases to have a net benefit on the environment. There are no exceptions.

    Although some energy production technologies and methodologies are more environmentally benign then others, “green” energy is not numbered among them.

    The energy density of all green energy technologies is simply far, far too low to make any of these of any industrial use.

    As no jurisdiction has EVER realized ANY benefit from green energy, there can only be one answer as to why it continues to be embraced on an industrial scale: GREED!


    I’am standing up, rise up citizens and let your voice be heard before its too late.
    These are desperate times already for so many of us, please people rise up and get angry, now is the moment to act if you care for the futre of this nation, your children should not suffer for the actions of this goverment!!
    Men and Women have laid down their lives to protect this nation from dictators to maintain our freedoms, now we see those freedoms stripped from us, from within our own goverment.
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Lets all do our part. God Be With Us.

  4. Patrick — check out Keith Spelling’s report on Cost of Hydro

  5. Pave paradise put up a turbine lot…

    “In passes where the trees are shaped by the winds, the few turbines that haven’t been cannibalized for parts do nothing more than rust and eviscerate the random bird. In Hawaii and California they stand as monuments to the idiocy of the eco-tards and their pet socialist politicians who poured billions in subsidies down a green rat hole of fail. Meanwhile, we’re losing more than $2 trillion by not drilling for more oil and gas.”

  6. Yuppers!

    Over 14,000 rotting turbines in California and 5 rusting wind farms in Hawaii!

    “Never have so few fooled so many for so long, ever.” –Ninad D. Sheth

    Truer words were never spoken!


  7. Repent for your eco-sins — the end is nigh!



    “NEW YORK — The first mass-market electric cars go on sale next month, and the nation’s electric utilities couldn’t be more thrilled — or worried.

    Plugged into a socket, an electric car can draw as much power as a small house. The surge in demand could knock out power to a home, or even a neighborhood. That has utilities in parts of California, Texas and North Carolina scrambling to upgrade transformers and other equipment in neighborhoods where the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt are expected to be in high demand.”


    Now why would you buy an electric car if you can’t afford a shower — or cooked bacon and eggs?

  8. The so-called Green Energy Electric Cars will be as big a flop as the Wind Turbines that are supposed to feed them power!

    A whole 60 km range before the battery wears down and fuel is to start being consumed. This is Canada!…………most Tim Hortons are 45 km away from each other outside cities and I imagine you “could go for a coffee” but on the way back you would run the battery out and have to walk the remaining 30 km. Of course then your cardio-vascular would have a good workout!

    Sounds like Nirvana to me!……….Green going out and “Blue in the Face” coming back! McGuinty’s Eutopia!

  9. These electric cars are being produced to satisfy the ECO- NUTS who put pressure on the U.S.Congress and the president.

    These are just rich mens toys that are subsidised by taxpayers. They also get away without paying road taxes like the people who buy gasoline have to pay.

  10. David,

    I saw the same article. Feeling up to a little math challenge? Can you figure out how much it would cost to charge these cars with our 46% increase in electricity costs and how many kilowatt hours an electric car would add to your monthly average? That Telsa Roadster could add up to a few dollars!

    “But the car can be charged faster, and therefore draw more power, when plugged into a home charging station. The first Leafs and Volts can draw 3,300 watts, and both carmakers may boost that to 6,600 watts soon. The Tesla Roadster, an electric sports car with a huge battery, can draw 16,800 watts. That’s the equivalent of 280 60-watt light bulbs. [So why won’t the poor folks be allowed to read by the light of a single non-crappy 60-watt light bulb?]”



  11. “…electric car would add to your monthly average? ”

    Probably more than you’d pay in gas. But you’d be left with the “feel good”, “doing my part to save the planet” feeling.

    The governments will probably just end up subsidizing the hydro bills of electric car owners anyway. Anything to keep an industry happy.

  12. It has been done.


    Assuming you believe them.

    Actually probably about $3-4 a charge at current rates. Probably double that next year. (Charging will not be 100% efficient)

    10 hours 120V (expensive)

    4 hours 220 V (Cheaper)

    The Volt’s 375 lb (170 kg), 220-cell lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) pack is anticipated to store 16 kW·h of energy,[1][56] but will be restricted (in software) to use only 10.4 kW·h of this capacity to maximize the life of the pack. It will only be allowed to charge to 90% of full capacity and to discharge only to approximately 25% SoC before the engine cuts in and maintains the charge near the lower level. When the vehicle is plugged into a charger the battery SoC is restored to 90%

    Despite containing near identical energy (+/- 0.5kWh), the Volt’s battery pack is over 70% lighter than the EV1’s original 1,310 lb (590 kg), 16.5 kW·h AC Delco lead-acid battery pack, mainly because the Volt will use higher specific energy Li-ion batteries. Li-Ion batteries are expected to become less expensive as economies of scale take effect.[57][58][59][60]

    The battery needs a minimum temperature of between 0 °C and 10 °C (32 °F and 50 °F) to be used and when the Volt is plugged in the battery will be kept warm enough so that it can be used immediately when the Volt is unplugged.[61] If the Volt is kept unplugged and the temperature of the battery is below the minimum temperature, the gasoline engine will run until the battery warms up.[61] This temperature regulation is done since electro-chemical batteries have degraded performance when they are very cold.[61]

    The Volt’s battery will be guaranteed by GM for eight years or 100,000 miles (160,000 km), and will cover all 161 battery components.[62] A project to examine the potential of reusing spent batteries from the car has been announced.[63]


    From Chev…
    Recently GM revealed the production charging equipment that will come with the Volt when it can finally be bought.

    There will be a portable 120 V unit (R) that can be plugged into any standard receptacle. It will be able to recharge the car fully in 6 hours at 12 amps or 8 hours at 8 amps.

    The other device option (L) is a 240 V stationary wall-mounted unit that has to be installed in the owners garage per code. This unit running at 16 amps can recharge the Volt in 3 hours.


    So using a best case Power Factor of .9 (PF=.9) I am guessing 12KW over eight hours for a 120V charger — so about $2.40 — probably more.

    Perhaps modestly less on 240 Volts — since it is twice as fast — at the expense of drawing twice as much.

    It looks like it is the equivalent of running at least one hair dryer (1500W) for about 8 hours. (The PF on the hair dryer is not as bad.)

  13. What everyone is missing on the electric cars is this:

    If an several people in a neighborhood — on one local transformer — bought an electric car, you could well damage the transformer.

    Switching city dwellers to electric cars would be the most difficult — population density is higher, and the grids are outdated and the transformers are likely near overload now.

    Switching suburbanites — well away from the cities — would be easier as the grid is likely more modern. Pretty much the opposite of what would make it easy hmmm?

    Transformers would have been designed and chosen to fit a statistical model of likely power draw — plus a safety factor. But, that was before all the new electric gadgets and electric cars…

  14. So now the tax payers and/ or the electric utility customers will be stuck with paying for the needed infrastructure to charge thes cars.

    Next it will be public charging stations in urban core areas to charge these cars.

    Not bad if you can get ~$7,000 off the sticker price provided by taxpayers and drive on the roads without paying any road taxes. Cars that most people can’t afford to drive but be expected to help pay for.

    Don’t you feel badly because Californians won’t be able to charge their toy cars?

  15. Barbara:

    Tip of the ice berg…

    Take a couple of hours and put together all of the ramifications — say an extra 500KW per month to your Electric Bill — add that to the required supply from the grid, look at extra transmission costs…

    If you add gas peaker plants then you add pollution — you just move it away from Toronto… If you don’t look at CO2 — the gas plants are only marginally better than coal — see the specifications on the gas generator I supplied the other day (Look at NO, NO2 and CH4)…

    Charging is not 100% efficient — nor is transmission…

    Seriously — take the time and really think it through… the stupidity of moving quickly on such a scheme is staggeringly stupid as most of it will pappear on your taxes.

    The effect on seniors on limited income is staggering!

  16. Thanks guys for the information you have posted.

    Does the ~$7,000 off sticker only apply to U.S. sales of Volts? What’s the situation in Canada with regards to subsidies on the Volt or other electric vehicles?

    Anyway people in the U.S. waiting for public transporation in bad weather will be reminded that they helped to pay for the Volts going by.

    This is an example of ECO-NUT thinking on it’s highest level.

    Yes,Volts are an ideal vehicle for cold Canada.Right!!!

  17. Regardless of guarantees battery operated drill owners know there is a limited life to re-chargeable batteries. The ability to get to a 90% fill on the battery will be reduced over time. More power will be required in every attempt to top up the batteries as it will never fully re-charge. The gains will not be worth bothering to plug in and most will ditch the battery and run the gasoline full time. We love dealing with guarantees which seem too good to be true. Maybe the battery is the only thing expecting to last 8 years.

  18. After 8 years the car has no residual value as no one would be foolish enough to buy a new battery for the vehicle. But then again rich people don’t care anyway as they won’t keep the vehicle for 8 years.

    Disposal of all these batteries is going to become a big environmental problem to deal with.

  19. “Electric Cars” another poorly planned idea?

    …..”Transformers that distribute power from the electrical grid to homes are often designed to handle fewer than a dozen (cars). Extra stress on a transformer from one or two electric vehicles could cause it to overheat and fail, knocking out power to the block.”

    Nicely done Greenies!

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