McGuinty is forcing seniors out of their homes

St. Catherines Standard

We are going to receive a 10% reduction on our hydro bills starting January 2011. This comes after we received an 8% increase on our July 2010 bill when Dalton McGuinty added the HST. So in reality all homeowners will receive is a 2% reduction. But our hydro rates are scheduled to increase 46% over the next five years, a 9.2% annual increase.

All this is happening when most workers are lucky if they get a 2% annual pay increase. And a retiree living on a fixed income gets no increase on their meagre pensions. Retirees will see their hydro cost increase by $650 to $700 each year after this increase kicks in. To most retirees this represents one month’s pension cheque gone on additional hydro costs. Perhaps McGuinty’s plan is to get as many retirees as he can to sell their homes because they certainly will no longer be able to afford to live in them with the exorbitant cost of hydro.

Charles Owen Welland

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  1. Seniors ALREADY have had to sell their homes because of the mismanagement of Ontario’s Finances by McGuinty and past Political Parties!

    This is a reality NOW, not in the near future. Just because it isn’t reported in the MSM (because we all know that real reporting doesn’t exist anymore) it doesn’t mean it isn’t already taking place.

    Heartbreaking stories are just waiting in the streets for anyone who wants to go door to door and listen!

    What is happening here in Ontario is no better than what is happening in Banana Republics world-wide!

  2. Not only are seniors compelled to leave their homes, so is ANYONE within ear-shot of an industrial wind turbine! At least the seniors can get close to market rates. If there is a turbine nearby, one may as well
    leave the keys and just walk away! No one outside the wind industry will ever buy a home near a turbine!

    Not to mention businesses leaving by the hordes!

    The Fiberal way to create jobs –for every [neighboring] jurisdiction but Ontario!



  3. Or you could send McGuinty this note…

    The Last Prayer

    McGuinty is my Premier; Why do I want?
    He forceth me to accept the Green Agenda:
    He imprisons me beside the roaring turbines.
    He destroyeth my soul:
    He leadeth me in the paths of Agenda 21 for its own sake.
    Yea, as I walk through the valley of the shadow of Green Death, I fear this evil:
    Though thou art with me; Thy rod and the staff of justice do not protect me.
    Thou preparest a disaster before me. I need no other enemies:
    Thou takest away my life, my home and my energy;
    Now, my cup is ever empty.
    I fear that this merciless evil shall follow me all the days of my life:
    And, I will dwell in the house of deprivation and poverty forever.

  4. “Perhaps McGuinty’s plan is to get as many retirees as he can to sell their homes because they certainly will no longer be able to afford to live in them with the exorbitant cost of hydro.”

    Yes, if he’s following the UN playbook, and I believe he is, then that is the plan. Off the land with no other choice but to move into high-density housing in “habitat areas” is what they have planned for us. Private property is not sustainable…home ownership is not sustainable, you see?

  5. I once thought the NDP,was the worse thing that ever happened to Ontario.Then along came Harris,and now we have the “Destroy the Province”,Liberals.How the heck are we supposed to vote now.I do not trust any Political Stripe anymore.

  6. Here’s a thought: When “bargaining with the PC’s for their support” next year in this Wind Horror why not suggest that they implement a “Re-Call Vote” for voters?

    If they say they will be “accountable” then they should have no problem placing this very important “clause” into their platform!

    Then WE would have an option that has never been available before and that is a majority of Ontario Citizens would have the RIGHT to “RECALL” a politician who has displayed a non-Democratic motion in Parliament and would be “re-called” to stand for immediate re-election IF the electorate deemed it necessary!

    If this “re-call” now existed, none of this Dictatorship would exist today!

  7. Quixote:

    I just happen to be able to point you at a modest example…

    Recall and Initiative Act
    [RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 398

    Part 1 — Introductory Provisions
    1 Definitions
    Part 2 — Legislative Initiatives
    Division 1 — Initiative Petition
    2 Subject matter of legislative proposals
    3 Application for initiative petition
    4 Issue of initiative petition
    5 Who may sign an initiative petition
    6 Who may canvass for signatures
    7 Requirements for initiative petition
    7.1 Continuation of petition if an electoral district is disestablished or changed
    8 Time limit for determination


  8. Well done David…………..NOW we get Hudak to agree to this proposal and he will win with a LANDSLIDE!

    Go get ’em boys and girls!!!!!

  9. The big corporate money hounds will do the same to the next premier,only a matter of time. They will always fall to the temptation. We are merely sheep to them Once they have power to rule they seem to think they can do what they think is right,and put a spin on it,very hard to show them the door after elected.

  10. Hey George:

    I got some really bad news for you…

    ALL political parties are in the pockets of corporations NOW. It matters not the color of the coat they wear or on which side of a house they sit. NO ONE becomes leader of a government in the democratic industrialized world without the blessing of industry. What we have is not a political party system but rather an industrial sector system. One day oil wins the government, one day green, another, education, the next military then one may include any or all of these, etc, etc.

    This has been the way of governments in Canada since our governments stopped funding government programs by borrowing money from the people and switched to borrowing money from both foreign and domestic commercial banks. In Canada, this was 1974. In the US, it was 1913 the year the Federal Reserve was established. Although to be accurate, the US financial system always WAS commercially oriented.

    No George; until such time as Canada again finances itself from itself, the wants and needs of “we the people” matters not one iota!

    “Once a nation parts with the control of its credit, it matters not who makes the laws.” [Or where in the world they are made] (Brackets Mine!)
    -William Lyon Mackenzie King

    By ignoring this fundamental truth, 200 million dollars leave the pockets of Canadians EVERY SINGLE DAY to service interest on government debt.
    For just ONE result of this ignorance, simply look no further then THE GREEN ENERGY ACT!


  11. To Quixote The PC party already has a package of accountability measures in platform including proposed recall and referendum measures. These items were added to platform in June 2010. Go to and look in press releases.

  12. To George and BBW
    I must disagree with you. I am seeking the PC nomination for Oakville and I am not in anyone’s pocket. My supporters who will vote for me at the nomination meeting are generally poor and middle class people who are fed up with McGuinty and want honest representation by a down to earth person.

  13. My MPP, Randy Hillier, a calloused-handed country boy like me soon forgot all about his roots when the leadership of the party became available during his first kick at the elected office can! That stupid, arrogant stunt may cost him his seat next election. We simple rural folk don’t soon forget betrayal like

    Should you end up with a career in politics, revisit your post from time to time to see if it remains an accurate description of you, years down the road.

    I wish you well Margret, I wish you well…


  14. To Broke-By-Wind

    When the leadership opened, the party wanted multiple candidates who were different to provide the members with a choice. Randy Hillier stepped up to the plate as the rural choice. I am confused as to why you think you were betrayed.

    I do not see myself as a career politician. The primary reason for this is that I am not young enough for a lengthy political career. I have already had a career in business and that did not change me but it changed others in similar roles. I will however keep your advice in mind and revisit my self perception on a regular basis.

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