Are Incentives Economically Sustainable?

Windsor Square

Excerpt:  But the the fierce competition created between municipalities is manisfesting itself through the introduction of municipal-based incentives in addition to provincial subsidies.   Mayor Francis’ proposed community-wide improvement plan is one such example.

Other Canadian provinces are following Ontario’s lead and implementing their own feed-in-tariff program.  One would expect over time, other municipalities will implement their own incentive packages, leading one to ask where does it all end or will each respective level of government attempt to outbid the other in escalating costs to taxpayers?

And based upon the mounting job losses in the US and Europe in the wind turbine manufacturing sector, there is cause for concern that an industry supported by incentives, may continue to rely upon incentives.

Compounding the issue further is the lack of transparency regarding incentive-based economic development.  Though taxpayers are footing the bill – either directly or by foregoing future tax revenues – they seem to be the last to know (if they ever find out) the finer details of these arrangements.   Read the entire article here

5 thoughts on “Are Incentives Economically Sustainable?

  1. This is a dangerous road to go down.
    There will be no turning around points.
    What is wrong with people’s minds?
    Our future depends on independent
    thinking and democracy. It is hoped
    our municipality will have time to see
    what is going on. “If it’s too good to
    be true, it probably is.”
    North Bruce Peninsula

  2. Mayor Francis selling his workforce and selling out his land owners. Windsor will be a wasteland of Industrial Wind Turbines.

  3. The underlying issue here is the loss of auto sector jobs in the Windsor area. So local politicians are willing to do almost anything to attract jobs to this area.

    It dosen’t matter if these jobs make economic sense or not. Tax payer dollars are being used so who cares.

  4. I believe in Windsor there’s much more too it .The Auto sector has’nt played the main role it once did for many years now.

    Economics in Windsor means grasping at anything ,what ever it costs the taxpayer.

    Heck ,many never get the real truth just the media’s short version as many will confirm there.Think of it that the ‘group McGuinty’ took a ‘Francis’ tactic when they hired in the ‘Sussex Strategy Group’ to misinform .Now you see its not pretty.Short term Green will simply cost Windsor once again ,it’s just some of us see our dollars once again spent by those that would have you believe they know better.

  5. Agreed, the auto sector does not have the role it once played in Windsor.

    But laid off auto sector workers in Windsor are a concern as far as future employment is concerned.

    Jobs need to be created for these people. So wind and solar jobs have been sold to the unemployed as a way out of their situation.

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