Blenheim Samsung protest a success

Lots of new faces showed up to protest the 270 MW Samsung/Pattern South Kent Wind project last night.  Thank you to all the people from outside Chatham-Kent who came to lend their support  — including Stephana and Ross!!!  It was the typical “show” with lots of police and security, no signs allowed inside, no megaphones, sign in required (apparently Keith Richards and Jimmy Hendrix were in attendance), no map of turbine locations, and no answers to the real questions.  Charlotte went to the planning office to get the locations of the turbines and did up a informative map.   Many residents deeply appreciated this information and spent time out with us reviewing the map and speaking with us on the issues.

1 thought on “Blenheim Samsung protest a success

  1. Great job! Too bad this government relies on you for real information on construction projects. What a pathetic state this Province is in. We have no working government bodies.

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