McGuinty is following Spain’s Green Job Model

5 thoughts on “McGuinty is following Spain’s Green Job Model

  1. Apparently Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals are planning to shut down the coal plants by 2014….I guess that Dalton, Duguid and Smitherman weren’t paying attention to what was going on in Germany…Germany developed a coal-fired plant that will emit no greenhouse gases…I guess that Germany doesn’t have a band of Lobbyists that were prepared to buy off the Ontario Liberals…Read about Germany’s first non-polluting Coal Power Plant,,2035398,00.html

  2. This is starting to look like a Cloward and Piven strategy to collapse the economy.

  3. This a nice short piece that should be put onto facebook pages and passed on through email. It may open the eyes of one or two friends who believe green is good.

  4. You know Dalton; even “Homer Simpson” could figure this one out.

    Does it not bother you to be thought of, as being even dumber than a TV Caricature?

    Oddly at the end of each episode, Homer is able to figure things out, my question to you Dalton, what’s your excuse? In case you have forgotten, the end of your episode in Ontario’s history is fast approaching?

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