Ontario bets the farm on nuclear. Unless it changes its mind.

Today, Wind is producing 3.5% of it's capacity.

By Kelly McParland, National Post

Excerpt:    Under Mr. Duguid’s plan, wind, solar and bioenergy will only provide 13% of the total, if that. Private investment in green technology has been less than expected, thanks to that darned recession. Conservation hasn’t worked either, producing less than half the savings expected. In other words, the government was wrong on every count. Not that it’s giving up; it still plans to pour billions more into alternative projects, because doing otherwise would require admitting that the previous billions had all been one big waste of money.  So we’re going to pretend that windmills are actually a worthwhile investment for at least a little while longer. And we’re going to pretend the government has accurately guessed the cost, even though it’s been wrong on every previous try.   Read the entire article here

4 thoughts on “Ontario bets the farm on nuclear. Unless it changes its mind.

  1. I was looking at the IESO”s hourly generator output and capability early this morning and it got me thinking ( like former energy minister Smitherman, I’m HIGHLY high school educated) when a “Eureka” moment hit me. I realized my brain was producing infinitely more electricity than most of the turbines combined! Is there anyway I can hook my brain up to the grid? If so, is there a direct transmission line to Queens Park? Perhaps we can all do this and provide them with some much needed “gray” energy.

  2. They wouldn’t be able to receive that power without your head being hooked up to a “Smart” Meter.

    These Bozos wouldn’t know what to say unless CANWEA or Pembina Insitute provided them with “cue cards”!

  3. Wind Action at http://www.windaction.org has: Nov.23,10

    The Vancouver Sun article “Ontarians chart (expensive) path for renewable energy”

    Says $2 billion for 5 transmission line projects to hook up renewable energy projects from rural areas.

  4. Ontario Bets the Farm on Nuclear?

    I think it should say… Ontario Minister of Energy Flings Sticky Smelly Substance at Wall — In a foolish attempt to see what sticks (or perhaps stinks).

    I think he has covered all the bases so that later — say in a month or two he can do whatever strikes his fancy that day in an attempt to gain the votes of those not following the issues.

    But I admit that it’s just a guess and only one of many explanations that fit the evidence.

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