Solar Panels for Sale in Canada? Green Energy Act Knocked Off By TCF     Canada’s premier has been trying for several years to promote green renewable energy alternatives in the state. As a consequence, TCF (government’s Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progess) has finalized a thorough study regarding this case. McGuinty planned to pursuit the Green Energy Act, but TCF proved that it would be extremely costly.

TCF’s study was released on Tuesday and it revealed the great impact the Green Act would have upon Canada’s economy and labor force. It seems that the costs for shifting to green electricity have been underestimated, while the new jobs that would appear would not compensate for the losses. Ontario Liberals calculated the benefits of creating 50,000 new jobs in the green energy market, but the study revealed the side effects of this action: higher energy prices are very much likely to disintegrate as many jobs as produced and even more. Furthermore, energy-intensive industries would be widely affected, industrial colossi in manufacturing and agriculture corporations as well.

Experts in UK state that the Green Energy Act will lead to higher electric bills for average consumers and companies, bringing between $247 and $631 more to the electric bill per household per year. The Liberals aimed to conduct a 10 percent deduction for the hydro bills, but these reductions would be ineffective, as costs would meet an increase of 6.7 percent to 8.0 percent yearly.

Liberals’ good intentions to become “green” and contribute to planet’s health are cut down by the potential economic changes and analysts believe that the economic climate in Canada would be jeopardized.

6 thoughts on “Solar Panels for Sale in Canada? Green Energy Act Knocked Off By TCF

  1. “Liberals’ good intentions to become “green” and contribute to planet’s health”

    Rest assured, this was the FARTHEST thing from the Liberal’s mind. A liberal has no
    GOOD intentions. Whatever it takes to rob us blind is all they think about. History
    has already proven this beyond shadow of doubt!

    They simply used “the big green lie” to STEAL YOUR MONEY!

    Now that they have been caught red-handed, the lies are flying faster and thicker then flies to bullshit!


  2. In the book I mentioned in a previous post…

    The chapter on Solar is quite interesting: Chapter 6, pg 38

    “Figure 6.5 shows data to back up this number. Let’s give every person
    10 m2 of expensive (20%-efficient) solar panels and cover all south-facing
    roofs. These will deliver

    5 kWh per day per person.”

    Remember that in Ontario Most people use around 1000KWH per month or 33KW a day.

    Most Micro FIT installations (of any use) run around $100K.

    So if you are thinking about this — try the math. See if it works for you.

  3. Regarding the “between $247 and $631 more to the electric bill per household per year”. What is the time-frame for this increase? The number crunching backs up much larger increases if the Liberals continue this course of action to their desired end. Of course, that is if there is an Ontario economy left to support such an irresponsible energy policy!

  4. The economic costs will escalate even further than this task force has estimated. The program that the Liberals espouse will shut down cheap existing coal and nuclear generation. The coal will be shut down by policy and nuclear will have to be shut down to allow system operabillity with a gas/wind/solar combination. The costs of this combination will far outstrip any estimate so far published. As an added kicker, the amount of gas that will be required in service to “back up” solar and wind will emit more CO2 and other pollutants than Ontario has ever seen since nuclear displaces billions of tonnes of CO2 presently.

  5. If nothing is done to STOP this onward rush to “Green” Ontario the next decade will go down in the history books as the “Dark Ages of Ontario”…………

    Abandoned homes, cooking on outdoor stoves, washing clothes by hand and cold showers………….nice legacy McGuinty you #&*!

  6. I’ve already done the calculation on TOU savings compared to current non-TOU
    pricing based on my last hydro bill…

    If one transfers 100% of one’s total consumption to off peak, the bottom line, electricity delivered to your door savings are approximately 1%!!!!!!!!!

    That’s right, a measly ONE PERCENT!

    However, if you go the other way, you’re looking at an INCREASE of 3%

    If you did nothing, you’re going to see no difference or a slight increase.

    And we blew over 2 BILLION on smart meters for what exactly???!!!

    Here, let me bend over!

    Oh thank you Dalton! Thank you, thank you!


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