Wind facilities are not welcome

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Something smells in the countryside – and it’s not manure.  Rural Ontario is being invaded by hundreds of proposed wind farm projects.  The McGuinty government’s Green Energy Act has dismissed human and environmental safety concerns and is giving dozens of foreign turbine companies permission to erect massive turbines throughout the countryside, and has stripped municipal goverments of having a say in any matters relating to wind farms.   

Ontario has become a “free for all” for wind farm corporations from all over north America. These companies are being handed our province on a silver platter to erect massive turbines without being accountable for what happens after they’ve been erected — and our provincial government has no way of holding them accountable.  

And yet, Dalton McGuinty and Environment Minister John Wilkinson are using the public’s goodhearted wishes for a greener, cleaner energy to open up our province to these companies.

There’s something about the look of a wind turbine that entrances us.  We are sold through the media that they represent all that’s green and pure. What if you had to listen to the “woosh woosh”, hour after hour, day after day?  What if you had to live with a constant flickering shadow throughout your house?

Our countryside is becoming industrialized with wind turbines.  The days of “getting away to the countryside” will be over.  Who will really want to go camping in Elora, Belwood or Conestogo Lake when we have to pitch our tents under a 550 ft. wind turbine? 

What will eventually happen to the local farmers market when acres and acres of our agricultural land are dedicated to wind turbines with a 30-meter cement pillar under the ground, rather  than growing wheat, grain, corn, and other produce?  What will eventually happen to the water table?  

The facts are coming out about the negative impact turbines have on wildlife, health, property values and more.  Residents from Shelburne and Ripley have been forced to leave their homes because of turbines located so close to their houses.

McGuinty and Wilksinson are ignoring those facts  and allowing massive turbines to be located only 550 meters from a residential dwelling.  We must not allow them to get away with the industrialization of rural Ontario or the legacy of this Liberal government will be the destruction of rural Ontario.

Wendy Gascho, Alma

2 thoughts on “Wind facilities are not welcome

  1. I would rather have a Nuclear Plant, than who knows how many wind turbines spread across the country side like chicken feed.Sell the excess power to the coal fired plants from the Ohio Valley.NOW YOU HAVE CLEANED THE AIR DRIFTING ACROSS TO ONTARIO.2 for the price of one.

  2. We had windmills in the 1800″s to produce power; same concept as turbines. We no longer have windmills to produce power, because it was found , then, that windmills didn’t produce half the power as water wheels did. If windmills didn’t work then, why would these buffoons think they’re going to work now?

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