Back off government, take a deep breath and listen to the people.

by Larry Miller, MP Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, Chair of Agriculture, Agri-Food Chair – Rural Caucus
Owen Sound Sun Times

Just a couple short weeks ago, as I stood at a Remembrance Day ceremony, I watched as a surprisingly large number of elderly veterans marched to the front of the cenotaph. I thought to myself -what is going through their minds today? Do they still think it was worth it? Many of them went through a hell we will never truly know or understand, just so we can enjoy the rights and freedoms we have today.

One of those rights is the ability to own our own land. Those of us who are fortunate enough to own land take great pride in our property, but with the ownership of that land also comes responsibility. As a landowner myself, I am a strong proponent of property rights. However, when I do something on my property that affects the enjoyment of another property owner, that is unacceptable. It makes all the hardships that our veterans went through many years ago, all for naught.

Here in Ontario, (and of course that includes Grey and Bruce counties) the Green Energy Act brought in by Premier Dalton McGuinty has taken away all decision-making by local authorities and in effect a lot of the rights of property owners. You can hardly pick up a local paper anymore without the front page being covered with an article about opposition to wind farms. Nobody can argue that producing green or renewable energy is not a good thing for the environment. However, the public pushback on wind-farm proposals cannot be ignored.

While wind farms do not come under federal jurisdiction, I am more and more frequently being asked about windfarms and to take a stand on them. Bill Murdoch has called for a moratorium on wind farms until the proper studies have been done on the health effects windmills have on those living close to the turbines. I fully support our MPP’s call for this. McGuinty cannot ignore the fact that what Mark Davis started in Arran- Elderslie has now spread across the province to where we now have 67 municipalities who have endorsed the call for a moratorium on wind farms. I’m sure there will be more.

We all know that at least 75% of the power produced by wind farms in rural Ontario will be used in the GTA and other large cities to the south of us. If McGuinty is so hell-bent on providing Toronto with wind-generated power, I urge him to build a couple hundred wind turbines on the waterfront in plain view of those million-dollar condos that look out onto Lake Ontario. He could save hundreds of millions of dollars in transmission line costs, but more importantly, he would definitely hear the squeals of indignation from our urban cousins over the placement of turbines in “their” backyard. Maybe then he would listen to the people of rural Ontario.

In closing, I am going to use part of the slogan of the Ontario Landowners Association to send a message to Dalton McGuinty and his use of the Green Energy Act.

Back off government, take a deep breath and listen to the people. Do the health studies on wind turbines called for by MPP Bill Murdoch

Larry Miller, MP Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
Chair of Agriculture & Agri-Food Chair of Rural Caucus

6 thoughts on “Back off government, take a deep breath and listen to the people.

  1. Well does provincial insolvency come under federal jurisdiction? Should not the feds come to the rescue of a province invaded by people bent on the destruction of rural communities?

    I can say a LOT against renewable energy on the industrial scale….

  2. Wad-A-Go Bill, freedom and rights we are suppose to have are being violated to live in peace in your own home, as in a soundless sleep in your own home. Stop the torture Mc Guimpy! and the blood sucking of our hard earn dollars, your causing slavery for all of us and our children that we can never pay off. He needs to get out sooner before he destroys us even more and our country side. Lets show him the door and the next one that violates our freedoms and rights.

  3. With regards to Mr. Larry Miller’s comment “While wind farms do not come under federal jurisdiction”

    If questioned on, the jurisdictional boundaries of the Federal Government regarding wind farms, I would first like to communicate that I am more of the conviction, that this is something the Federal Government would rather have you believe, as being an matter that is out of their jurisdiction? It is not.

    All jurisdictional matters require proper enforcement and or the lack thereof. Concerning any matter between two governing bodies, who is going to be the party to commence action against the other? Who is going to be the one to question and point the finger?

    Keeping in mind the present, what the Federal Government thoughts on well thought-of renewable energy sources and of the current Ontario provincial government mandate on renewable energy sources.

    The bottom line when it comes to the environment, Local, Provincial and Federal government are equally responsible;

    “Under Canada’s constitution, environmental regulation is shared between the federal government and the 10 provinces / 3 territories, (referred to collectively as “provinces”). Where there is a direct conflict between federal and provincial environmental statutes in relation to the same matter, federal law prevails, but such conflicts are rare, and overlapping requirements are common. Municipalities also play a growing role.”

    Long story short, when it comes to Canada’s environment, everyone is to be on the same page however regarding Ontario’s current government’s attitude towards renewable energy sources, anything goes, unfortunately this includes the out right slaughter of Ontario’s flying wildlife.

    Since holding the balance of power the Ontario’s government in relation to wind turbines and wind farming has continued to re-write their Bird, Bat and Wind guidance documents to best suit the interest of the wind companies under the auspices of Ontario’s Regulation 359/09 and other interpretations deem necessary to full fill their mandate, in the hope that no one will notice.

    The Ontario government’s most recent Bird and Wind guidelines document will allow with the issuance of a permits/approvals for the slaughter of Ontario’s wildlife which is something that would have never taken place twenty years ago. Both the Federal and Provincial governments are fully aware that wind turbines on wind farms throughout Canada are killing endangered species.

    As mentioned above about enforcement;

    “SARA Section 73, Maximum term Subsection (9), presently I would like to point out that “No agreement may be entered into for a term longer than five years and no permit may be issued for a term longer than three years”.

    Why isn’t the Federal government doing something, because it’s not in their best interest to do so, who is going to be the one to question and point the finger, in order to shut down these wind farms under the law?

    The Accord for the Protection of Species at Risk signed in October 1996:
    In the spring of 1995, officials from Environment Canada, the provinces and territories held several public workshops across Canada to determine what should be included in a national approach to protecting species at risk. This led governments to develop the Accord for the Protection of Species at Risk, which states that the goal of federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for wildlife is to prevent species in Canada from becoming extinct as a consequence of human activity.
    Fifth-teen years ago in Canada at the very least, all governments were on the right track, everyone was on the same page, however it was also about that point in time, in Canada’s history that the wind industry got it’s foot in Canada’s front door.
    From what’s been taken place presently in Canada with regards to wind turbines, serves purpose for protective wildlife legislation, however it was human activities that brought about the protective legislation in the first place, there is something seriously wrong with this picture, you do not have to look any further than the lack of enforcement?

  4. There is also a federal Migratory Bird Treaty between Canada,U.S. and Mexico.

    But no one wants this mentioned either. Supposed to protect migrating birds as they pass through the above countries.

    Right now it’s no politically expedient to enforce this treaty in either Canada or the U.S. Woudn’t want to deter the wind turbine industy in both countries.

  5. What is the purpose of law with no enforcement?

    This is ANARCHY!


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