Protest in Orangeville

By Lorrie Gillis, WCO Reporter

In spite of snow covered, icy roads with poor visibility in some areas and the threat of 15cm of more snow to come, many traveled some distance (Amaranth, Melancthon, Grand Valley, Belwood, Mapleton, Grey Highlands, Mansfield) to rally in Orangeville for 10:00 am to march against industrial wind turbines.
Everyone held signs and some chanted as they marched.  We even had a saxaphone player playing “When the Saints Come Marching In” for us! The line of people marching stretched out for at least two blocks in length.  The media was there to cover the march. This is definitely not an everyday occurrence in the pretty town of Orangeville! 
Cars going by took notice of the issue and a number of those honked with thumbs up in support. 
The OPP escorted the march and stopped traffic as it made its way to the Public Health building and to M.P.P. Sylvia Jones’ office. 
At the Public Health office, David White spoke to the lack of action by this current liberal government to take action to protect its own constituents using the GEA and Arlene Kings’ literature report as its cracked shield.  He spoke to health concerns, to people who’ve been forced to abandon their homes. 
There were a number of those people there with us.  Their presence reminds us of the great harm and injustice that the provincial govt has forced onto so many rural families for far too long now.  Their very presence is a tangible and important reminder of who and what is at stake for all of us. 
We continued on to Sylvia Jones’ office where Ms. Jones came out to speak to the crowd about the GEA and Hudak’s platform for the next election and the number of resolutions the PC party has brought forward at Queen’s Park.  As she spoke, some held signs up to the oncoming traffic who responded with more honking in support.  She spoke to individuals afterwards.
See you in Drayton!

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