Attempt to buy votes with hydro rebate adds to anger

Ottawa Citizen

I fully agree with the Citizen editorial that consumers should be paying for the electricity they use.  The sticking point for me is paying billions to Samsung for solar panels, plus billions more in long-term contracts to landowners whose land is being used to set up wind-turbines and solar systems. Premier Dalton McGuinty’s green energy dream will cost billions to our children and grandchildren.

Many European countries are rethinking this same green energy experiment. Sunny Spain has found not only is solar-produced electricity inefficient and costly, the so-called green jobs did not materialize or were prohibitively expensive to create.

Surely, with thousands of rivers in Ontario, this was something which should have been explored, if the government had an aversion to nuclear-produced energy. Unlike unsure amounts of sunshine and wind, there is a constant flow of water from rivers in Ontario.

The current attempt by the McGuinty government to buy our votes with hydro rebates, using our tax dollars, simply adds to our anger.

Larry Comeau, Ottawa

9 thoughts on “Attempt to buy votes with hydro rebate adds to anger

  1. The wind project in West Linclon the turbines are going to be manufactured in Denmark and the the already standing ones in Clear Creek were also manufactured in Denmark. So clearly this whole Green Energy Act has nothing to do with job creation. It has to do with greed and how McGuinty is trying to leave office say Ontario is leader in Green energy but at who’s expense.

  2. Well at least it is consistent…

    Our turbines are built by multinationals, installed by multi-nationals, operated by multinationals for the sole benefit of multinationals.

    Why do we bother with elections?


  3. This is the biggest scam the world has ever known, we don’t need turbines.
    All the money is going to wind companies in the US.
    Carbon Credits is a way to syphone money from rich nations to poor nation, started
    by Maurice Strong ( who is living in China ) Al Gore and David Susskki.
    Read the book Cloak of Green.

  4. I did my bit… sent this email!

    Mayor Elect Rob Ford:

    If you really want to cut the budget at Toronto City Hall, here is one example of egregious waste:

    This looks more like a Cars for friends of Toronto Hydro Program!

    Always wanted to try out an electric car but couldn’t get your hands on one?

    Toronto Hydro is looking for another 16 volunteers to try driving electrically for the next four years. They’ll even pay for the juice.

    The drivers who are selected will have to ante up $545-a-month in leasing fees for an all-electric, two-seat Mercedes-Benz “smart fortwo” car.

    They’ll get a charging station installed in their garage, and access to a handful of public charging stations to be installed around the city.

    For now, getting a spot in the pilot program is the only way to get one of the electric cars, since they aren’t yet available to the public in Canada.

    Toronto Hydro has already picked its first volunteer: businessman Bill Tharp, chief executive of Climate Change Infrastructure.

    Tharp and his wife already own a micro-diesel smart car, and a van that they have to use when they travel with their three children.

    They’ll keep both those vehicles initially while trying out the new electric car. Tharp likes what he’s seen so far.

    The electric car’s battery is somewhat heavier than the engine of the diesel, he said.

    1) So this guy needs three cars?

    2) This looks like a biased survey approach — pick only people friendly to the concept

    3) Where did the capital come from? How much are government funding organizations putting up?

    4) Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance. It won;t be much of a trial unless the people using the cars have to bear all the responsibility.

    5) Free charging stations. Free fuel! All you have to do is give a friendly report.

    Wait till the whole city wants this deal!

  5. One more thing — live in Toronto?

    Apply here. Please. Get some experience with “smart power” and “smart people”

    Please! Let’s have some unbiased testers! Or better still — some testers predisposed to dislike them Make it a fair experience!

  6. Hate to think where the U.S. would be now if Gore had won the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

    The country would be deeply sunk in green energy scams and signed in to the IPPC global warming scam as well.

  7. The electric car test should mimic real consumers, ones who would have to depend on the car. Three cars in the driveway mean two other vehicles to choose from. It should be the vehicle on the 401 during a snow storm in rush hour. That would be a real test. If it is the Volt than not much of a test as sooner or later most will become an inefficient gasoline car.

  8. Barbara I wonder that too, and I voted for Al Gore — But maybe we’d (in US) be in the same boat. I believe this is one of the biggest scams, and biggest sales jobs ever put over on people all over. I feel well meaning people are sucked in by the “green” so good sounding idea of the whole thing. Global warming sounds logical.
    I think the news media does a good job of “not reporting”. I knew nothing about wind energy – except seeing wind turbines (in CA in the distance). Solar only from the 1970’s with individuals placing them on their homes.
    Here in the US there were little to no stories about wind “farms” in the early 2000 . Until it was going to be in my county I didn’t even know there were complexes in our state. The news media does a very good job of “not reporting”, at least that’s the way it is in our mid/small town.

  9. Electric cars and other stories…

    I actually know something about this having researched it at length some years ago…

    Generally, fossil power is too inefficient, electric power too limited and hybrid electric/fossil too stupid as BOTH the fossil powered engine AND an electric motor can power the wheels either together, independently or both. The resulting complexity of the entire drive train and resulting inefficiency, high capital cost and poor reliability is where the stupidity comes from. This is why hybrids generally are LESS fuel efficient then diesels!

    However, pure fossil-electric is AWESOME! A fossil fuel powered generator either provides power directly or keeps a battery bank charged or both which then powers one or more powerful electric motors which power the wheels/propellers, accessories , etc.

    The resulting increase in efficiency is substantial, possibly by an order of magnitude! This almost century old technology has now started to find its way into cars!

    For ships, check this out:

    For heavy equipment go here:

    For cars go here:

    Now, you must realize that this car has FOUR 160hp/500ft/lb electric motors, one in each wheel. These are “printed circuit armature” motors which can develop 100% of their power output FROM ZERO RPM! Even with this incredible amount of power, the car STILL gets 80MPG! My car would only need ONE of these. Assuming all things being equal, I would be getting 320MPG!

    Go here and check out the company that modified this car AND a Ford F150 as well:

    Basically people, we are being ROYALLY SCREWED!


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