New polluting gas plants, not wind, are replacing coal in Ontario

Natural Gas Plant near Gardner Expressway, Toronto

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2 thoughts on “New polluting gas plants, not wind, are replacing coal in Ontario

  1. Is this what McGuinty and Duguid are referring to when they say “clean, green and reliable energy”? Reliable perhaps, at least moreso than wind turbines. I have seen this green smog coming from these smokestacks, and it’s even more visible when seen in person. How is this form of replacement better than “dirty coal” especially considering the number of these plants being erected throughout Ontario? Surely gas turbine generation cannot be clean or even close to green? Shouldn’t McGuinty and Duguid be made to account for their delusional statements and also acount for this expensive form of non-green generation? I’ve never seen this green crap spewing out from a nuclear station. How is this safe technology “for the children”? I’m tired of their drivel and spin when I see crap like this spewing out of smokestacks! Duguid needs to see this green coming from Toronto’s generating station and explain it to all Ontarians.

  2. This is what’s called “good” carbon dioxide. When burning natural gas or heavy oil in these generating stations the emissions are not cleaned of waste. Either natural gas or oil still retains sulphur. Oil burning has even more stuff in it. Heavy oil is nothing more than liquid coal. Without stack emissions equipment you will get filth.
    So it comes down to what do you as a consumer want? Coal fired plants at 3.8 cents per kilowatt, gas turbines at 10 cents, or wind power at 80 cents.
    Its way less expensive to retrofit all coal fired plants with clean coal technology than to build just one rebuild nuclear plant. In fact the coal fired plants can be producing affordable power for the consumers.
    Now ask yourself, do you want your electricity rates to double plus? McGuinty’s Green Energy Plan is planned to more than double your electricity rates after the next election.
    So what price of power do you want?

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