Public meeting on proposed wind farm set for tonight in Drayton

By Terry Pender, Guelph Mercury

Excerpt:   John Krul runs a dairy farm on the 16th Line in Mapleton Country and he fears a proposed wind farm on adjacent land will hurt him and his livestock.  “Probably within two kilometres of where this wind farm will be are 3,000 cows and several thousand pigs,” Krul.

NextEra Energy Resources, the largest owner of wind turbines in the United States, is proposing 10 for the land between the 14th and 16th lines north of Country Road 12. That’s about three kilometres south of Arthur.  “We are not sure how it affects livestock,” Krul said.

At a recent symposium in Picton people were told sleep deprivation, headaches, the effects of low-frequency noise and infrasound emitted from the wind turbines can impact one-in-seven people living near the turbines, Krul said.  The country and township councils have lost their ability to control the spread of wind farms in rural Ontario thanks to the province’s Green Energy Act and that’s frustrating, Krul said.  “That’s the biggest thing we are protesting because we don’t think that’s fair,” Krul said.  Read the entire article here

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  1. The turbine that failed near Sandusky,OH was one of 3 turbines manufactured by ReDriven Power of Iroquois,Ont. Is/was 60′ feet tall with 4 foot deep,60 ton concrete base.

    Seems they have real smart school administration in the Perkins district.

    See the Sandusky Register for additional information for Nov.28/29,10.

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