We protect birds from turbines, but not people?

Re: McGuinty ducks protesters, Hamilton Spectator

Before they sited the industrial wind turbines in Clear Creek, they listened to a local bird society submission and decided to move the turbines further away from a nesting ground for wild birds, therefore closer to the homes of the residents.

Members of the University of Guelph environmental engineering department are currently conducting a study on the effects of renewable energy, i.e., wind turbines, on farming operations — chicken eggs, etc.

Yet every time a human being either expresses concern about, or complains of, illness related to the proximity of these turbines, people like Premier Dalton McGuinty and Joe Mancinelli, vice-president of Liuna and a local Liberal, say in effect: “Oh well, too bad,” ridicule them and completely ignore the demand for health studies.

At the risk of sounding incredibly arrogant, when did wild birds and farm animals get a place higher up on the ladder of our society than humans?

Deb Murphy, Binbrook

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  1. It IS human arrogance that we are somehow more worthy of protection than any other sentient creatures. None of us – human and non-human – should be put at risk.

  2. We are a protesters in the public view and to the government and do more harm to them for resisting this green energy act and therefore not worthy of any help or proper study.We are black sheep of society trying to bring down their brainwashing technique of the good green expensive energy party. I bet ya the police task force have there men on this web site to try to explore all of bad black sheepee’s for their list of targets or harassment. Our rights are violated and they do not give a dam. Money,money,and get out of the way. We are a casualty and they just don’t care. I will like to see the day come that one will be built near a prominent government official home and see what happens,we may never hear of it because they will want it kept under wraps and deal with it behind closed doors.

  3. I thought, erroneously, of course, that the Minister of the Environment would do what I consider to be his job of protecting the environment. Mr. Mcguinty has no respect for humans–he’s already proved that.

  4. Deb Murphy, Binbrook, please explain and or justify your judgment with facts. I would like to know the exact distances (set-backs), that were proposed by the proponent in the beginning, to the distances which resulted thereafter, from which you derive your concerns regarding Clear Creek’s project that wildlife is getting a better deal?

    Here is a fact about wildlife that maybe you should be defending first, a fact that, as of yet, has not been defended through the courts. Take this to the bank, with regards to Canada’s wildlife, if Canada’s wildlife protection laws would have been taken into consideration with the introduction of wind energy into Canada from the get go, then as human beings presently there wouldn’t be any concerns to be had by us as there would not be any wind turbines to worry about.

    Since their inception, wind turbines have been killing flying wildlife on wind farms worldwide. Our wildlife protection laws state, that it is illegal to kill and or maim Canada’s wildlife and or destroy wildlife habitat. The wind turbine by its design alone, does more than suggest that they would have an adverse effect on wildlife, yet with these adverse effects, governments allow this type of activity to continue, why, because of Big Business.

    For man to develop and not effect the balance of nature, existing protection laws allowed for a finite effect on mother nature. With the finite effect, Mother Nature is allowed an opportunity to recover. What was once was possible with all activities when permission was granted to proceed would allowed, was a finite affect on wildlife. With the introduction of wind power this is not the case, a infinite effect wildlife has commenced at every wind farm location.

    Our protection laws, where in place prior to the introduction of wind energy, these laws have not changed over the years however the enforcement of these laws has.

    Has anyone ever wondered why this industry never took off in Canada, as it did in the US and other parts of the world. Unless it can be proven to me otherwise, it was because of our wildlife protection laws and because of those M.P’s and M.P.P’s of an era that would stand behind the purpose of such laws and as to the reason why such protection laws were created in the first place.

    When man puts themselves a head of other species they do so, because they think they are better. However, man is to stupid to realize, all species need one another to survive.

    In answer to your possible arrogance problem, the human species has made the world as you see it today and not the other species that man has to live on earth with, so I would argue the fact that yes, all other species are to be placed higher up on the ladder of our society than humans.

  5. We are getting a big taste now of what non-human sentients have had to, and continue to, endure at the hands of unconscious, harmful humans who regard animal and bird lives to be worthless. As we honour and protect them, we do the same for ourselves.

  6. The first reaction of residents in the Clear Creek/Cultus Frogmore IWT ZONE in 2005 actually WAS to form a group called Erie Shores Migratory Birds Advocates because they were in deed concerned about the now revealed kill rate of migrating birds, butterflies, bats through this area which is described by the Audubon Society as the major migratory flyway for millions of fauna.

    The ESMBA spent hundreds of hours and thousands of $$$$ petitioning Norfolk Council, province of ON, Can govt, Env Comm of ON, MPP’s, MP’s everyone we could think of not to allow rezoning of agric land into industrial to no avail.

    The forces on the other side had billions, hundreds of people and a green fog protecting them.

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