Beware of the carrot on a stick

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I understand where Rob Gardner is coming from regarding opportunities for farmers leasing their property to alternate energy developers.  The carrot being dangled is sizable.

Just consider the impact these will have on our communities.  The developers are beginning to push for more density and less restrictions, then there is the hydro towers to take the power to the grid.  The wind turbines you see in Shelburne area and around the Bruce are only teasers. They will be far denser. 

Do we really want this area to be a hydro wasteland?

The evidence is clear even in Germany and Spain where McGuinty got his model from that economically, these developments are not viable.  These countries have lost two jobs for every one created in the alternate energy sector.  The reason is simple, you can’t be competitive without cheap reliable energy.

And these governments are now cutting back the subsidies and because of that developers are going bankrupt.  So when this happens here in a year or so and we have allowed these developments to forge ahead and the subsidies here are cut as well.

What are you farmers stuck with? In fact what is this municipality stuck with?

It is easy for foreign companies to sign deals with you and put these developments in, but it is just as easy for them to close up shop and leave you and this municipality with the mess. 

And what will your farms be worth then ?

Just do the math, how long can our government pay 10 times more for energy, which then has to be passed on to business and homeowners.  These skyrocketing hydro prices will affect jobs every-where. Everything will go up in price.

The city of Toronto is waking up. They are seeing their hydro bills go up drastically.  It’s because of these wind and solar developments and the outrageous subsidies being paid to them by McGuinty.

You need cheap reliable energy. This isn’t it. So tread carefully before you sign on.

I think this is a recipe for disaster for this province.

Ernest Horvath, Meaford

10 thoughts on “Beware of the carrot on a stick

  1. Right On, it is about time the People in this Province start to wake up and see what this government is doing to them. Because it has not been immediately in there backyard they have been ignoring it. Now that there hydro bills have escalated they are starting to wake up and starting to ask questions. They were told in Toronto harness the wind, cheap power, no mention to what farmers were being paid, nothing about destroying rural Ontario, nothing about causing major health problems to the people that live within the wind farms. Wake Up Ontario, and look at what is going on around you.

  2. I think we should all be looking at the future, ourselves and our children will be stuck with what is planned for concerning wind turbines some would say these turbines are a clean energy source for generations to come and will eleviate the damage on the enviroment to perserve our world. But the fact is wind farms are destroying a promising future in this province tax payers are flipping the bill for the construction and operation and will mostlikely pay to take them down in a few years after the goverment realizes thhat they infact don’t make sence and are useless. So although the money they wave around and dangle in front of those in a tight spot may seem attractive soon the people will realize it didn’t pay for anything except a burden on our children,llandscape,and pocket book.
    I still have faith that soon our goverment will wake up and change thier ways before its too late but my prayers go to those already suffering.

  3. Farmers/landowners considering signing a wind turbine contract should at least check with their insurance company as turbines on their property are outside of normal farming operations.This should require additional liability insurance for an industrial installation on their property.

    Some may rely on the turbine company paying liability insurance on the turbines but if the premiums are not payed then the farmer/landowner will be stuck with any liabilites for damges caused by the turbines on their property.

    Some turbine companies may rely on being “self insured” in which case the land owner will be stuck with damage claims.

    Farmers/land owners should be very wary of signing wind turbine contracts at the very least for their own sakes.

  4. Farmers need to be aware that if your contract does not say the company is responsible for taking the turbine down, it will be your cost to decommission. Estimated at about the same cost as to erect. The way it was explained to a friend was “the smart farmers have it in their contract,the not so smart farmers don’t”

  5. BD correct ,but if the turbine company is insolvent or bankrupt do you have any information on this aspect of the situation? In which case the lease would be void and land reverted back to the owner.

    Landowners that have wind turbines should be aware of the cost of a fatality from a turbine could be in the $ 1 million range.

    Farmers/landowners should be aware that anyone who comes on their land as visitors,workers,delivery people, etc. have to be covered by their liability insurance.

  6. BD – actually, just having some words in a contract is not so smart. If the company goes bankrupt – and these are project-specific LLC’s – the words become meaningless. An pre-paid escrow account held by a third party in sufficient amounts (counting for inflation over 20 years) would be the best thing. Maybe a bond would suffice. Either way, money must be paid upfront or the landowner will very possibly be stuck.

  7. Barbara and Wayne, if the farmers get stuck, so be it. They better save all the money they get just in case.For so it would be what they deserve.

    Boy am I a bitch!

  8. BD you are so right! There also can be all the people who are sickened and lost property value so the risk of having turbines on their property is very great.

    But so be it!

  9. “I still have faith that soon our government will wake up and change their ways before its too late but my prayers go to those already suffering.”


    Jerian? Are you for real?

    Norway conducted a study of Danish wind energy in 1998. Suffice it to say, it was less then glowing.

    Ostensibly, it has been known among governments for OVER A DECADE that industrial wind energy doesn’t work! Our government is not only AWAKE, they are CRIMINAL!

    Unfortunately, we, the ignorant, lazy masses, can’t be bothered to learn the truth and continue to swallow hook, line and sinker; the absolute GARBAGE we are being fed from our only-interested-in-power, governments thru an equally ignorant and lazy mass media!


    You cannot grow if you don’t know!

    At least, this is what I tell my children.


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