Dr. Arlene King did not conduct any health study nor speak to any victims

Politically, Dr. King cannot criticize another ministry

The Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act – Part III, Section 11:   11.  (1)  Where a complaint is made to a board of health or a medical officer of health that a health hazard related to occupational or environmental health exists in the health unit served by the board of health or the medical officer of health, the medical officer of health shall notify the ministry of the Government of Ontario that has primary responsibility in the matter and, in consultation with the ministry, the medical officer of health shall investigate the complaint to determine whether the health hazard exists or does not exist. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.7, s. 11 (1).

Orangeville Citizen

Residents of Dufferin County have very good reason to react loudly to news of new wind farms being proposed in their areas. The evidence to date warrants concern. Industrial scale turbines and the substations are causing health problems across our province and around the world.

Our Minister of the Environment John Wilkinson claims that his ministry has made decisions based on the best available science. Anyone attending information meetings know that his ministry and wind developers hold up Dr. Arlene King’s (Chief Medical Officer of Health) contradictory literature review as some sort of supporting statement that wind turbines do not cause harm to our health. Dr. King has not completed a health study. She chose not to speak with even 1 of the many victims right here in Ontario prior to releasing her review. This seems odd behaviour for a top physician who is investigating a public health problem.

Even Dr. Hazel Lynn (MOH Grey-Bruce) and Dr. Ray Copes (OAHPP), who consulted with Dr. King as she prepared her review, questioned her final release.

“The whole section that a couple of us really wanted in there on community health and community disruption went. It’s not in there. I suspect politically she can’t criticize another ministry, so I was a little disappointed,” Lynn said.

“I think it’s a fair comment that there is other material that could have been in the report and wasn’t,” said Dr. Ray Copes, the director of environmental and occupational health at the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion and another member of the committee that reviewed drafts of the report. Copes said there are “really important and quite legitimate” questions about wind farms that he and Lynn thought should be discussed, but “I guess the CMOH’s report wasn’t the place for it.” http://www.owensoundsuntimes.  com/ArticleDis play.aspx?e=2610031

Coincidentally, the group of Doctors Mr. Keller referred to that CanWEA (registered lobby group that advocates for the wind industry) sponsored to do their literature review did not conduct a health study or speak to any of the affected either.

The Society for Wind Vigilance held The First International Symposium on the Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects in Picton in October.  The Society is an international federation of physicians and other professionals. These physicians are doing everything on their own hook and are not sponsored by anyone. They have spent thousands of hours and have travelled thousands of miles because they know what is happening is harming families globally. These professionals have spoken to the residents who have been affected. I encourage Mr. Keller and others to view the proceedings of the symposium at www.windvigilance.com

I know the distress of families who have been forced to leave their homes. Some have lived in their homes for decades and some for generations. Others built brand new custom homes and have had to leave them. For what purpose would any family take on a 2nd place to live, paying rent and utilities while their own home sits empty waiting for help? They leave because they are ill.

Minister Wilkinson needs to review the health symposium information immediately and he needs to address the rampant problems in the province. The current setbacks are simply not adequate to protect the health of Ontario families.

Barbara Ashbee, RR1 Orangeville

Wes Keller’s Reporting Biased

I read Wes Keller’s article in the November 25th Orangeville Citizen regarding the turbine project planned for Whittington which is just north of the town of Orangeville and I take exception to several of Mr. Keller’s smug remarks. Mr. Keller, who has covered the wind turbine issue for over 10 years, knows quite well that once one or two or three turbines go up in an area, there will be many more to follow as witnessed north of us in Shelburne and Melancthon where there are over 130 of the behemoths’.

In his article he writes that a “relatively minor installation” “oddly, perhaps, is turning into a major issue”.

There is nothing odd or minor about this issue especially when people’s health, wealth and democratic rights are put into jeopardy because of Premier McGuintys’ Green Energy Act.

When taxpaying home owners in Ontario can no longer sway or have a say at the local, municipal or provincial level about something as obtrusive as 500 foot wind turbines being erected in their backyard or in their community, then I say we are all living under a dictatorship!

Mr. Keller writes that Betsy Collin and her milliondollar residence would fall under the shadow of the three turbines but ‘oddly’, fails to mention anything about the more than thirty home owners in the same area that will also be directly affected, some more so than others, and who’s homes are certainly worth a lot less than a million-dollars and certainly will be worth a lot less once these turbines go up. He fails to mention anything about the local homeowners that have had their homes up for sale and cannot sell their homes because of the ‘prospect’ that three wind turbines will be built in their area.

Mr. Keller writes that findings from reports from a seven-member panel of ‘experts’ concluded that “sounds or vibrations emitted from wind turbines have no adverse effect on human health” but he fails to mention anything in the article about the ‘real’ local people already living under the shadow of wind turbines whose lives have been changed dramatically due to health effects.

Maybe Mr. Keller remembers when ‘experts’ deemed cigarettes safe and not a cause of cancer.

Mr. Keller, there is nothing ‘odd’ at all when local concerned citizens fight for their right to be heard and fight for their rights to be represented.

The only ‘odd’ thing in your article is that as a reporter, you did not include local interviews and facts relating to a very serious local issue that will most certainly affect all of us-you included, in the months and years to come.

Mark Champagne, Amaranth

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  1. I bring your attention to Part III, section 11 of The Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act:

    This act is policed (or not as is currently the case) by the Minister of Health.

    Clearly Dr. Arlene King DID NOT DO THIS! Just as clearly, the minister, her boss, thinks this is perfectly fine!

    When those charged with enforcing the law instead violate it, we have a defacto state of anarchy!

    Welcome to Ontario!

    A place to leave because it’s crim-in-al; Ontari-ari-ari-0?


  2. Perhaps people should be looking at industrial health and safety acts. I will bet there are noise requirements, and I will bet that the IWT’s and environs can be designated industrial sites. 😉

  3. Comment to David Robinson, Mc Guinty got rid of all those laws when he inforced the Green Engery Act they do not pertain to Green Engery. We live in a dictatorship, or freedoms of been taken away. All the money for health care is being directed to wind turbine companies. The debt retirement charge on your hydro bill is from Maurice Strong who bought up property in the Rain Forest back when he is was part of Bob Ray NDP party. This was bought with hydro money and we are paying for it. All the money that has been collected our dear Premiere has put into general revenue and not one penny has gone to pay down this debt. We must make sure in the next election we vote out every liberal MPP.

  4. ep:

    You are suggesting that there are no Occupational Health and Safety regulations on wind turbine sites?

    I would have to see some evidence of that. I believe that the labour board could shut down any site with proven health risks — for example.

    Think about it for a while and then have a look at the GEA.

  5. Hey Ep…

    I posted on that very thing yesterday…

    You may want to revisit it…

    Thank you Maureen for fixing my link error, I was sure I checked it before I posted it.

    Clearly I didn’t!

    Thanks again.


  6. ep,

    Could you expand your remaks on the Rain Forest thing? It’s interesting as rain forests are now used as carbon sinks in the Cap & Trade scam in Europe.

  7. David or ep,

    How much Hydro money and when was it spent to purchase rain forest land?

    How could this have been justified as a Hydo expenditure?

    Does Hydro still own this rain forest land?

  8. Barbara, the RAIN FOREST, article in 1994


    TORONTO STAR, Tuesday, May 17th, 1994 [page A2]


    By Leslie Papp

    Queen’s Park Bureau.

    Ontario Hydro chairman Maurice Strong has opened talks on buying 12,500 hectares [30,875 acres] of a Costa Rican forest in a deal the [Opposition] Progressive Conservatives brand as “wacky” in the face of the utility’s $34 billion debt.

    “How is this going to help the ratepayers in Ontario?” Conservative energy critic Chris Stockwell asked in the Legislature yesterday.

    “In my wildest dreams, I can’t fathom how the hell this could be used”, he later told reporters. Citing federal sources, Stockwell said the tract sought by Strong is worth between $10 million and $12 million. It borders on Corcovado National Park and, if Hydro buys the land, it would be added to the park for environmental preservation.

    A Hydro spokesperson said the land might help combat greenhouse gases.

    The talks come at a time when Hydro has cut about 10,000 jobs.

    Later, asked by reporters, Stockwell said he saw no connection betweeen the proposed parkland purchase and Strong’s private ownership of land in Costa Rica.

    Hydro spokesperson Terry Young confirmed that Strong had discussed purchase of the tract by the utility in a recent meeting with Costa Rican officials in Ottawa.

    “We’ve had some discussions which I would term exploratory about investment in this park”, Young said. “It’s an option. We’ve not talked money at all. We haven’t done anything in terms of commitments”.

    The purchase is being considered on grounds that saving a large section of forest will help offset the emission of greenhouse gases by oil or coal-burning generating stations, he said.

    Asked why the utility isn’t investing in Ontario forests, instead of those in the Caribbean, Young said Hydro does much for this province too, including a rate freeze this year.

    Stockwell said Strong should use his own money if he wants to invest in the global environment. “Ontarians can’t afford to save the Earth through their hydro bills”.

    Strong was on a business trip to Japan and unavailable for comment.

    Energy Minister Bud Wildman appeared taken aback by news of Hydro talks toward a Costa Rican land purchase. He stressed that no deal had been signed and vowed to discuss the matter with Strong.

  9. Mr. Alias:

    I was not here at the time. Now I see the roots of the wackiness in the Ontario Hydro system. Maurice Strong has to be one of the most committed socialists to have ever achieved a position of power in Ontario, perhaps all of Canada.

    Well good riddance to him, though his legacy and the damage lives on.

    Now we have Canadian donations to WWF to buy land that would not likely have been used in any way — all to provide a semblance of protection to that land in an effort to extract blood money from Canadian Corporations and other weak minded fools. What twits!

    Hopefully the Liberals, and their handmaidens the NDP, will never return to power in Ontario or Canada. We need a new national party to replace them — one that will work for Canada instead of international socialism and airy fairy Green Movements.

  10. More on Maurice Strong and more than likely, why, environmental groups, are the way they are, concerning the wind industry’s use of wind turbines to generate electricity.


    Within the book review;

    “In 1988 Elaine Dewar set out to write an upbeat article for Saturday Night about how David Suzuki and groups like the World Wildlife Fund were helping the Kayapo Indians of Brazil defend the rainforest. Though billed at fundraisers as the “Guardians of the Rainforest,” in reality, the Kayapo were living off the profits of gold mining and the sale of mahogany and making up to $50,000 per month.”

    It’s been said;

    “Cloak of Green must be read by anyone interested in the environmental movement and world politics as they are played in the 1990’s. Knowledge is power, and anyone who reads this book will gain a great deal of it.”

  11. David, I agree, however it would have to be a National Party with a perspective, which would treat all species as equal, zero tolerance enforcement, and a progression that will afford no impact on or to the environment. Infinite effects on the environment, will not be entertained.

    All species, including humans, depend on each other to survive. Man does not get to choose, who can stay and who can’t. When it comes to Big Business, it’s Big Business that gets to do the choosing, and that can account for the problems in Ontario and the rest of Canada regarding our environmental issues?

    If wind turbines were to be eliminated (which they should) within Canada, there wouldn’t be much to argue about would there (except for the F.I.T.)?

    Just think about the amount of money being spent presently, never mind to mention the amount of time on both sides of the fence, that is being wasted on an industry, an industry that is not worth what it claims to be nor will it ever be.

  12. It all comes down to “speaking truth to power”. Dr. King isn’t capable of it so we are doing it for her.

  13. Thanks Mr.Alias,

    Confirms some of the issues that have been uncovered in the process of dealing with the wind turbine issues.

  14. So it can be concluded that Maurice Strong had no educational qualifications to head Ontario Hydro. No training and or education in power production.

    Appointed because of his political connections and managed as a political entity.

  15. Barbara, I am quite sure, you’ll be interested in reading the following document at the link that follows;

    Can one imagine the political power of environmentalists and of their groups, I can.

    If your able to control the environmentalists and/or their groups, one can then a achieve, what one’s heart desires, if you know all the wants of all the right players and that you have sufficient cash flow.

    The following is a summary report of what took place in Ontario during the Liberal’s 2007 campaign. Long story short, a coalition of five conservation groups wanted something from the Ontario government, which was an update and strengthening of Ontario’s Endanger Species Act. What the S.O.S. coalition got was an act that contradicts itself, an act that is not worth the paper it is written on, because within the legislation it allows for infinite adverse effects on flying wildlife to take place, with the issuance of permits/approvals under Section 17 of the ESA 2007, to wind facility proponents.

    As we are all aware, wind turbines kill flying wildlife no matter what their size. The question, were these groups aware of Section 17 of the ESA, when all their lobbing was going on? It has to be asked, where was this S.O.S. group when the updated ESA, was going through the motions at Queens Park?

    One of two things took place, the S.O.S. Group must have figured that their lobbing gave them a Slam Dunk in getting their rewrite of the ESA and that there wasn’t anything else to be concerned about or with. If it wasn’t that then the S.O.S. Group knew exactly what was taken place with the ESA’s rewrite.

    I haven’t read anything other than the IVEY Foundation’s December 2007 report. This S.O.S. group has not said to much about ESA 2007 in itself, in allowing for the slaughter of wildlife by wind turbines, why?

    At best, until I read otherwise, these groups will not bite the hand that feeds them, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. This is how politicians and environmentalists are able to get along so well, “Lets Pretend We Care?


  16. Mr. ALias:

    Some day you will have to tell me how this can be achieved.

    ” a National Party with a perspective, which would treat all species as equal, zero tolerance enforcement, and a progression that will afford no impact on or to the environment. Infinite effects on the environment, will not be entertained. ”

    I am sure it will be a long explanation. 😉

  17. Back to Health Protection and Promotion:

    Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit Advisory Cttee was petitioned in Aug 2010 to investigate the results of a petition signed by > 70 people who said they were affected by the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT”S all jammed into a 3 km radius in the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE. the Cttee was provided with ~ 10 documents describing the adverse health effects of IWT’ in other parts of Ontario and the world.

    Because the MOH, Dr. M. Locke was not at the mtg, there was not much discussion, nor talk of action.

    With the distraction of the campaigning for the Municipal elections, further action was again delayed.

    Another deputation to the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit is planned for Dec or Jan with a new Cttee in place and hopefully the presence of the MOH, Dr. Locke. Again the Cttee will be provided with more information, this time from the International Symposium on Adverse Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines and Social Justice which was held in Picton, ON on Oct 29 to 31, 2010.

    Although a request to Norfolk Council to have someone from the H-N HU attend the Symposium, sadly, neither funds, nor personnel were made available.

    In the mean time, it has been 2 years since the 18 turbines surrounding the ~ 140 houses within the 3 km radius have been disemboweling this tiny community. We have +/- 8 abandoned houses, +/- 8 vacant houses for sale, +/- 8 occupied houses for sale as well as 8 houses used only seasonally. There has been an unsuccessful suicide as well as one successful suicide, arson in one of the abandoned houses and a break in to one of the vacant/for sale houses.

    Recently we have learned of the demolition of one of the houses which has been for sale for > 2years so that the land owner does not have to pay for residential property taxes; he will only pay the vacant land tax.

    What more can a community take? Ah, yes, it is rumoured that recent purchases of houses for sale have been bought by a group which has acquired a federal permit to grow medical marijuana around here.

    So there you have the recent history of Turbine Town.

  18. Thanks David & Mr.Alias,

    Many of the “green” NGOs have sucked unknown millions of dollars out of corporations and various levels of governments both in Canada and the U.S. for their own enrichment.

    These “green” groups do not represent the citizens of either country but rather themselves. All the monies they have sucked out have come indirectly from ratepayer,taxpayers and business coustomers.Thereby causing a great deal of finincial damage to the economy of both countries.

    These “green” parasites can weaken companies to the point where they can fail. Now the new GM is paying out money for “green” scams but still owes both governments huge amounts of money. Perhaps a sign of the “green’s” political influence?

  19. Mr Alias,

    It’s a most difficult task to form a new political party as it surely would take years for a new party to have much political influence.

    Perhaps it’s better to change the direction of an already established existing party?

  20. Barbara & David, isn’t it nice to be able to dream? I know I won’t be able to see a national/regional party take its’ rightful position within the food chain, in life my time. A new national party is only dreaming and you cannot teach an old dog a new trick. Ontarians as a whole are not politically ready as of yet to consider a party that would serve in their best interest, as well there is not a political party worthy of serving the best interest of Ontarians, so it looks like we are up the creek without a paddle for the present. The environmental lobby groups, have the power to get the ball rolling but they are all to busy collecting political handouts in order to justify their existence. The environmentalist groups will only start to band together as soon as their funding stops.

  21. Mr Alias,

    It’s not the PARTY it’s the people running the party that cause the problems. It is possible to change direction and is the best solution for now.

    Agreed that the environmental groups will unite when they see their end is near. But the electorate can prevail in the end if they become informed. That is if the public finds out how much money they have been taken for.

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