Liberal MPP’s bizarre stunt back fires

Liberal MPP David Zimmer pulls a bizarre stunt where he attempts to file a freedom of information request to get the Ontario PC Party’s energy platform – and it completely backfires when media start asking about the freedom of information requests his own government has completely ignored.   For the second day in a row, the Ontario Liberals are desperately trying to change the message on their disastrous record on hydro bills.

10 thoughts on “Liberal MPP’s bizarre stunt back fires

  1. Wow, doesn’t that just take the cake? Does someone need to remind the Liberals that they are the governing party, and it is up to the opposition parties to criticize the plan? Wait, I know. The Liberals are so desperate that they want the PC Energy Plan so that they can use it and claim it for their own.

    Ontario is going to be the laughingstock of the country.

  2. And in other news, puzzled observers watch PC MPPs rolling on the floor laughing.

  3. I don’t remember the Ontario Liberals presenting a plan before the last election that indicated they were going to spend $86 Billion and that our hydro rates were going to more than double ???

    Shouldn’t they have presented this farce of a policy before the last election instead of focusing on not funding for religious schools ?

    The Ontario Liberals have really done something stupid, immoral and unethical by not telling Ontarians the truth about their plans and who they were in bed with….

  4. “The Ontario Liberals have really done something stupid, immoral and unethical by not telling Ontarians the truth about their plans and who they were in bed with….”

    Uh, Randy…

    THEY’RE LIBERALS! Stupid, immoral and unethical is ALL they know!

    Has always been that way and will always be that way!

    I’m constantly amazed that they can get elected -Repeatedly!

    If we do not learn the lessons from the mistakes of history we are doomed to repeat them!


  5. I suspect an offer of a beer in a local pub would have been more effective. People lose sight of the normal methods in trying times.

  6. WOW!! Another “Liberal ” screw up on Policy. Let them keep digging their own Grave, THEY ARE DONE!!!! lying to the people.
    Take your RICH Pension Dalton and Run for cover in “retirement” where you belong. Enough already.

  7. Irresponsible! Who’s he to talk? They’re the ones who lied at the time of the Green Energy Act introduction–only 1% per year. Now it’s an irresponsible 46% over five years–exactly what I predicted two years ago to the Ontario Finance Committee in Windsor.

    If they cleaned up the coal plants, it would add one cent/kwh just to the power coming from the coal plants. This is based on amortizing the capital costs over 15 years at 6% and a 60% capacity factor. That is the responsible thing to do.

  8. Grant:

    I read your piece (link).

    Yes, cleaning up the coal would have eliminated the need for the GEA except that it [GEA] is not an act to generate electricity but rather an act in failed ideology. The world has for all intents and purposes, discovered that “alternative energy” (wind, solar, biofuels) is useless on an industrial scale.

    However, going forward in the not too distant future, our aging nuclear fleet will have to be dealt with one way or the other. As for the coal itself, I don’t believe it ever accounted for more then a third of Ontario’s total generation capacity. To meet future demand, we would have to substantially increase coal’s contribution to the grid or find something else. Your own research showed the limitations in both hydro and natural gas and the horrendous expense of conventional nuclear.

    So Grant? As your presentation was long on problems but short on solutions; what is your solution to providing sustainable and affordable electricity to tomorrow’s Ontario?

    As an insatiable student of all things energy for over twenty years. I already have solutions to this problem and have posted repeatedly on them. Ultimately, there is only ONE answer.

    I’m Just curious to see how far your own obviously extensive research went.


  9. BBW,

    950 MW of hydroelectric power is identified in my report. There is more power available at Niagra Falls as well, being increased by about 200 MW by Big Becky and a new 230 kKV line from Niagara to move power that is bottled up there currently. the line hasn’t been completed because of the Indian protest in Caledonia.

    Of course the thing to keep in mind is that peak demand day. If we have a peak of 27,000 MW, we need 27,000 MW plus to prevent a blackout. The average peak might be about 17,000 MW, meaning we might have 10,000 MW just sitting there much of the time.

    All these wind turbines and solar panels are useless and way over priced. You need 100% reliable backup capacity.

    We currently have coal and gas plants just sitting idle. The 2,000 MW Lennox/Oil is almost always idle, although it’s there for that peak day.

    I find the whole nuclear question daunting. Despite the astronomical price, it might be better to build another plant at Darlington instead of rebuilding anymore Pickering units.

    We are very much net exporters of power on a nearly continuos basis, not just in the wee hours of the night. Last year we had net exports of 10 TWh. At any given time, there is usually power being imported and exported.

    Smart meters are another useless expenditure, designed to trim that daily peak demand. If the estimate of 500 MW saving was acheived, it would have been better just to build a new state of the art coal plant.

  10. Grant.

    According to the IESO, our current generation mix (35,781MW total) breaks down as follows:

    Nuclear: 11450 MW
    Nat-gas: 8587MW
    Hydro: 7872MW
    Coal: 6440MW

    Nuclear is doing the heavy lifting most of the time as has been the case for most of the last 40 years. Most of the hydro is “stored” which means it can’t be used at full capacity 24/7. Coal and natural gas are the most polluting and therefore least desirable. This is why nuclear provides us with almost all of it’s capacity all the time and rarely falls below 9000MW.

    You are talking about less then 1200 MW of additional hydro. That doesn’t even cover our exports most days. The government is stupid to lose coal which they have already more then replaced with natural gas. As for wind and solar, I didn’t include them in the mix for a reason –they have NO capacity value.
    They’re worthless.

    Going forward, we don’t have much choice other then nuclear or drastically expanded nat-gas. Obviously, an intelligent government would also include coal but I fear Dalton is doing everything in his power to remove that option.

    However, there actually is a [decades old] way to do nuclear energy right. Google: “Integral Fast Reactor.” Go where you are led and then we can talk more about humanities energy future.


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