Ontarios long term energy plan. The plan we don’t need or want

2 thoughts on “Ontarios long term energy plan. The plan we don’t need or want

  1. Wow….this is amazing! I want the knowledgeable bear on the left to run our province please and thank you……and please, don’t say ‘I don’t care’.

  2. Hey All:

    Check out the video after the one posted about Ontario’s 80+ MILLION dollar grant to Ford. Apparently both Ontario’s and Fords contribution to this plant will exceed 748 MILLION and create ONLY 750 jobs!

    If I heard it right (And I heard it TWICE) that works out to about 1 MILLION invested PER JOB!

    Where do I sign up!

    As for the environment… I wasn’t aware Ford Mustangs were exceptionally fuel efficient!!???
    Yet another expensive government program at complete odds with another obscenely expensive government program!

    I know the government of Ontario is WACKO but I thought Ford had more brains then that!

    I wonder what kind of electricity rate Ford has negotiated with Ontario? Maybe Ford DOES have more brains then that!

    …And we get stuck paying out of BOTH POCKETS –AGAIN!



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