Duguid ducks out of debate, resorts to name-calling

Update:   Brad Duguid chickened out.   He refused to debate.  He would only appear if he had the entire hour to himself with no other guests present.  Upcoming TV Appearance: Goldhawk Live (Rogers TV) December 1, 2010 9pm

Tom Adams will be appearing on the phone-in show Goldhawk Live (Cable 10 & Cable 63 in Toronto) to debate Ontario’s nuclear power future with Energy Minister Brad Duguid and Opposition Energy Critic John Yakabuski. Get your questions ready and call in.

16 thoughts on “Duguid ducks out of debate, resorts to name-calling

  1. Show Mr.Duguid for the phony he is!!!! He is a man with no plan.
    Way to go Mr. Adams and Mr. Yakabuski!

  2. Never thought Minister Duguid would come out to face Tom Adams in a public discussion.

    Good luck tonight to Tom adams and John Yakabuski !!!

  3. Apparently Brad Duguid refused to go on Goldhawk Live with Tom Adams and John Yakabuski. I think he will be on by himself tonight. Make sure you call in with questions.

  4. Lynne:

    I presume you mean Goldhawk Live on TV.

    It would not surprise me if Duguid would not show with Yakabuski and Adams — why throw yourself in the lions den?

    I will see if I can remember to tune in.

  5. Minister Duguid will be on TVO Steve Paikin this Thursday at 8 PM. Don’t know if he will be on in the first or second segment but by himself.

  6. David,

    Thanks for the program update as I don’t have cable TV. Not surprised at the outcome. The government simply can’t afford to discuss energy issues with knowledgeable people.

  7. And here I forgot to mention before, THAT HE WOULD PULL A CAMERON!!!!!!

  8. “If Duguid were slapped in the face with a dead fish he would understand that. However his understanding of the energy issues and the trade-offs is not adequate.”

    David you are being uncharacteristically kind. Duguid’s knowledge of the energy file in Ontario is for all intents and purposes, non-existent! He may as well be talking about rutabagas!

    I wonder how he is getting along with “curious” George Smitherman?

    There’s a “Har, Har” for you! 🙂


  9. Seeing the prominence given I want to add one more issue — picked up by someone who does not have a lot of knowledge of the energy scene. I noticed it too — but did not realize how obvious was the stumble…


    The issue of Geothermal was raised by the caller. Duguid discussed geothermal and efficiency and pointed out that Ontario was an ideal place for Geothermal to gain a foothold. He then went on to discuss how distributed energy generation was going to be important — especially if the electric car gained a foothold — then he made a few more comments on various energy generation schemes and the distributed grid.

    This got a loud comment from the other chair — what!? — he is completely confused — can you follow him? Is he confusing electricity generation and heat transfer to and from the ground? WTF?

    Well yeah he was.

    I would need a tape/dvd of the session to go back and unravel his comments as they were completely confused and seemed to conflate the issues.

    As I said previously — not a stellar performance.

    I would recommend to our Dear Mr. Minister that he take along a technical person to assist him. on the upcoming TVO interview — it couldn’t hurt and it might help.

    Given the fact that he is the minster and he has no background in energy, I would find it hard to criticize the strategy — — of his intent is to enlighten as opposed to one of spreading confusion.

    Now I know some would question my motive and ask “Why help?” All I can say is that we have almost a year more of this farce… let’s end the torture as quickly as possible. Let’s try to limit the damage.

    Think about it Mr. Minister — I for one would not fault you if you brought along some help! Especially if you learned to take good and learned advice. Let’s face it, some “self appointed experts” really do know when you screwed up. It’s time to listen.

    So if you are a spy for Duguid and you read this — give him a break — pass along the advice. Otherwise I may just plant a question with the interviewer — then we can have another belly laugh!

  10. Where is that intestinal fortitude you talked about Mr Duguid? No stomach to debate? Were you trained by Al Gore? Shame on you.

  11. I have a trick question for Brad NoGuid:

    What is energy?

    David, care to wager on his answer?



  12. I just watched much of Grant’s video…

    I wasn’t aware that Ontario was EVER “largely reliant on dirty coal” I don’t recall at time in my life where coal constituted a majority of our grid capacity. Forget about any time in the last 6 or 7 years!

    Am I in error?

    What the hell is Brad NoGuid talking about or does he even have a clue?


  13. I believe that George Smitherman has a chicken suit that Brad Duguid can wear…

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