What legacy are we leaving?

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Our family farm is in the former St. Vincent Township, now the Municipality of Meaford and my husband and myself were at the meeting of Silcote Wind Farm Project in Meaford.

We met many people extremely upset with these large overbearing objects around them. There were many ques- tions that needed answering but this did not happen.  Our concerns were with the future and the repercussions on the land. Answers were either vague, ignored or totally off topic from the representatives of Inter- national Power Corporation. Our concerns are as follows:

1)  Who is responsible at the end of the term (20 years with another 20 year option) for the removal of the tower, the mas- sive amount of cement in the ground, the fences and the roads?  IPC”s not quite the answer was they would repair the turbine if needed or replace it with a new one.

2)  How can a proper health study be done when it must encompass an aging process to equal the time frame of the lease (20 t0 40 years). IPC’s answer pointed to their placards neatly arranged around the room.

3)  Why are the wind turbines being place on the Niagara Escarpment which is an interna- tionally recognized as a protected biosphere? The answer to this question was referred to the Green Energy Act.

4)  What about insurance and liability? The land owner would have to check the individual policy.

5)  Final question: If the Silcote Wind Turbine Project is such a bang up great idea, why did IPC sneak around, getting some people to sign up two years ago and kept it a secret from their neighbours and if it’s such a money making project, why doesn’t IPC make a firm com- mitment to Ontario and Meaford by purchasing the land instead of long term leasing?

These are just a few questions that needed to be answered honestly to provide the municipality of Meaford with a picture of the future.

Sherry Pottage, Clarksburg

3 thoughts on “What legacy are we leaving?

  1. Wind company personnel are doing their job of spreading propaganda for their employer.
    Wind company personnel have a “head in the sand” mentality.
    Wind company member in Drayton refused to be introduced the the 80-year old who cannot sleep in her home because they don’t want to change “anecdotal” to proof.
    McGuinty Liberals have over-ridden the Niagara Escarpment Commission–so there is no protection for the escarpment.
    McGuinty Liberals have over-ridden every statute written for the protection, of people, water. conservation, wildlife. You name it-they’ve overridden it in the name of the almighty dollar being earned through turbines.
    Time for change?
    I think so.

  2. The Green Energy Act trumps many other Acts, including the Endangered Species Act. It is becoming increasingly evident – and heads must come completely out of the sand about this – that neither the “government” nor the Big Wind developers
    care about protected biospheres. They care about fundamentalist Greenism, ie the new Green Religion, and greenbacks/big,big bucks.

    This needs to be widely recognized and named for what it is: elemental rape and pillage of the lands, skies and waters – of Mother Earth.

    All jurisdictions must say “NO,” and mean it – and be prepared to defend the Earth and all life, including people.

  3. You can just GOOGLE wind turbine de- comissioning and view a couple of already made agreements for turbine removal.

    The huge cement base is not removed. Only about ~ meter of the base is taken up and back filled with soil. Other parts are salvaged for the copper and steel.The rest goes to a land fill.

    Removing the huge cement bases is quite costly and the land fill area needed to dump all these cement bases in is also huge. Talk about saving the environment. It’s a joke folks!!!

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