Nextera ordered to pay $2.5 million and replace turbines to reduce raptor deaths

Wind turbines at Altamont Pass kill an estimated 1,766 to 4,271 birds annually, including 880 to 1,330 raptors such as golden eagles, hawks, falcons and owls.

By Denis Cuff, San Jose Mercury News

The largest wind energy producer in the Altamont Pass area of eastern Alameda and Contra Costa counties has agreed to replace 2,400 wind turbines within four years and pay $2.5 million in a legal settlement to reduce deaths of eagles, hawks and other raptors hacked by turbine blades.

Under the deal, NextEra agreed to replace 2,400 of its turbines within four years. If it falls behind schedule, the company also pledges to shut down all its existing turbines no later than 2015. Read entire article here

10 thoughts on “Nextera ordered to pay $2.5 million and replace turbines to reduce raptor deaths

  1. I could not get to the article through the link, so went directly to the San Jose Mercury News website.

    This seems to me to be a very tiny step, and probably a drop in the bucket for Nextera. Let’s hope it does not end up being a step backward. The developer does not mind undertaking this action since it means they will be able to go ahead and build more and more turbines – supposedly less raptor-friendly – in the future.

    Really, Nextera should be fined to the point of bankrutcy for willful killing of endangered/protected birds.

    Oh yes, and their subsidies should be revoked forthwith – forever.

  2. More and more turbines will probably be built in California as this is the land of ECO-NUTS where they want ~30% renewables in the next few years.

    Up and onward with Cap & Trade in California by 2012.

  3. So the endangered species in the United States are worth less than ducks in Canada? Not that one could place a value on a living being slaughtered because of negligence. The point is that Syncrude was fined $3.2 million for the death of 1,600 ducks yet Nextera is fined only $2.1 million for the ANNUAL deaths of well over 4,000 birds of which 1/3 of them are likely on an endangered species list. To top it all off, they’re going to replace existing turbines with newer style turbines, better able to continue and enhance the number of slaughters. The wind industry is getting off too easy for their outright negligence. Where are the bird societies on this ongoing, unnecessary slaughter? Oh right, bought off with $$$ and propaganda believing replacement wind turbines will reduce the number of kills. The lot of them are nothing but a bunch of PINKOS!

  4. Maureen:

    “1.2 million of that is going into a special fund to research how they can still plaster the migration routes with wind turbines yet not kill off the raptors. Isn’t that special?”

    I think that is what is called a “logical inconsistency” in debating terms.

    Do try to be unemotional when people are trying to explain how and they they wish to be “complete flippin’ idiots”.

    It’s too bad Wind Company executives did not have wings and migration routes, because them I might be supportive of more turbines. tic

  5. Hang on now….

    Let’s not forget that Syncrude killed some abundant ducks with the effluent from “dirty” oil. Because IWTs are “green” any endangered species killed by them is far less a problem because green is good –right?

    Yeah! This glaring hypocrisy was recently pointed out in the mass media here in Ottawa. To a largely blind and deaf audience!



  6. Hey Quixote…

    Before you go beating on California’s financial situation you may want to take a critical and comparative look at Ontario’s….

    I have a sneaking suspicion you will come away with a somewhat different opinion!

    Also, for the record, Arnie is NO GREENIE! At the end of a two hour interview on energy his said (I’m paraphrasing here):” I’m not saying we are going this way, but I am just asking people to seriously think about nuclear energy.”

    BTW California currently has three operating nuclear reactors. Incredibly, she also has a law making it illegal to build more. Talk about hypocrisy!


  7. Arnie isn’t a Greenie?…………………Yikes!……………….He’s as crazy as the rest of the La La Land Greens like Ed Begley Jr.

    I heard him “rave” about how Green California was with their massive Wind Farms and “amazing” Solar Farms and how he wanted to double the Renewable Energy that is now set up in his land…………….maybe the nuclear interview was specially selected for another audience?…………….I wouldn’t believe one word from this guys mouth!

    Also I have looked very carefully at Ontario for many years now and I officially call Ontario not only BROKEN but essentially non reparable for many decades!

    We can thank many Governments for this downward slide to nothing better than a third world Province including Harris, and McGuinty.

    Just to finish off, I wouldn’t put one cent of trust into ANY future leader of this Province no matter what Party they belong to.

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