Province sold out on wind energy plan

Property and tax values adversely affected

Goderich Signal Star – I had to laugh when I noticed the large display ad by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) on the back page of our local newspaper last week. In it, Mayor Lynn Acre describes the utopian benefits of the 26 km-long Erie Shores Wind Farm and encourages us all to come down and have a look for ourselves.

By coincidence, I happened to be performing a test flight on a new aircraft with another pilot over the Erie Shores Wind Farm just the day before our paper arrived. After the morning’s flying, we repaired to a packed local restaurant for lunch wearing our flying kit. It only took a minute for one of the locals to ask if we were flying and if we had seen the wind farm. The ensuing conversations were lively and punctuated with anger and peppered with expletives. They were not so much conversations, as they were forceful warnings about the perils of wind generation.

What we heard, in no uncertain terms, from farmers and rural folk, some who had as many as five turbines on their land was this:

  1. Wind turbine companies seem to seek maximum control of leased land. And they like to make deals and pit neighbours against each other.
  2. Wind farms are very difficult to farm, leaving large areas that are impossible for big equipment to work or spray. All those corners and angles around the towers, transformers and roads turn into weed patches that infiltrate planted crops. “I’ve farmed clean all my life, but in the last three years, fighting the weeds around these things (windmills) has become a nightmare.”
  3. The mayor mentioned increased tax revenue and we certainly heard about that. Several people spoke angrily about the fact that the municipality, which has lost a large amount of its industrial tax base, was now recouping it from anyone who had a wind tower or leased infrastructure on their land. No one had told them before they signed up for these towers that their land would be reassessed at commercial/industrial tax rates, not the agricultural rate to which they were accustomed. Several indicated that, “It just isn’t worth it.”
  4. The saddest and most bitter pill, though, came from older farmers and landowners who wanted to sell and retire. They said there were only two kinds of buyers for property with towers, wind companies at bargain prices or other wind companies at even less money that want to put up more towers. Nobody wants to live beside the towers.
  5. One term repeatedly used by people living with wind towers was disaster, referring to the loss and damage to their lives and farms, their community and the environment.

We heard plenty more in that restaurant but not a word of support for wind power, the wind companies or the politicians who are enabling this disaster. It left the distinct impression that the grassroots are just now starting to lash back against being sold out by our provincial government and its hair-brained, make-it-up-as-you-go energy policies.

It’s good to see CANWEA supporting the newspapers through paid advertising. It’s also good that we have all be invited by the Mayor to head on down to Erie Shores and see it for ourselves. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop and talk to the folks who live with “big wind” so that you can get the real story.

D. Paul Briggs, Creemore

11 thoughts on “Province sold out on wind energy plan

  1. It’s funny…I was looking at a hobby farm just outside of Goderich on the multiple listing service…It was 15 acres with a nice house, riding arena and barn…Thought that it was well priced until I saw that it was centred in an Industrial Wind Farm…Good Luck selling that property…

  2. Disaster, catastrophe, rape, plunder, pillage – and all in the name of “Green.”

    I think I’ll refer to them as The “Green” Gang Rapists.

  3. This same scenario is going on across the United States. I live in Palm Springs and it is exactly the same mess. Since I posted my documentary, They’re Not Green, on my website, I have been getting emails from across the country about the Industrial Wind Power Developer abuses, lack of reliable energy, real estate value depreciation, health concerns, and wasted tax payer monies. Visit TNG website:

  4. As David pointed out yesterday the UN wants 1.2% of GDP or $1800-$2000 per family from developed countries.

    Now when you add this to the increased costs of electricity in Ontario people are going to have a dimished standard of living in Ontario.

    A steep price to pay for the phony issue of global warming/climate change.

  5. I’m in the same boat,had my property (farm)up for sale since March and not one offer. I like to sell it to McQuimpy as he is the one that pushed this agenda. I can tell you a lot of people say they are not against it but at a safe distance. I am not one of those at all when you do all the calculations this is a nightmare for all Ontarians and they just don’t get it. It is improper to cut it down because then you are labelled a nut case ,NIMBY. i do not care anymore they ruined my life and soon many others. This is what Mcquimpy has done and doing to all of us. after the destruction done he may run and hide or get his spin masters to make it someone else’s fault like they all do. This premier has also violated the rights of peaceful protesters in TO G20 this year with this dictatorship type of law,he is a nut case and needs to be thrown out before any more harm is done.

  6. I don’t live near wind farms but I have had my property up for sale since June and it’s a very nice house in a very family oriented neighbourhood.

    The real estate market is hard on everyone right now.

  7. Benny,

    It’s not improper to cut them down as you have been harmed here. You have a right to speak the truth.

    Jeff, all the people of Ontario are going to suffer from diminished standard of living if 1.2% of GDP UN tax is imposed along with steep Hydro bill increases.

    Jeff, how can anyone justify doing this?

  8. Jeff, it would be a whole lot worse if you lived near industrial wind turbines. You might have to leave your home; and then if you tried to sell it, you would get at least 25% (more like 40%) less than the market value it held before the scam came to town.

    Rural Ontario is under siege, and unless you are under imminent threat of industrial wind turbine invasion, best not compare your situation with the devastation of those who must leave their homes due to Wind Turbine Syndrome: there is no comparison.

  9. I fully concur that the Premier should be tried for his crimes against the land, creatures and people of this province.

  10. What do I have to say on the matter? It is clear that renewable energy ids the way to go. If York University had Renewable Energy, they would be operating now! (tic)


    “After a diesel gas line was cut at York University’s central utilities building, crews were forced to shut off gas to the school’s steam boilers housed in the building, York’s director of media relations Alex Bilyk said.

    “Right now we don’t currently have heat being generated for our buildings,” Mr. Bilyk said.

    According to an internal e-mail forwarded on behalf of the school’s vice-president of finance and administration, Gary Brewer, Monday afternoon, the boilers also sustained damage as a result of the fire.

    At 3 p.m., non-essential employees were sent home, and offices and buildings closed.

    Mr. Bilyk said exams in progress between 2 and 5 p.m. Monday would continue, but any other exams were postponed until further notice.”


    Put them on Solar Panels and Wind Generators — let them eat cake!

    No more dirty gas or oil for the fine upstanding environmental activists at York U!

  11. Hay Jeff? You probably had some offers or some lookers. At least you will not have a background view of a monster Turbines as a great view for your potential buyer. Maybe you may want to trade? i would certainly entertain that offer if you could guarantee no windmill development in the near future near your property.

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