Niagara Escarpment not the place for wind turbines

Owen Sound Sun Times

We live on the Niagara Escarpment, a phenomenon so unique and beautiful, so fragile and precious that it has been designated a World Biosphere Reserve.

It shares this distinction with and is comparable in ecological significance to the Galapagos Islands, the Ruins of Pompeii, Yellowstone National Park and the Serengeti Desert, to name only a few. Under its World Biosphere Reserve designation, the Escarpment features merit worthy of protection by UNESCO — United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. It is cherished for its natural environment. The Escarpment’s beauty, flora and fauna draw thousands of people yearly to walk the trails and take in its majesty, and now, literally in the shadow of this jewel, we are to see rise dozens of 300-foot — taller than parts of the scarp face itself in places — concrete and steel monoliths — Industrial Wind Turbines.

Do you for one moment think that Industrial Wind Turbines are going to pop up amidst the Ruins of Pompeii or Galapagos Islands, no matter how “green” their energy is purported to be?

Wind power may have its time and place, but in its present form it is not here, not at the base of the Niagara Escarpment. It may not be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but it is our Wonder!

Gayle Doherty, Owen Sound

5 thoughts on “Niagara Escarpment not the place for wind turbines

  1. The unmitigated greed and corruption of the Green Energy Act Alliance knows no bounds. As Liberals can’t help but being this same way (genetics) for the GEAA, getting the most mendacious piece of legislation ever to exist in a democracy enacted, (GEA) it was like preaching to the choir!




  2. I share your concerns, Gayle. Furthermore, you may well see these concrete and steel monoliths on top of the escarpment as well as along the base. This is what they are planning for Manitoulin Island, which is situated just north of the Bruce Peninsula, at the northern end of the escarpment. Construction commences as early as this spring.

  3. The UN is quite willing to allow Industrial development to desecrate “it’s lands”………..I ask this question……..who allowed the UN to designate the Niagara Escarpment a World Biosphere Site?

    With the track record of the UN declaring “sovereignty” on foreign owned lands then we have basically asked a non elected body to place their flag on our soil!

    More than meets the eye here people!

  4. The UN is part of the problem not part of the solution. Look what the UN IPCC just did at Cancun. It’s the UN that is promoting the global warming/climate change scam.

    Without the IPCC scam we would not even be dealing with useless wind turbines as they are the sorry excuse used to mitigate global warming.

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