Health Minister, Deb Matthews dismisses wind concerns

(Also, read angry comments at Dr. King’s claim of innocence in the LF Press)

By Cheryl Heath  Clinton News Record

Excerpt:  Matthews also took on the question of whether the province will undertake a comprehensive health study on industrial wind turbines now that wind farms are becoming more abundant in Ontario thanks to the province’s Green Energy Act.

The short answer to the question of the possibility of a full-scale study is no.

“There is no evidence, whatsoever, that there is an issue related to turbines,” says Matthews, noting Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health completed a report, The Potential Health Impact of Wind Turbines, which shows there is no correlation between wind projects and ill health effects.

Though that report, completed by Dr. Arlene King, did not include interviews with victims of turbine projects or involve an independent study, Matthews says her ministry is satisfied with King’s findings.

“We have done a very thorough, comprehensive review of health effects,” says Matthews, adding she is “satisfied” with that report, and that she is well “aware of some concerns” with wind projects.

Matthews notes the province has also appointed a research chairman to review wind turbine-related data related to health.

Meanwhile, the medical officer for Grey Bruce is preparing a proposal to lead the charge on a study of the health effects of living near wind turbines.

According to the Owen Sun Sound Times, Dr. Hazel Lynn reports the health unit’s board of directors has asked her to prepare a report on what’s possible for study of the Grey Bruce region.

Lynn says the study’s options are somewhat narrow and revolve around comparing the effects on residents at increasingly greater distances from wind turbines.

According to the Sun Times report, Lynn is hoping to conduct the survey in several communities that have wind turbines.

“Some communities seem to have a lot more problems than others, and that might begin to increase our knowledge of siting when you’ve got irregular fields, and up hills and down valleys, which seems to aggravate the problem,” said Lynn, who ruled out conducting physical examinations or chemical tests to corroborate symptoms.

Lynn said it would take several years to acquire enough scientific information to detect any patterns and produce conclusive findings.

“It took 40 years to prove smoking caused lung cancer and we knew it long before that,” she said.

Lynn said it could cost upwards of $250,000 to hire a researcher, prepare a questionnaire and involve people to conduct the study and analyze the data.

This type of study has been done several places before, so the study design is readily available.

Lynn said she changed her mind about the possible relationship between illness and living near wind turbines because of a growing body of evidence in the medical literature. She says it is plausible that health is disturbed by low-frequency infrasound.

“And it’s very consistent throughout the world. When people live closer than a kilometre, then the complaints start to rise,” she said.

Lynn will present her report and recommendations at the January health board meeting in Owen Sound.

15 thoughts on “Health Minister, Deb Matthews dismisses wind concerns

  1. Even the literature from CANWEA says that there are few complaints at 1km, but it is not economical at those distances. Money trumps health.

  2. People who are becoming sick and are being forced to leave their homes do not have “several” years for a study.
    What is it that this government doesn’t get?

  3. This is the classic Sgt Schultz response…”I see nothing”…..

  4. It is not politically expiedient to investigate the health effects on people by IWTs.

    But the need to keep pushing for health studies needs to be ongoing. Just keep on asking less the government thinks no one cares anymore and they have won.

  5. “There is no evidence, whatsoever, that there is an issue related to turbines,” says Matthews, noting Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health completed a report, The Potential Health Impact of Wind Turbines, which shows there is no correlation between wind projects and ill health effects.”

    There is in fact overwhelming and conclusive real measurement based evidence to the contrary. Dr King simply chose to ignore it!

    Isn’t there “truth in advertising” laws out there? How can proponents of industrial green energy make these outrageous, largely false claims and get away with it?


  6. “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Deb Matthews has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Carol Mitchell has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Dalton McGuinty has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Brad Duguid has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, John Wilkinson has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Dwight Duncan has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Jeff Leal has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Rick Johnson has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Lou Rinaldi has got to go”.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, … has got to go”.

    ~ ~ ~

    We will remember, and we will speak out!

  7. Dear T 3,

    Our condolences on your loss… so many losses. I have to wonder if dogs being so low to the ground that they feel low frequency vibration and noise intensely. I have read that pigs lose the feeling in their back legs and need to be pushed on the truck. Dairy cattle do not lay down as much to try and avoid LFS. Milk production on dairy farms near industrial wind installations have been reported to be down 20 percent. A sheep farmer discovered his sheep would not lie down in the field at night and sleep. They were losing weight! This is outrageous of course that there are not study’s being done! Give your son a big hug from all of us… we understand his heartbreak. God forgive me but I hope McGuinty slips on a banana peel!

    Melodie Burkett

  8. Slips on a banana peel and falls in front of a cement truck on its way to a wind farm!

    That “evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet.”!


  9. Ok let’s look at CANWEA’s proof paper that infra-sound does no harm…

    It’s this paper:

    I am going to pull a simple quote (or two) from the conclusions>..

    NOTE!!!! This paper is a LITERATURE REVIEW. The conclusions were not polluted with measurements or data collection of any sort by anyone and that is clearly stated in the paper.


    2. The information available concerning infrasound frequency emission from wind turbine
    generators indicates that the level of emission at frequencies below 20Hz is little more or
    no more than at frequencies in the octave above 20Hz. Typical sound power levels at
    infrasound frequencies are no higher than between 100 and 105dB.
    3. This level of infrasound emission is so low that it would be inaudible even at reasonably
    close distances to a wind turbine generator.
    4. There is no information available to indicate that wind turbine generators emit infrasound
    anywhere near the intensity in the infrasound region for the sound to be audible even to a
    person with the most sensitive hearing acuity at a distance where houses are generally
    located relative to wind farms.
    5. It is important to realise that there is no reliable evidence that would indicate any effects
    on people when infrasound is present at a level below the hearing threshold.


    OK got that?

    Essentially this paper “proves” that what you can’t hear, cannot hurt you….

    Except that infra-sound is partly a tactile experience — got that?

  10. OK — now we just need to think about whether people find loud sounds disturbing… in some way… Unfortunately never been studied… Right?

    We don’t even know if there is a difference between men and women…

    Unfortunately this paper was polluted with real experiments and measurements — so — it;s probably invalid. [/sarc off]

    Read the abstract carefully and do not proceed until you believe that you understand it…

    But what you can’t hear can’t hurt you — right?

    More to come….

  11. OK let’s nail the coffin shut….

    Let’s take the general statement that if you can’t hear it — it can’t hurt you…

    It turns out that most earthquake frequencies are below 50Hz…. Long waves do travel further and lose less energy I am told (and the math works…)…

    Could that be true? (That earthquakes are long waves?) Can they hurt you? More study is obviously needed — but here is a start…

    See point 34

    Those of you east of Toronto…

    Some of you may have experienced disorientation before and after “the afternoon earthquake” this year. I know some people who did! Low frequency noise/vibration? You betcha!

    So if the “earth moved” for you that crazy afternoon — maybe it wasn’t just the “delight”!


    From the Toronto Star of Wednesday June 23, 2010…

    “A 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Ontario-Quebec border Wednesday afternoon with tremors felt across the GTA and much of southern Ontario.

    The earthquake struck at about 1:41 p.m., hitting the Ottawa and parts of Quebec hardest but also hitting Toronto and causing many buildings to be evacuated.

    The epicentre of the earthquake was 45 km north of Gatineau, Que.”


    Crazy eh? LF waves — infra-sound? Connection. Maybe? Whodathunkit?
    Nah! Not true — it’s not like you can hear those waves. No hear. No damage No foul. The Red Star was WRONG!

    You can’t hear Wind Turbine Infra-sound! Can’t hear, can’t hurt! No harm, No foul!

    Get with the program…

    Infra-sound — it’s just your imagination…

    The scientists have spoken!

  12. WOW DAVID! Thanks. You never cease to amaze us! We admire your passion and determination. This morning I blogged on a news story in the star about Gaspe flooding. A lady said isn’t it a shame that Quebec has tried so hard to stop climate change with wind turbines! But the rest of us are too slow!!! My blog has received 16 thumbs up and 26 thumbs down … so at least we are gaining by more than half to get the truth out there!

  13. Melodie:

    Don’t get too excited. Note the times on the posts. Add about 15 minutes and that’s what it took to throw a little suspicion on the research. Yup, 45 minutes. But, I have not proved or disproved anything. I simply pointed out that the yea-sayers proved nothing and did sloppy research.

    Remember Karl Popper?

    If you cannot create a “Falsifiable” theory — then it ain’t science. So speculative survey articles (even if peer reviewed) aren’t real science? You tell me…

    They did sloppy research? I am sure that you are shocked…

    I’m not that passionate — I just enjoy a good laugh at a fools expense… and Lord knows the Ontario Government provides them in droves…

    And on another note…check my pay scale beside theirs… I’ll bet they can afford more Christmas Chocolate than I can! Oh for the wages of sin…!

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